More Republicans QUIT POLITICS to Get Away from Trump

More Republicans QUIT POLITICS to Get Away from Trump

There’s a funny thing that sort of quietly
happening, which is that more and more republicans are just quitting politics in order harder to at least in part, get away from a Republican
party that’s led by Donald Trump and which might actually reelect Donald Trump to a second
term. The latest is Texas Congressman Mike Conaway. He’s announced that he’s just not going to
try and get reelected in 2020 he’s going by by, and officially he hasn’t said yet that
this is about Trump necessarily, but we have other Republicans on record saying that serving
under Donald Trump is an embarrassment. We’ve got former Republican congressman Tom
Davis who told the hill, quote, serving in the era of Trump has fewer awards. He has made an already hostile political environment. Worse every day there is some indefensible
tweet or comment to defend or explain. It is exhausting and often embarrassing. We already heard from Paul Mitchell, Pete
Olson, Martha Roby, rob Bishop, Republican members of Congress that they’re just bailing. They’re going away, they’re quitting. You’ll remember on the Senate side back in
2018 that Republican Senator Jeff Flake said he was bailing out after very public spats
with Donald Trump, may have even been 2017 hard to keep track of how quickly things are
happening. That seat was ultimately lost by Republicans
a and was won by Democratic senator, now Democratic senator, Kirsten Cinema. So there are probably some additional opportunities
for Democrats as a result of this. You, you’ve got of the five Republican members
of Congress that are retiring for our in pretty safe Republican districts, Pete Olsen’s district
is maybe winnable. And there’s also the possibility that these
Republican members of Congress just kind of realized that Democrats are probably keeping
control of the house in 2020 maybe even extending their control. They’re not thrilled with the idea of another
two years out of power, particularly under Donald Trump. And so in total, it’s not because of Trump
alone, they’re just going to bail. And there’s something funny about this, which
is that we’ve heard rumblings for months about this, about Republicans who don’t want to
be serving under Donald Trump, but if there were enough of them with a spine instead of
quitting, they could get together and actually push back against Donald Trump, sort of acting
like the check and balance to the White House that they’re supposed to be instead of merely
being subservient, and I know that in a sort of strict constitutional sense, there is some
degree of subservience, but I’m using the term a little bit more colloquially. I got emails from some people in our audience
saying, I actually respect these politicians who are leaving because they don’t want to
serve under Donald Trump. That’s fine. I’d respect them more if they stayed and actually
stood up to Trump and changed this path that the Republican Party has taken in the era
of Trumpism. Ultimately, whatever the reason is that they’re
leaving, it’s good in the sense that it’s an opportunity for a seat to be turned democratic. Even if many of these are safe Republican
seats, it’s still sort of early, but soon we’re going to start looking at House and
Senate 2020. The broad stroke is Democrats are likely to
keep the house. The question is do they extend their majority
or not? Democrats are almost 100% not going to take
the Senate. And I know every time I mentioned this, I
get emails from people who don’t seem to get it. It’s not my opinion of the tone or direction
of the country. It’s only one third of senators are up for
reelection. Each cycle, the seats that are up for reelection,
this cycle favor Republicans keeping control of the Senate. I just don’t see any path to Democrats taking
over the Senate in 2020. The idea would be uh, try to retain the Doug
Jones seat. Don’t lose more than one or two seats net
and then maybe be in a position in 2022 hopefully with a Democratic president in the White House
at that point to take over control of the Senate in the mid term. That will come, uh, in three years. I guess it is at this point in time. If you believe Democrats can take the Senate
in 2020 get in touch and tell me how because I simply don’t see it.

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100 thoughts on “More Republicans QUIT POLITICS to Get Away from Trump

  1. these clown ass spineless republicans would rather see Trump destroy their party instead of stopping him or at least calling him out on how terrible he is, but hey you know what let them do nothing so their terrible party goes down in flames cause the republican party is a cancer on this country, so the more they self destruct the better things will be for the country, but just how much more damage will they cause before they are done for?

  2. I guess they didn't want to be eviscerated by Trump's tweets like he did to J. Amash, so they just quit. Trump act like a Mafia boss.

  3. I can understand why they quit if I was in their shoes I be like "I don't have many years let on this earth, so I'm gonna enjoy them."

  4. You are all a sad bunch of lowlifes.David all you do is make orange man bad vids.Fucking pathetic rofl.I love you man,keep doing this for the lols p.s There is real help for TDS before an intervention is needed

  5. You can't push back against your own party. Look at senators who have pushed back… like Mitt Romney, look at the backlash, look at his Facebook page, it's like an angry mob who wants his head.

  6. Democrats absolutely can win the senate… if they'd quit being so fucking apathetic and drop their "I don't see it happening" attitude

  7. I don’t like politicians that run their mouth while running away like Jeff Flake the fake. John McCain would never run away.

  8. cowardly little weasels need a backbone…check eBay or amazon or a thrift store …even a slightly used one would work wonders!

  9. 22/34 of the Senate seats up for re-election are Republican-held, so Republicans have more to lose. The inverse was true in 2018.

  10. Even Republicans don't think that they can retake congress. If Democrats can't retake the senate and White House were in for the same legislative deadlock we have now. What can change is getting rid of Mitch McConnell, there is enough momentum for change with an alternative challenger in the race.

  11. The scary part is those who remain will be the worst people. Effectively purifying the evil of an already evil party. Bye bye Overton window

  12. Hang your head in shame and move on. Dont try to change anything cowards. You still will support trump until the US go down the toilet.

  13. I can only imagine having to defend trump’s stupid tweets every day. Lol tweets some stupid ass stuff.

  14. Can they not just grow backbones and condemn the indefensible tweets? The legislature is not beholden to the president. Call him out just like the left should call out their own crazies. Everyone needs to hold their own side accountable MORE than hurling insults and criticisms at the other side. If not, it breeds hypocrisy. The political machine is strong though. I wonder to what extent the party powers hold them in line…

    Edit: Hah, typed that after the first quote. Seems David agrees with me on this one.

  15. Don't bash politicians who've been backed into a corner by the King if Propaganda; their only option is to quit.

  16. I see it as decent but not good. While Congress has a bad rep among the public people generally like their own congressperson. Its not the fact that he’s quitting, but the fact that he isn’t vocal about why and condemning the president. What we need is republicans to stand up instead of shrink back. Maybe they don’t seek re-election, maybe they do, but don’t do nothing like this guy

    On the senate I disagree. It ain’t likely but there’s a shot. If you go by 2018 turnout I agree, but its never 100% the same especially because every cycle two new classes of citizens get to participate. We can’t completely rely on them, but should they turn out in large numbers things could get interesting. Enough seats are within grasp of potentially flipping. Like Kentucky, Texas, North Carolina, and Georgia as of now there’s good chance they won’t flip, but only time will tell. If you add those to the states that have a good chance, like Iowa and Maine and Arizona, there are enough opportunities to get 4 wins with the all but guaranteed loss in Alabama. But who knows maybe Doug Jones will pull off the impossible.

  17. I'm sorry David, but you are just wrong on your assessment of the Senate not flipping to Democrat. The sheer backlash against the Reich Wing is massive. It's bolstered by the direct attacks against women due to the sheer number of state anti-abortion laws that keep on failing in the court systems. It's bolstered by the Hispanics' hatred of Drumpf due to the concentration camps. It's bolstered by the African Americans being targeted constantly by Drumpf and the Reich Wing. It's bolstered by Liberals who care about the environment due to Drumpf having the worst record amongst any President when it comes to protecting the planet. It's bolstered by the outrage of farmers and middle class getting massively hurt by Drumpf's economy that the Reich Wing continually spouts great gains: FYI: It's going to crash. And, everyday it looks more and more like it will crash before 2020 elections. And, it will especially be bolstered when either Sanders/Warren or Warren/Sanders runs against Drumpf because either of those two politicians brings Democratic and Independent voters out to vote, which Shillary could not do. This outrage is a perfect concoction for the Blue Tsunami for 2020.

  18. Well……I suppose this is one way to "drain the swamp." Thing is, when you drain a cesspool, you're not supposed to fill it with raw sewage.

  19. yet these cowardly republicans went along with it for the last 2+ years, and now just quit instead of standing on principle and helping the few principled democrats hold the traitor accountable. Our politicians are just pathetic

  20. It’s really quite cowardly. They should also be publicly speaking about exactly why they’re leaving and they should be voting against things that harm their constituents. Instead they’re silent and slinking away.

  21. I despise that trump and President Moscow Mitch have set our country back 50 years. I am old enough to know Democrats are completely corrupted also.We’re all fucked. For love of decency, Get Out The Vote.

  22. Its like saying you respect a gun owner that is well trained and openly carrying, running away when they could actually stop more death by actually using their knowledge and available tools to take acrionm it makes no sense and no republican that quits should receive any praise at all.

    They're literally abandoning their children so that they can escape the oncoming train.

  23. It’s probably a little complicated for them to go against trump. If we’re being honest, there’s a decent chance one of his supporters might radicalize and try something. Depending on how “mean” they are to him

  24. some of this mass exodus is be cause they know the big crash is coming and they want to position themselves to soften the effect on their assets.

  25. can republicans just at least fight climate change? can we at least agree that science is real? then we can have time to debate whether a fetus is a human, whether selling guns to everyone is a good idea, and whether letting 90% of wealth remain in the hands of 1% of the population is a socially stable situation. how come these mass shooters never seem to pop off around billionaires?

  26. It what world is it almost 100% certain that the Democrats can't take the senate? Regardless of losing the Alabama seat there's still a viable path to victory assuming the party achieves the arduous task of maintaining the rest of their seats. Virginia and New Mexico won't be as vulnerable because it's a presidential election year. Factoring an Alabama loss (though is Roy Moore because nominee again it's a little more competitive though not likely still) that'd leave the party with 46 seats needing 4 more with the white house and 5 without it.

    Maine is a tall order but still very possible with a firebrand kind of candidate in this era. Arizona is going to be competitive and I think with Mark Kelly it's going to turn blue. North Carolina is at the very least competitive with it being a presidential election year. This also applies to Georgia who's Democratic base is fired up over Abrams and the draconian abortion laws. This finally leads me to Colorado where I think we have the best shot out any state I've mentioned yet.

    Then there's still some other unlikely contenders, particularly with Iowa and Texas. Then there's Missouri with how close it being the fact that no mainstream Democratic enthusiasm for it exists (at least compared with the sheer optimistic hype for Texas) constitutes negligence of party leadership. Or Democratic leaders intentionally don't want to win this go around which I'd believe full heartedly.

  27. David something is terribly going on..This is the 5th time, in the last two weeks where I’m being unsubscribed from your channel 🤦🏽‍♀️ It’s driving me crazy😩

  28. It is hard to stand up to a bully with clandestine information and agents* (private and public) willing to enforce the party line.
    *agents could be domestic espionage operations

  29. NOOOO, these seats, if they are in republican safe zones, are more likely to be taken by alt right candidates.

  30. Let’s keep in mind many of these people may very well end up working for one of the corporations as lobbyist or seats on chairs after they sold us out to for their silver.

  31. if repubs were really serious about wanting to dissociate themselves from the white house why don't they switch parties? or go independent?

  32. Also, those in Congress/Senate & the buildings they are working in are getting intense threats of violence. This is not making the media, but those of us who are here in DC are getting told.
    Yes, some are quitting because of Trump. Politico says in their local paper that some Repub. Reps have told them the quitting is because it is no fun being in the minority in the House.
    Some very well may be quitting to have a sense of personal safety. Without being here or knowing some House/Senate people, it would be difficult to imagine how very real they believe some of the violent threats. Congress/Senate have been working in a very hostile work environment–hostility from the outside.
    They are afraid.

  33. Cowards and sycophants, they've supported the senile bastard up to this point and when the heat starts getting too much they bail instead of fighting for their country. Republicans can no longer pretend to be the party of "Patriots"- you lot are cowards.

  34. It’s sad to see what’s happening to you guys. Keep up the great work! You are appreciated and missed because you haven’t been on my recommendations as much as I’d like.

  35. It's because they realize this era of Trumpism is going down the sewer and will be a scathing era in American politics in future history and they want no association with the records .

  36. They know their party is going extinct after Trump. And while they're in office, they have to actually deal with the rancid Orange Anus.

  37. Why don't you explain how Donald Trump made your life worse if you can't think of anything find a new hobby

  38. I always question the bias of every channel Republicans or Democrats including. These Republicans that are quitting, are they perhaps RINO sabatouers to begin with… ?

  39. Trump will throw anyone under the bus, he's only loyal to himself. He expects everyone else to be loyal and worship him and if they don't he attacks them.

  40. They quit, more like they are going to run and hide. They have a little over a year to go , if they want to be on the right side of history stop sitting on their hands . Now they don't have to be a part of Trump's party if they are not running for reelection.

  41. Yep I'll just quit my job and be replaced by an even more unprincipled opportunist who will be even worse at my job.

  42. The rats are jumping the tRumptanic. But typical rethuglikkkan behaviour. Instead of "reaching across the isle" and work with the democrats on impeachment, they run away.

  43. They know if they stand up they lose their seat to some fanatic in a primary. The Republican party has become a fanatical faction with a despot as their leader. There is no room for thought. Follow party line or you go.

  44. Why are the Republicans afraid of him? Not even an attempt to fight for th he good of our Country! They have no tail to stick between their legs…

  45. I myself honestly feel something is going to happen ….and THEY have connections to what is going to happen very soon .

  46. Republicans need to grow a pair and remember their duty to the country and not the party. As long as they are quitting politics they should stand up and go out with a bang.

  47. Yes, leave Trump while you (GOP) still have your dignity and honor left. The Bible didn’t teach y’all? Help our people off of opioids!

  48. Well, there is ONE way to gain control of the Senate. We push forward the biggest voter turnout drive in American history. We do everything we legally can to drive up the kind of massive turnout that we need to overcome GOP cheating and the inertia of incumbency with sheer overwhelming numbers. We make an earnest, serious goal of 80% voter participation. Yes, I know that hasn't happened in 120 years, but you could say that about a lot of things these days.
    How do we get 80% of Americans to vote? Obviously, no one thing is going to do that, not even Trump, but here are a few boxes that we absolutely must check:

    1) We have to nominate Sanders or Warren, better yet let them join forces. No one else would have coattails long enough to pull in half a dozen Senators with them.
    2) We need candidates worth voting FOR. We can't just pray for Mitch McConnell's unfavorable rating to finally sink him. We need someone a hell of a lot more inspiring than Amy McGrath to actively BEAT him. Convince Brent Welder to run for Senate in Kansas and we will get you one seat right here. I am completely serious.
    3) Michael Moore's idea of using ballot initiatives to drive turnout for elections is not just a publicity stunt or a joke. It's pure genius. Voters who come to the polls for something like cannabis legalization will also vote for Democrats IF (though only if) those candidates are populist progressives. Get something against corruption or big money in politics on the ballot in Arizona and that hurts Martha McSally. Same with Purdue is Georgia. We are worried about election security here in Kansas. (It would be a wonderful irony to put that on the ballot in Kentucky, but almost impossible to do it there unless McConnell has pissed off their legislature in some way I'm not aware of.)
    Collins is toast anyway, but there are other races that really could be swung by a strategically placed ballot measure and we could do some more good while we're at it.

  49. Gotta get the Senate back in 3 yrs ….. berni will make it hell on earth for the Republicans in the Senate till that happens …. expose their hypocrisy and criminal behaviour and they will quit by the midterms.

  50. How Democrats take control of the Senate:

    Flip the Collins and Gardner seats in ME and CO (the most likely flips).
    Beat McSally in AZ again.

    I don't see Jones holding on in AL, so my guess is a Republican not named Moore wins the primary and then takes over.

    That puts them at 49, so they'd need either 2 of the following, or 1 and win the presidency.

    KS: just voted for a Dem Governor, and Roberts is retiring, so there's no incumbent. That's a possible pickup.
    MT: If Bullock drops out and runs for senator, he'd have a chance, but MT will surely go for Trump, so I doubt they'd vote Trump and also vote to have two Dems in the Senate.
    NC: Thillis has a net disapproval by 2%, but I have no idea about his potential opponents.
    KY: McConnell has a net disapproval by 14% (50% disapprove), which is huge. Huge enough for KY to vote Dem?
    GA: Perdue's approval rating is pretty good, but there was a very close gubernatorial race even with the controversy.

    I don't see Cornyn losing in TX. IA could be interesting. If they vote for the Dem in the presidential race, it's possible Ernst could lose her seat.

    We'll have to see who wins some of these Dem primaries, but I do think it's possible for Dems to take control. Not likely, but possible.

  51. Arizona, North Carolina, Colorado, Georgia, and Iowa are possible targets take 3 of them, don't lose any, and take the presidency and they have the majority

  52. You'd be happier if they change their affiliation to the DNC. You are an activist not an journalist. I also watched the mcinnes response to your accusation. He totally DESTROYED you. Just watch it. Chao boludo.

  53. ""When you've been in the majority, it's no fun to be in the minority," said veteran Rep. Tom Cole, R-Okla."
    Fun. Fun. You're a bunch of incompetent, spoiled rich kids who only care about lining your own pockets even more. We constantly hear about how the people of America don't want to work and just want handouts, but in my experience the people of this nation work their rears off (statistics bear that out; we're more productive than ever before) while these clowns flick metaphorical cigar butts down at us. Where's THEIR work ethic? Why do THEY get paid to do nothing? Why do THEY get public health care? Why is it that when we trashed in the media when we want something, but the people who are supposed to work for our interests coast from cushion to cushion on the backs of OUR work on OUR dime?
    Government is full of cowards all too willing to send other people off to die for money.

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