4 thoughts on “Mark Blyth on the Brexit vote

  1. A natural consequence of the freedom of information via internet never previously had before. People are educating themselves and seeing how they are exploited whilst the establishment is seen to be what it is; not an intellectual elite looking after us but a bunch of freeloaders, thugs and robber-barons simply farming people to maintain their entitlement in a neo-feudal heirarchy. If you want to control people you have to keep them ignorant and stupid.

  2. This guys is a genius no doubt. I would only add that this could be also partly due to an over stimulated hyper competitive model of conditioning being utilized within the compulsory schooling system. This being said, we can see it come out in various ways, cheating in online video games, doping in sports, medicare fraud, drug dealing, welfare reform ( being forced to compete with women and children for food and jobs ) etc.. All of which can be used to cause an initial examination of this theory. Of course what do I know, I am a seventh grade dropout, the obvious conclusion of the downward trend in social mobility. 😂 Go U.S.A.!

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