Model and Disability Rights Activist Visits the UN (American Sign Language version)

Model and Disability Rights Activist Visits the UN (American Sign Language version)

my name is Jillian Mercado I am a model and an activist and I also have muscular dystrophy having a disability I've accepted it but it doesn't stop me from doing anything my electric wheelchair are my legs and living in a city like New York I can catch the bus to train or a taxi now and get to anywhere I need to go I am here the UN to talk about something that's very important to me which is women and girls who have disabilities it's an honor and a privilege to and show people that it's okay to be yourself and still do we love in this how most of the international treaties and conventions have been adopted among them CRPD this is the largest human rights treaty ever 177 states subscribe to it I think that it's very important and everybody wants basic human rights this is our main goal yeah to include people with disabilities in the implementation in the conversation nobody knows about disabilities as well as we do so having these conferences and these conventions are crucially important to have a better world life is extremely beautiful and we should live it to its full potential that is great can I can I borrow it for the coalface about to me the secretary-general are we are going to talk about super important issues so come with me how is he human promoting for inclusion for people with disability first of all to raise awareness to put it in the agenda second to actively promote the adoption of laws and then to integrate them these questions in the sustainable development goals the Convention was a landmark moment and every person with disability needs to make sure that they have access to full education access to Social Protection access to decent jobs and also it's really important this for me to talk about women and girls who have disability and how important that is I just wanted to know your thoughts on that we need to to make sure that women are not double victims first because being women they are victims of discrimination and second because being women with disability right they are double victims of discrimination so it is clear that this is a fundamental priority for us in our relations with member states to be absolutely sure that in their national plans of implementation of the sustainable development goals they take fully into account the rights of people with disability I'm so glad that you know I'm part of this especially me myself having a disability sometimes we feel like we're left out and you know at the end of the day we're all humans and we deserve to have equal rights we cannot afford to lose the contribution of 1 billion people to the development of the world if there's a message I want to say out there is to be vocal talk we're in a beautiful age of social media and I think it's very important that if you have conversation next and you know it you'll be at the UN talking about this

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