MPs vote to seize control of Brexit process from government by majority of 27

MPs vote to seize control of Brexit process from government by majority of 27

Order! Order. The ayes to the right, 329.
The noes to the left, 302. [Background – Cheers/gasps] The ayes to the right, 329.
The noes to the left, 302. So the ayes have it.
The ayes have it. Unlock. Order!

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100 thoughts on “MPs vote to seize control of Brexit process from government by majority of 27

  1. Theresa May maintains carry-on-regardless Brexit strategy ►

  2. Just another plot for the anti democrats to reverse what we voted for them to implement, and what they promised to implement.

  3. A camel is a horse designed by committee. What sort of liquidated Brexit are we going to get from the beurocracy of the house of commons. Over 600 voices of unease and squabble, unsure of what the hell the people want. No deal was the fall back but apparently mps can say no to that. Let the EU dictate the terms and watch our mps jaws drop because heaven forbid they should do any work that the EU can do instead. Never been so embarrassed of our government.

  4. meanwhile the Eurocrats are pushing through as many laws they can without opposition.
    copyright law close to your heart was pushed for a referendum for all member countries to vote on what is essentially the largest international conglomerate of people.
    i do believe the internet should be treated as an international state to protect is boundaries ethos and members. the / my ideal of a free boundary crossing society is being eroded and no one can voice dissent

  5. They couldn't organise the removal of a state from a state union in a democratic society! Hmm – doesn't quite trip off the tongue like the piss up in a brewery.

  6. Can we stop the daft head nodding thing, like I'm cool with all the other parliamentary etiquette but them two head nods are just pointless

  7. Seize control wtf 😂 extend Brexit vote down no deal? EU has all the power it's been repeated 100s of times we as a country have no option to change anything

  8. Einstein once said this “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results” yet parliament is has been like for years and still gets no where

  9. I hate scrolling through comments and seeing people commenting stuff like “what’s brexit” like wtf be more open minded 😂

  10. This is just theatre as the House of Commons votes have no legal status under the British Constitution, the government can totally ignore all of such votes.

  11. I love how ridiculous the traditions are in court rooms. Orrrrduurrr! Followed by the daft overly exaggerated head nodding, what’s the point?

  12. Sooo, the mostly pro-EU House of Commons is in control now… to all those that say the result hasn't been circumvented from Day 1, it's time to wake up!

  13. I wonder when all the socialists in the land will realise they chose politicians, big business and capitalism over the democracy of the working class. *Slow hand clap

  14. 8 bills 8 defeats. Only got May's dreadful deal left on the table now. Kick it down the street again. General election now. We need change and clarity.

  15. Give this type of vote to the people, not just MPs!

    Look at Switzerland for example.

    No deal
    No No-deal
    Just let the UK remain in the EU!

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