Hey guys welcome back to my channel, today I’m going to show you my morning routine So sometimes I have to go to school very early And then I have to like roll out of bed take a shower, eat breakfast, get my stuff and get going and sometimes my lectures start in the afternoon Which means I have the whole morning to do my stuff and get things done so I thought it would be a lot more interesting for you guys see my longer morning routine so that is what I’m going to show you today So I try to get up as early as possible And the first thing I do is I grab my phone and I check my social media And I check my email which is a waste of my time I know But I just do it anyways and when I get up, I make my bed, and I clean the area around my bed because when I go to bed, I often just put my clothes on the floor and my books and my laptop And it gets really messy, so I just clean it up in five minutes So when I’m done cleaning the area around my bed and making my bed I grab my bathrobe and then I go downstairs to the bathroom to wash my face to brush my teeth and to take a shower, I always shower in the morning then I go back to my room, and I get dressed and I Put on some jewelry and some makeup And then I go back downstairs to eat breakfast To be honest I find it really difficult to eat breakfast in the morning because I’m pretty nauseous in the morning But as soon as I eat something I instantly feel a lot better, so it’s kind of important for me to eat breakfast in the morning And, I don’t eat anything special or something, I just eat two sandwiches, and I try to drink at least two glasses of water When I am preparing my breakfast I also make my lunch for that day of school because I also need to go to school of course and I just make a couple of sandwiches and A cookie and a piece of fruit and a bottle of water, so that’s basically my lunch Then I go back to my room And I start to clean my desk because whenever I work on my desk, my desk gets super messy so I always spend five minutes cleaning everything up before I start working because it helps you to get focused and it’s just a lot nicer to have a clean work area So After that I checked what I have to do and then it’s time to actually get started I already answered a couple of emails, and now I’m going to do a little bit of schoolwork so today I am going to summarize Accounting that’s one of my courses this semester and I really want to pass and I’m really not good with numbers, so I really have to put some effort in this. My boyfriend is an accounting student. He also helps me a lot with understanding everything And then after that it’s time to pack my back I already made a video on what’s in my bag if you want to, check it out. If you haven’t seen it yet. I will leave a link Up in the right corner and in the description box below in case you’re interested and what I take with me to school or the library And then I take my coat, I head downstairs And I grab my shoes and then it’s already time to go to school So I hope you enjoyed this video make sure to give the thumbs up if you enjoyed it I have a bunch of videos already filmed this month So I will leave the playlist up in the right corner or in the description box if you haven’t seen those ones yet, and I hope you all have a wonderful day And I’ll see you next time bye guys

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  1. Hey…! U r quite impressive i hve a doubt..eventhough u hve the study materials y do u write down in a note book? Is this one of the method to by heart?? Plz rply im confused with it! Thx…

  2. Why do you call it a bath robe? I call it a dressing gown. Isn’t it funny how we all use different words for things, makes you think who creates these 😂

  3. 2:06 you’re so perfect at fitting the meat on the bread and shaping it so well so that it matches the bread shape 😂

  4. In this vlog are you using the iPhone 5s or iPhone SE? Just curious… 🤔, I like the design and sleekness of that device

  5. Açıklama kısmını ve başlığı neden Türkçe yazdığın hâlde yorumlarda Flemenk olduğunu söyledin? Kusuruma bakma, seni ilk defa izliyorum.

  6. Who else hates it when a YouTuber says something like “it will be on my instagram” and you really want to see that thing but you don’t have instagram and are unable to download it

  7. sweet to see that in the usa your morning routine is existing, we dont have such a time to waste in french law school ^^

  8. on the salami’s packet writes “hindi salamı”. do you live in turkey or do you have any connection between turkey?

  9. Am i the only one who doesnt feel comfortable to sleep with socks?
    Well i can sleep with it but i need shoes on hahaha.

    No? Just me?

  10. Удачи тебе , люблю смотреть твои видео) Русские тебя тоже смотрят)~~ I love you

  11. Marmaradan Hindi Salami —> Demek ki türksün 🤔🥳 vay canina önceden hic tahmin etmezdim ama zaten saclarindan belli fark ettim 😆😘

  12. I also have a channel stage, subscribe, I will be very grateful! I study English Turkish and German, and I also love chemistry and biology

  13. I feel like as a fellow law student my routine should be productive like yours😭 I've just uploaded my uni morning routine, check it out on my channel❣💞💕

  14. ma io non capisco se é italiana o no pk la descrizione e il titolo del video sono in italiano,ma lei parla un perfetto inglese.C'é qualcuno che mi possa spoegare?

  15. 2019 anyone?

  16. Hello! I have seen this video soo many times and this is the best productive morning routine ever. Thank you for uploading productive study videos😊. @waystostudy ❤️

  17. Почему название на русском? Ну я знаю, что русские тоже делают названия на английском, но не видела, чтобы иностранцы писали на русском

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