Marwan Muhammad on Populism

Marwan Muhammad on Populism

This is everyone’s responsibility. Because not only the policymakers are responsible
for social change. So all of us, as a community living in Europe, we are responsible for addressing any sort
of prejudice that occurs in Europe. Of course, different players at different
levels have different mechanism for acting on these
forms of racism, of discrimination, of hate, that express themselves through messages of intolerance and right-wing
extremism. So for example, the typical policy makers at the European level will try to put new forms of racism and discrimination on the agenda of the European Commission,
for example. Grassroot movements, they will voice their
concerns and express themselves in a calm, disciplined and at at the same time determined manner. Activists should take these causes
and make them heard to the public. Make them vivid, make them visible and express
them. Intellectuals should write books, novels,
reports, essays showing how these ideologies prosper and develop
throughout Europe. And of course, governments, they have the
primary responsibility to protect their citizens and to make sure
that people living within the geographical boundaries
of the country are also part of the same society. And this means promoting tolerance explaining
what goes on, explaining that we are part of the same society,
part of the same community. And that no minority among us has to live
with prejudice. Fighting anti-Semitism is a problem of us
all. Fighting Islamophobia. Fighting Negrophobia. Fighting anti-Roma forms of racism is my responsibility,
individually; our responsibility as a whole. So, in summary: that’s everyone responsibility,
that’s a collective responsibility. But each one of us at his specific level has
a different mechanism, a different contribution to tackling these
forms of racism.

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