Mr. Feng Guo Jiang, 91 year-old anti-communist dissident, 91歲反共大將 接受Inty訪問 N.Korea

Mr. Feng Guo Jiang, 91 year-old anti-communist dissident, 91歲反共大將 接受Inty訪問 N.Korea

Let’s continue. Now let’s talk about… This is also very interesting About what I saw in North Korea things I saw, ok? Once I arrived North Korea, all I saw in the field Only women were working there, not a single man Because many men died
in the battlefield died in the Korean War Only women were working I deflected to N. Korea, right? They didn’t catch me as a prisoner. I sought for their protection
on my own will They put me in a place There was a dwarf wall If I wanted to escape,
I could run away. He knew I sought for protection. I wouldn’t run away. Our meals every day, This is very interesting
to talk about What’s the difference between
N. Korea and China? What were the situations
between China and N. Korea? Meals were at a cadre canteen They also had a canteen
for supervisors I was ther for 11 days a total of 11 days Two different periods During the first period I ate in the canteen
for supervisors The 2nd period, they
took me out for meals To eat at the restaurant Two periods But the meals were exactly identical Standard meal It was super funny What were the dishes? Every meal was the same Standard meal,
it had no changes at all. Two steamed buns,
a bowl of rice, stir-fried cabbage with no meat Cabbage stir-fried vegetables without meat with a little small dried fish deep-oil fried small fish and a bowl of miso soup Doenjang Guk (Soybean soup) made with soybean paste Doen Jang soup Let me repeat Two steam buns, a bowl of rice,
a bowl of stir-fried cabbage without meat some deep fried small fish,
and a bowl of soup Repeated on every meal When we went to the restaurant They took me to that restaurant That was the largest restaurant
in that city There was a statue of
Swift Horse on the roof With a Swift Horse Statue That was the largest
restaurant in Xin Yi Zhou We also had the same meal. Rich or poor, Supervisor or not All had standard meals I ate the same meal for 11 days. This was life in Korea Things you wanted to buy
weren’t available I’d like to buy chicken or beef Nothing available,
same as in China No,China was different It was the Cultural Revolution You could find roasted chicken if you had money –
you could buy a lot of it That condition was much better
than in N.Korea In China, as long as you had money
– you could buy roast chicken a lot of things with meal tickets, right? -Nothing in North Korea In the evening, they took me to dinner coming back on the streets, There were no street lights,
really dark no street vendors either Many hawkers in other countries there were many street vendors
in other countries at night no vendors, no street lights The whole city was like a grave The state of Sin Yi Ju was a big city There was only one big statue of
Kim Il Sung (金日成) Stand on the side of the road A piece like a grave North Korea was like this This is what I saw They sent me to
the detention center in Dandong. Inside the detention center, I met a Dong Tong resident He was imprisoned as well, he was a Dan Dong resident We were chatting He told me a lot of things What did he do? He had been a volunteer solider Later he smuggled things Smuggling into North Korea He could speak Korean He went to Ping Yong
to buy cameras back and sold some cloth handkerchiefs, towels and etc., collecting Soviet
cameras and watches Such actions were considered
a crime of smuggling He got caught, He told me that the situation
of North Korean was miserable They had no social status A man could find a woman 5 or 10 dollars As long as you had money, He told me that. What did he bring in? He brought clay oven rolls clay oven rolls Pay with a roll,
you could sleep with a woman Just one roll. He told me such tragic stories So tragic! I asked him for help. asking if he could help me if I had a chance to escape asking him for help. He was quite nice,
who had been in the volunteer army He said ok,
Welcome. If I had the chance to escape I asked him to help me Helped me get a job –
he says yes He said I could go to the
forests to cut wood He said he could help. They didn’t care
if you had a household certificate. The forests were lacking workforce. if one could carry wood But I didn’t get
a chance to escape Just some simple story. The most important
thing he told me was… There were more North Korean
who fled to China than Just like me who smuggled into North Korea than Chinese who
smuggled into North Korea More North Koreans wanted to run away. Mostly young people to Shen Yang city or to Dan Tong All were thieves They could survive by stealing food stamps A large number of teenagers smuggling into China as thieves He told me this. More N. Korean to China
than Chinese to North Korea. I had several cell mates, who were thieves. and those people were very naughty They smoked cigarettes They knew how to make fire from cotton balls to make fire They would smoke. Very smart. After drilling something,
there was fire. So they could smoke The national characteristics
of North Korean were different from
those of Chinese Very ‘naughty’ Nothing could stop them in the prison. But The Chinese prisoners were submissive Is Completely different From this, we could see the national
characteristics are very different. They are braver Chinese are more timid Those who were in Chinese prisons were mostly orderly and submissive Nobody dared to make fire to smoke. No one dared to do so They twisted their hands,
and there was fire. with smoke. I was stunned. They got talent. Drilling using some cotton ok this is one story as an example Awesome. This is a case comparing
North Korea and China

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