Materials Invented Just To Defy The Laws Of Physics

Materials Invented Just To Defy The Laws Of Physics

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  1. I don't like all this "defying laws" trash talking. What is really contradicted is simplified views about the nature. Like solids are heavy. Generally, they are, but its is not a divine truth.

  2. About Sulfur Hexa Flouride, yes it's not toxic however because its much heavier than air it will stay at the bottom of your lungs, so after inhaling some for fun with the voice, please ,please ,please do really deep exhales and inhales and try to bend a bit since if too much fills at the bottom of your lungs the parts affected there will not be able to absorb oxygen since air will not be able to pass through. its kind of the same as water in your lungs but instead of a liquid its a gas. stay safe

  3. Galium is perfectly safe health wise, but i own this shit and let me tell you, what ever it touches will get a slightly grey film on it. The thing is, the harder you try to clean it, the darker and more visible it gets. Weirdly enough, literally the ONLY thing i have found that can clean these spots (which im assuming is some type of gallium oxide) IS WINDEX! So if yall ever plan on buying and playing with this weird metal, keep some windex handy

  4. Starlite could have so many potential uses it's a shame the guy was so eccentric and didn't sell his formula to an organisation that could have made use of it.

  5. 7:50 not sure if you knew this, but contact lenses are made with hydrogels (more specifically, silicone hydrogels)

  6. Theres a channel on YouTube that shows how to make something similar to starlight. Also it wasn't used by NASA and big business because it has a very small shelf life. You're welcome

  7. #2 ex forklift driver and hairdreser invented magical element and then magically dissapeared? yeah, everybody will buy this story.

  8. "These coatings could reduce the friction of liquid flow in pipes."
    Picture shows electrical conduits. That is amazing.

  9. My dad worked in the aero space industry, I was a kid and wanted him to make me an air hockey table, he said it was too much work and brought home a puck he made from strange plastic, it had nearly no friction and you could tap it and it would 'float' across the dining room table, he came home in the middle of the next day and grabbed it, it was top secret and was meant to be weighed back in to stores including all drill and machine shavings! lol, I have never seen anything like it in the last 30+ years.

  10. SF6 is NOT safe to breath. While it is not toxic, it is much heavier than other atmospheric gases, leading to a tendency of staying down in your lungs. If you don't want to acquire any acute lack of oxygen, you should lean over to breath it out effectively.

  11. The amount of stock photos/graphs/animations unrelated to the subject… Wow.
    The word "eye" requires a picture of a lady's gob. Apparently.

  12. "Because obviously we can only create anything within the laws of physics "
    Me clicks on another video…
    Tell that to my telekinetic hands lol.

  13. 10 materials that actually DEMONSTRATE the laws of physics. Are you guys just clickbaity, or do you not understand physics, or are you just unclear about what “laws” are ? Or it’s possible that you believe your audience doesn’t understand such things? I think this is more likely since half the world doesn’t actually believe in science and hence there are actually no laws and no physics. It’s MAGIC!

    Also I suspect they were invented to make money, not just to demonstrate the laws of physics.

    Verdict: CLICKBAIT!

  14. Definitely starlight that is the most amazing stuff. Like everyone realizes the potential of this material right? Like it should be used everywhere…… but why isnt it

  15. Wow… First proof that my accounts are being duplicated! In YouTube! No wonder no one can find me, can see me and I only find Africans of all excrements in NYC.

  16. Maurice Ward was the inventor of Starlite. He was never able to make a "deal" with anyone. He died in 2011 & never revealed the ingredients. Some students have been trying to recreate it, but not successful yet:

  17. Once something is engineered/discovered, it's inherently within the laws of physics. Physical laws are ever-evolving.

    Re-title: "Top 10 Materials Engineered Just To Extend The Known Laws Of Physics"

  18. 2:39 wait a minute but how smart is it to ingest some of these chemicals because by coating the inside of a ketchup bottle you end up ingesting some I would assume. I'll bet the scientists working with these chemicals would not freely ingest any of them or coat them in a bottle that they eat out of

  19. These are obeying the laws of physics like normal. They were just invented to not make logical sense to someone who sees it for the first time and/or to demonstrate how physics works. It's called science and you can't break science unless you're infinitely dense (in which both literal and figurative senses are correct).

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