Michael Bennet – Running to Overcome a Broken Washington in 2020 | The Daily Show

Michael Bennet – Running to Overcome a Broken Washington in 2020 | The Daily Show

-Welcome to the show.
-Thank you. It’s great to be here. It is, uh, wonderful
to have you here because you’re one
of my favorite people to watch on the debate
for two reasons. One, you sound
like Mr. Mackey to me. -I know, yeah.
-And two, your policies are progressive, and, like, you think about kids. You-you have this idea
of America that is really attractive
to many people, and that’s what I wanted
to start the conversation in and around. A lot of people may know you as someone who’s on the edge
of a debate stage, -you know? Right.
-A lot of people do know, yeah. -They do. But…
-Right, you can’t… But when it comes to policy
and in the Senate and in running and writing laws
for this country, many people regard you
as a senatorial rock star. Why do you think that is? Maybe because the bar is as low
as it is in the Senate. -I-I-I…
-(laughter and applause) -No, it’s…
-I don’t think that’s true. -I don’t think that’s true.
-I don’t think so. -No, I really don’t… -I’d like
to not think that’s the reason. It’s because
I believe fundamentally all of us have been sent there
to make progress. -Right.
-We have to make progress. As my friend Lamar Alexander,
who’s a Republican, says, if you just want to stick
to your opinion, you might as well stay home
and be on the radio. -Right.
-There’s no reason to come to the national legislature
to do the work. -And I…
-(applause) And-and I have been able
to do some things. You know, we rewrote the Elementary
and Secondary School Act. Nobody knows about that, but we got rid
of No Child Left Behind. I’ve written bills that have…
that have dramatically changed the way the FDA approves drugs. -Right. -And 140 new drugs
have been approved as a result. And in 2013, with John McCain
and some others, I wrote the immigration bill that Donald Trump seems
to have completely forgotten that passed the Senate
with 68 votes. And if we could just get back
to that work, we could address the problem instead of trying to build
an ineffective, medieval wall. (cheering and applause) Let’s-let’s talk
a little bit about… about the writing of laws. These laws that you spoke about are genuinely monumental moments
in American history, you know? Reforming immigration
is a giant thing. Changing education
has so many, you know, speed bumps in the way. How do you begin to write laws with people who are
on the other side of the aisle? Because there are
many Republicans who go, “Senator Bennet is
a phenomenal person to work with and he knows how
to write great laws.” What do you think
the secret is then? I think the secret is starting
with the people at home and trying to align
their priorities to the priorities in Washington and reminding people
in Washington that those are the priorities, not the stuff on
the cable television at night. You know, the Amer– Our
approval rating in the Senate– I take no pleasure–
is nine percent. And I used to walk
through the airport in Denver, when I got off the airplane,
wanting a paper bag over my head because I was so embarrassed by
the nine percent approval rating that we had and wondering why
in the world anybody would want to work in a place with
a nine percent approval rating. And there’s an answer to that,
which is, if you think
you’ve been sent there to dismantle
the federal government, as the Freedom Caucus
and others have, that nine percent
approval rating suits you. If you actually want to do stuff
for the American people, this exercise
in self-government, which is our exercise
in self-government– not the politicians, it’s
the people in this audience– has to work. And so you look at something
like that immigration bill, where eight of us sat in a room
for seven months, uh, uh, responding
to each other’s political needs, -and it worked.
-Mm-hmm. And if we just did the work the way those eight people
did the work, we’d have a 75% approval rating, not a nine percent
approval rating. But more important than that, we’d be governing this country
again, which is what we have
to find a way to do. (cheering and applause) One of… one of your breakthrough moments
in this run, undoubtedly, was a tweet
that you recently sent out, uh, that made waves. And we’ll-we’ll pull it up here. In the tweet, you say,
“If you elect me president, “I promise you won’t have
to think about me “for two weeks at a time. “I’ll do my job watching out
for North Korea “and ending this trade war. “So you can go back
to raising your kids -and live your lives.”
-MAN: Yeah! -(cheering and applause)
-Yeah. -That is a… that is
a really interesting pitch. ‘Cause, basically,
what you’re saying is, “Vote for me, ’cause I’ll be
boring and get the job done.” Yeah. And-and it is a job. It’s the most important job
in the world, and we’ve got a reality TV star
in the job. -And he’s… And that’s no good.
-(clapping) -But he’s happy to play that
part every single day. -Right. And I think the American people
would feel liberated if they could get up
in the morning, not wondering who the president
of the United States was attacking by his tweets, not wondering who the president
of the United States was trying to divide but knowing
that we had a president who is trying
to unite our country and who actually was doing
his job, -which is important.
-(cheering and applause) If… if everything went your way, and you found yourself
in the White House, you would now have what many consider
the unenviable task of working with a Senate that may or may not be still including
Mitch McConnell… -Right.
-…as running the show. -Now you-you work with him…
-By the way, you know why he can’t do any
of the gun stuff? It’s ’cause he’s so busy trying to keep Russia
from attacking our democracy. -(laughter)
-Uh, sorry. -I think that’s sarcasm.
-That’s not the reason. -I think that’s sarcasm.
-That’s right. Yeah. Um, but-but…
but it’s-it’s no secret. Mitch McConnell has been
extremely effective -in blocking many laws from
being passed. -Right. Yup. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. The next president,
who could be a Democrat, would still maybe have
to work with Mitch McConnell if you look at the Senate
the way it is now. How would you begin that? Because he’s still
gonna be there Mc (bleep) blocking things,
so… -(laughter)
-What would your plan be? By the way, I-I had to sign
a release for my daughter, who’s 15, to be here tonight, and-and now I know why.
It was… -It-it… it…
-(laughter) (applause) But… it… it was
the swearing Democrats, too, -that you could…
-Yeah, it was actually -the swearing Democrats, not me.
-Yeah. Uh, look, here’s… I-I want to be very clear
about this, and everybody needs
to understand this. We were broken
before Donald Trump arrived. That’s one of the reasons
he was sent there. And they didn’t let Barack Obama
get anything done in the legislature,
the Congress, for the last six years
he was there. We have to fix that problem, and I would never say
that we should be as malevolent or as cynical
as Mitch McConnell is. He is the most malevolent and
cynical person in Washington. But we do need to be
as strategic as he is. And we have not been
as strategic as he’s… as he has been
over the last ten years. So I think we got to take
this agenda to the country. You got to go to places
where you, the president, -may never win 30% of the vote.
-Mm-hmm. Or 20 or 25% of the vote. But you’re there to say, “This is why we got to get
universal health care done.” -Right. -“This is why we got
to get background checks done. This is why
we got to deal with climate.” And I think
that will make a difference. We got
to make some reforms, too. You know, I mean, ideally, we’d end political
gerrymandering in this country. -Right…
-Ide… Ide… (applause) I-I-Ideally, we’d do something to overcome Citizens United, and I’ve had a bill
for ten years which, for a long time, I couldn’t get
anybody to support, but it… it said that
if you have had the privilege of serving
as a member of the House and serving
as a member of the Senate, you should accept a lifetime ban on ever becoming a lobbyist
in Washington, D.C. -Wow.
-(applause) -And… over half the people that leave
the Congress and don’t retire become lobbyists
in Washington, D.C. It sends a terrible message
which creates cynicism, which feeds into the folks that
don’t want to get anything done. Washington will not fix itself. Mitch McConnell
will not fix himself. It is something that Wa… the country is gonna have
to come together in a unified way
to overcome a broken Washington. And if that sounds hard to do,
it’s no harder than the work that generations
of other Americans have done to try to perfect the democracy
that we’re living in. As you said the other day–
it’s totally true– what we are about is trying, and that’s what
we have to keep doing. We have no right
to expect it will be easy. It’s never been easy -Right. -to make this country
more democratic, more fair, more free. It’s always been hard,
and our job is gonna be hard, but it’s gonna involve
every single one of us. You know? It’s the opposite
of a president who says, “I alone can fix it.” Let me ask you this. (applause) In the debates… there was definitely a moment where the crowd resonated
with the message that you had, and that was…
I think it was twofold. One part of it was… was in and
around what you just said now, coming together
and fighting towards something as opposed to against each other
in trying to get somewhere. But what was really interesting
and important was, you spoke about how you
didn’t want the Democrats to use similar tactics to Donald Trump in overpromising
and under-delivering. You… you know,
you had more practical measures that you were pitching
on-on-on that stage. For instance, you said,
with health care, you still think there should be
a private option. You said, with health care,
it should be fixed, but there-there’s work
the Democrats could do to give people a choice. It seems like
you are more pragmatic. Some people have labeled you
as more centrist. But you’ve said that this
is more about promising things that are deliverable. Is that what you think
voters want, versus what Donald Trump did
and said: Ban all Muslims, build a wall,
bomb the shit out of them, just make it as big as possible? Why do you think that would sell
to so many voters? He also was gonna give us
really cheap universal health care
that you’re really gonna like, but he hasn’t done that, either. Uh, look, I am pragmatic
in the sense that I believe that everyone’s job
is to make progress. And I also believe–
and the older I get I believe this even more– I don’t think I have
a monopoly on wisdom. I think that people
in a republic like this are entitled
to have disagreements. And I’m not entitled to believe that everybody’s gonna agree
with my point of view, which means that I have to
contend with people all the time that don’t see the world
the way that I do. And it’s out of
that disagreement that we can burnish
more imaginative and more durable solutions than if we came up on the ideas
on our own. I mean, that’s not the point
of being an American. The point of being an American
is we’re working together to make more exciting
and imaginative outcomes. The worst decisions
I make in my– I don’t know about you,
but the worst ones I make– are when I’m sitting alone
in my house and not consulting
anybody about… -That’s when the ice cream
happens, yes. -Yeah, exactly. -Yeah. No. I know exactly
what… -Just to begin with. -I know exactly
-Just to begin with. -what you’re talking about,
yeah. -And that’s– And, instead,
if I’m with people who say, “Maybe you shouldn’t eat
another gallon of ice cream,” -Uh-huh. -then I’m less likely
to do it. -Definitely.
-Um, and that’s what our democracy should really
be like as well. And, and it shouldn’t
be shameful that we have different ideas. What’s shameful is that we don’t
make progress on these ideas. I don’t view that
as being moderate. I view that as being pragmatic and understanding that the kids
that I used to work for when I was superintendent
of the Denver Public Schools, you know, a large urban district
in this country, have no time for this ideological battle
that we’re having. They can’t fix
their own schools. They can’t fix
our immigration problem. They can’t deliver
universal health care. They’re too busy
doing their work to study and get to a position where they can play a role
in the democracy. They’re counting on us
to figure out how to resolve these
disagreements and begin to solve these problems
for the American people. We have perfected the craft
in our national politics of getting nothing done
and blaming the other side. We are excellent at that. We don’t need another ten years
of that. Thank you so much
for being on the show. Thanks for having me. Senator Michael Bennet,

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100 thoughts on “Michael Bennet – Running to Overcome a Broken Washington in 2020 | The Daily Show

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    Stop 5G, stop chemtrails, stop nanobots tech!
    PATENT # 6,506,148 B2
    (Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors)
    Jan 14, 2003

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    Protect our PLANET

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  5. There can be little doubt Trevor Noah is among the very best interviewers in the world. And fortunately, he uses this gift by inviting people worth interviewing.

  6. There can be little doubt Trevor Noah is among the very best interviewers in the world. And fortunately, he uses this gift by inviting people worth interviewing.

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  32. Notice he pointed to Himself when he said, "Our Job is going to be hard". Subtleties of Body Language are telling of his WS Origins. He is contending "All the time" with others. "The worst decisions I make in my lie, I don't know about you but, the worst ones I make are when I am sitting alone in my house and not consulting anybody…" "Yeah… Exactly…"

  33. The thing I love about Trevor is he interviews every candidate with incredible respect and doesn't use gotcha questions to try and get soundbites. He has a real discussion and lets candidates show more of their actual ideas. I'm not a Bennet fan, but this allowed me to understand him and go "oh, ok, he's not just a shouting man on the debate stage". The Daily Show is my favorite news source (how weird is that…but judging by the other comments I am not alone).

  34. When interviewing presidential candidate one on one, it seems like the candidates with the least air time are actually so much more sincere, intelligent, and stable than all the volatile candidates that spent time bashing one another. Andrew Yang is as endearing and Michael Bennet. They seem to have solutions and problem solving rather than stirring dramas.

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    People want health care, not health insurance. People want doctors, not premiums.

    "Pragmatism" is just a shit excuse for not wanting to get it done.

    Also, whenever people talk about "access" or "coverage" it means they do not believe in guaranteeing healthcare. They want to guarantee you can give a corporation money.

    Additional point: Trevor introduced Michael as a "progressive" but then said later in the interview that he is "pragmatic" or "centrist." YOU CAN'T BE BOTH!

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