Mr. Feng Guo Jiang,  91 yr old anti-communist dissident,  91歲反共大將 馮國將 接受Inty訪問 03 English sub 中文字幕

Mr. Feng Guo Jiang, 91 yr old anti-communist dissident, 91歲反共大將 馮國將 接受Inty訪問 03 English sub 中文字幕

let’s take a look at everybody. Everyone, still here? All right I’m back, Just talked about Wu Hongda, please continue So to talk about because of this Wu Hongda This character. It has to be made clear. A lot of people don’t understand they were deceived by him. This I have to put the truth One hundred percent of the truth. Tell everyone. This Wu Hongda I just said that. a student of Geology Institute in Beijing was cast to the right. And then came, He came to the USA What did he set up? Laogai Resarch Foundation
(to study Labor camps in China) focusing onl research problems of labour reform He later became a celebrity In America , he’s
become a celebrity. He got the fund from the National Endowment for Democracy(NED),
a Foundation in Congress. received a lot of money. He made his fortune on this. He made a fortune, haha… This Wu Hongda He’s become a celebrity. he became a celebrity in America. When he met people, he said He stayed in labor camp in China Foundation And… for such long yeears… Actually, he didn’t experience labor camp He’s just stayed in Labor Education(教養) I’ll touch on this later. In one word, He had become a celebrity. Then he learned about… I’d been traveling
around China for 5 years After the end, I’ve written
a lot of articles posted on newspapers in Hong Kong about my travels in China Mainly in the 90s magazines at that time He read he magazine. He knew I’d traveled around China. I’m familiar with China. He went looking for me. He came to Hong Kong. He came looking for me. He said,
“Could you work for the Lagai Research Foundation?” Because he knew that I was fervenat anti-Communist He wanted to collect data about the Communist Party. because depending on this, he’d be able to apply for more money. receive more money from the Americans. He had to rely on my investigation. So what did he ask me for? He asked me to work for his Laogai Foundation. He asked me if I would… I said: Yes. Good. where did he ask me to do the job? To three Provinces Investigate 13 labour reform units Which province? Jer Jiang Province Hubei Province And Liaoning Province. The furthest is to that. Shenyang City Prisons in Shenyang investigating 13 prisons and labor farms to investigate what? He gave me some materials. for example, XYZ Factory, was it a labor camp? He asked me to investigate this. A lot of actories were called factories They were actually labor camps. there were some parts Wu didn’t understand. He told me to investigate. to prove whether or not this place was
a labor camp to investigate this. he asked me to take photos And also to record on videos He gave me the camera (VCR) And also taught me how to take videos. that was a very dangerous job. normally people wouldn’t agree to doing this. Because I If I got caught, Because his Laogai Foundation was regarded as a counter-revolutionary organisation
by Chinese Communist Party That was a serious felony. Because he was studying labor reform, right? Exposing the problems of labor camps. The Communist Party hates him. If I worked for him, I got caught, Imagine what my fate would be. It’s either sentence to death
or life imprisonment. It would be no lighter than that. So it was an extremely dangerous job. But I was willing to do it. Why? I’m against the Communist Party hate it to the bone. make sure to expose it. help Wu Hongda expose
the darkness of the Communist Party So I accepted his invitation. Worked for him for a month. I was already married in
Shenzhen then, She’s from Shanghai – but she worked in Shen Zhen. I married her in.. Shenzhen. My wife. I took her. Two of us.. went into Chian – to these three provinces went through each labor reform unit/farm
one by one to investigate taking photos recording videos Extremely dangerous. Once. That
Ah, yes, I was photographing. When I was recording, I was spotted by. We ran right away. If you didn’t run, we’d be over. Just too dangerous. That job was so dangerous, right? What about me? was very careful and meticulous right? I’m not a fool. to do such a job. So, the negatives I had after shooting the film At that time, having film , not a memory card There was no memory card at the time . . . only film. I finished filming some of the film. I couldn’t take it all with me. Once caught, that’s
over for me, right? I took some of the film. I’d put the film at
a friend’s house. If I got caught, the film wasn’t with me. That friend lived in Hang Zhou. But I didn’t tell her what it was. I wrapped it up . . to put it in her house for the time being So there was no involvement
on her part. Because I ddn’t tell her what it was She had no idea what it was. I told her that I needed to entrust this at her place. I left it at a friend’s house. I had arranged it beforehand. I didn’t want to implicate anyone else. I didn’t hurt anyone. just to gain personal profit. That’s not my principle. We need to consider the safety of others. So I wouldn’t tell her. just put this at hers for the time being. when I finished my mission A month. The whole job was done. One time I fell. At that time, winter. It’s slippery and snowy. I fell in Dalian and fell and was seriously injured. couldn’t walk. My wife, my wife, was sick, too. She was hospitalized, too. I had to stay with
her in the hospital. It was such a tough job. But I had completed the mission I divided the batch
into two parts – I left one batch at my friend’s place.
I couldn’t take it all. If I had them all with me,
I’d be charged with all. I couldn’t put the eggs in one basket. Right? Part of it at a friend’s house. I might have a chance
to retrieve it in the future. We could send someone
to retrieve it in the future. Then part of it –
I carried it back to Hong Kong. Then my task was done, right? I returned to Hong Kong. The night I arrived Hong Kong The friend from Hangzhou called. That thing was confiscated She said the moment you left 10 public security officers Just came to search her house. I just left. 10 public security officers Copy my stuff. But she didn’t know what that is. My friend wasn’t implicated. Because she didn’t know what it was. So how did the Public Security officer learn about this? I reckoned it was probably her maid reported it. When I brought the film over, gave to the maid, not my friend herself. My friend was not home. I gave it to the maid. I guessed it was her maid who reported it. By the way. By the way, it’s fun, too. So who was this friend in Zhejiang? She’s a young lady. Her father. was her step-father. The step-father,
not her biological father That’s the Yufei. Sentenced to 15 years, Yu Dafu’s(郁達夫) son Her father had already
immigrated to the United States Her mother immigrated
to US, too. So had her sister.
She was left alone waiting for the visa. She was waiting for a visa
to go to the U.S. This was her background. It was her house I put this film in. She was not implicated. If they knew what it was,
it was over for her. The police asked her; she said, “I don’t know” then it was no big deal.
Take it away and it’s okay. Uninvolved But she told me it was taken away, All right, Wu Hongda at the time. He was in Hong Kong. H was waiting for my film. He was going to use it,right? So, I told him. The part in Hangzhou has been confiscated After being taken away, Because the one inside. but the roll of film had my pictures, it was not only pictures of prisons I was in the film too. I was investigating and
traveling at the same time, right? Traveling in the name of invetigating,
comning both. Try to investigate labor camps
but travel on the other hand. There were pictures of me and my wife too. She knew everything. She knew the whole plan. Myy friend, she knew me. Feng Guo Jiang But my wife was not from Hong Kong. She liveD in the Shen Zhen The police could arrest her at any moment. if they caught her,
it was over. she would be sentence to serious felony Then, she would be doomed by this. I was the one to blame then, It was very urgent. I told Wu Hongda. as Wu Hongda promised me in advance. He said if something happened to you, I would try every means to save you. That’s what he said. He said he knew a lot of U.S.
Congressman, government officials. He could rescue me with their help. He promised. Of course I wasn’t born yesterday. I didn’t quite trust him. He was, he promised me. Rescue you. Gentleman’s Agreement If you were a gentleman, you had to keep your promise, right? I didn’t know him before. I thought he was a gentleman. so worked with him. I didn’t know him was such a scumbag I later learned he was a bastard. It’s through the working relationship, I knew this guy was such a scumbag, I didn’t know this guy was a bad guy. If I knew he was a bastard, I wouldn’t have worked with him. This incident revealed that he’s a bastard. Something’s happned to me at that time, My wife could be caught at any moment. So, I requested him, I didn’t ask him to request the Americans for help. I was just asking him. Because he knew gangsters in China He knew some gangsters in China. helping people smuggle into Hong Kong I didn’t know any gangster. He had connection. So I said,
“please give me the gangster’s address?” Let me notify wife
to sneak into Hong Kong. leaving China She would have been caught sooner or later
if she hadn’t left China. He happened to be there. Luckily, she didn’t go back to Shenzhen She went to Shanghai, she’s from
Shanghai, she’s visiting family. Her sister lived in Shanghai. He didn’t go back to
Shenzhen She went to Shanghai
the police didn’t know The police may also go to the
Shenzhen to find her. She wasn’t at Shenzhen,
she was in Shanghai for that time being. So, I said, please hurry. Give me that gangster’s address. What did Wu Hongda say? No way He wouldn’t give it to me You see There was no reason for him to refuse. when my wife was in danger He promised to rescue me. He wouldn’t give the address to me. He was leaving. He got my (film) It was 2 p.m. that day. He’s got to board the plane. I warned him. I said if you didn’t give me the address, If my wife got caught, right? I’d make the whole thing public. I’d go to the press. Then he got scared. Why wouldn’t he give me that address? He was afraid if
my wife came to Hong Kong, She would have to apply for
political asylum. beconing an illegal immigrant to apply for political asylum You need to explain whole situation. You would connect it to Wu Hongda. He would want his name to be known by
the Hong Kong government. knowling that he was into this. He’s for his own benefit, so didn’t want to give me the address. But I warned him. If my wife got caught, I’d made this public. eventually he gave in and
gave me the address That’s the address of the gangster. So I informed my wife. to sneak into Hong Kong. She was smuggled into Hong Kong. But we had some loss, I had a house in the
Shen Zhen. New house I bought it with my wife. A single unit,
it was lost. Confiscated. Over. I couldn’t go back to the China,
nor could she. What had happened to the house,
no idea. Or it could have been confiscated. Because the Chinese Communists treating us
as counter-revolutionary. Maybe the property was confiscated. I couldn’t go back to the China. Before that, I went to China eveyr week
to visit my family. My wife, who lived in Sheng Zhen She couldn’t go back home then. That’s our price. The price of working for Wu Hongda The cost of working for Wu Hongda Over. When it was over, I learned that this Wu Hongda. in 1995 I came to America. immigrted to the United States 1995 I came to America. I consutled with a lawyer. A lawyer. I asked how I should handle
this case with Wu Hongda. consulting him regariding my house How to deal with this problem He took my consultation the thigns I asked him as a lawyer
to inform Wu Hongda. T-his lawyer,
– the lawyer, betrayed you. Chinese lawyer? Chinese. Just an immigration lawyer. the lawyers informd Wu Hongda. claiming that I was suing him. Wu Hongda wrote something. Title: Who betrayed who Slandering me. distributing this material to others. to backbite you. claiming I betrayed him. what? Wow This turned into a serious problem. Spreading his article, which
my friend showed me later It’s title: Who betrayed Who. He wrote this article. claiming I betrayed him. And then he entered China
where got caught, He said I set him up, I didn’t set him
up, it was not me. He claimed that I set him up. He wrote an article making the accusation. Then I went to investigate him. Now let me talk about
what I found abaout Wu Hongda. about how he scammed Americans How he deceived the world I’m going to talk about this. That’s the conclusion I’ve come
with the investigation. Wu Hongda was a right-winger right to central What did he say in America? He proudly claimed everywhere. When he met someone He was sentenced for 15 years
in labor camp. He said he stayed in labor camp
for 15 years He became a hero in America. 15 years of labor camp
life, then What had he become? Human rights fighter Americans thought he was
a human rights fighter. He’s only stayed in a correction camp
for 3 years. After his release from correction camp,
he was asked to re-educate. No, He’s re-education
through labor for 3 years. And then the re-education camp. He got married
during his re-education period. He got a family. But still lived in that place. A total of 15 years. and then immigrated to the United States. He hadn’t spent ONE
day in labor camp. He’s not a labor prisoner. He’s not a labor prisoner
for 15 years. He’s in correction
camp for 3 years plus re-education camp,
A total of 15 years. This is the first lie. He’s not a labor camp prisoner. it’s correction and re-education. It’s not labor camp. Also, he lied to the Hungarians. Being awarded
the Hungarian National Medal. It’s scamming. How did he cheat? It has to be made clear. What did he say He came to America, what did he say? The reason
he was casted a right-winger was he stood up for the Hungarians, He was against the Soviet Union’s invasion of Hungary against the Soviet Union
colonizing Hungary so, he was cast into right-winger He claimed that in the United States. When Hungary learned about this awarded him the National Medal. He got the Hungarian
National Medal In fact, it wasn’t because of Hungary. Why was his charge? It was because of his relative. During the Great Purge(肅反運動) his relative was purged. It was becasue of this, so he was cast as right-winger Nothing to do with Hungary nothing at all This is to prove
Wu Hongda is a liar. 100% international scammer He’s this kind of person He took it from the United States. from Democratic Foundation
of the U.S. Congress pocketed a lot of money. He’s anti-communist. I don’t deny it. He’s anti-communist. You could say
he’s an anti-communist hero. OK But he’s definitely not
a human rights fighter. He’s fighting the Communists
for the money. It’s for his personal gains. That’s his nature. This must come to this conclusion. He’s anti-Communist
for the sake of money. There’s a lot to do about him. I’m not talking about it here. He also tried to seduce/rape
some women. And his marriages Yet
marriage is a personal matter. But, one can be judged
by the marital status What’s the true nature of the person? Marriage should be personal. I didn’t want to comment. Still worth of mentioning He’s married
during the re-education period. Before he immigrated to the U.S.
he divorced his first wife. Abandoned his first wife, He re-married a younger wife. coming to america. After coming to America,
he divorced again. He re-married a Taiwanese. Then, he divorced the Taiwanese wife
one more time This is his case. Personal matters
i wouldn’t comment. But from this pattern, you can tell what kind of person
Wu Hongda was At last,
he died swimming in Hondurans. An accident occurred I smelled something fishy. He went there
a few years ago. went for a swim in Hondurans. drowned at sea. But how did he die? I still have doubts. So, This is Wu Hongda and me. Another case. How vicious he was… He found out
I lived at Mo Fengjie’s place. Mo Fengjie is a Beijinger. His father died in labor camp. Mo Fengjie is a good friend of mine. Originally befriended with Wu Hongda He provided a lot of
anti-communist materials. Mo Fengjie held a lot of
anti-communist materials handing them to Wu Hongda Wu Hongda also used this data, Asking for money from the United States. But not a penny to Mo Fengjie. Mo Fengjie didn’t want the money, Mo Fengjie, this man is very upright. In a couple days,
Inty can interview him. He’s a man of integrity. He’s anti-communist but not for the money. What is his name? Mo Fengjie(莫逢傑) Mo, last name is Mo, Fen, means ‘meeting’,
Jie, means outstanding talent Mo Fengjie Did he also stay in labor camp? Yes, he’s stayed in labor camp. He was in labor camp at 17. Let’s talk about it later. We’ll talk abou him. We could go over later. Now he lives in Los Angeles. Mo Fengjie He’s anti-communist,
but not for the money. He has an organisation called Association for …
Victims of political persecution He has an organisation. He’s also a fervent anti-communist. Not for money. He provided a lot of
anti-communist info for Wu Hongda. But he didn’t take a penny. Wu Hongda made a lot of money
because of the info. Wu Hongda didn’t give him a penny. When Wu Hongda knew I once lived at Mo’s house. Wu Hongda learned about it, he called Mo Fengjie. He said Feng Guo Jiang was
the communist agent He was a special agent
for the Communist Party. He smearedyou. He told Mo Fengjie Feng Guo Jiang was the special agent
of the Communist Party. Asking Mo Fengjie to throw me out I lived at Mo Fengjie’s house. When I lived in Mo Fengjie’s house,
I paid for it. I rent his house. Mo didn’t believe
I was a Communist agent. Mo told Wu Hongda. Feng Guo Jiang wasn’t a communist agent He didn’t believe he was an agent. Wu Hongda scolded him. smearing Mo Fengjie with the dirtest words It’s not convenient to say, no, I have to say It’s okay, What did he yell at Mo Fengjie? F***K your mother. The dirtiest/worst thing to call a person. Because Mo didn’t believe
I was an agent for the Communists. So, he swore at Mo Fengjie Mo Fengjie had cut ties with him
ever since. This shows
how Wu Hongda treat people. There’s a lot more. I won’t elaborate. With a story like this. This is the story between
Wu Hongda and me. And I’m going to talk about it. Do you need a break? Wait a minute Because of this. It’s too complicated. Outsiders couldn’t understand. As every outsider saw him as a hero. As a human rights fighter, Even that Nancy Pelosi. When Wu died,
Pelosi held a memorial service to honor him. Nancy Pelosi, the US Congresswoman Pelosi also adored Wu. Adored Wu Hongda. They’ve all been deceived. They didn’t know
what kind of scum Wu Hongda was They’ve been tricked. The whole world have been fooled. They all think he’s a human rights fighter. 15 years in labor camp. Didn’t know
he’s fighting this for money. This is quite important you can check it up I used to.. in Hong Kong’s magazine, ‘Outpost’ I posted an article Titled: How I applied for political asylum. “How I applied for political asylum
in the United States” An article posted in the “Outpost” magazine Exposing Wu Hongda clearly
by explaining the process That article. You might find it. What’s the title?
We’ll check it for you. “How I applied for political
asylum in the United States” Wait till I take out the article. wait a minute. Take a break. 2 minutes, have a drink. Awesome! How did everybody feel?
Satisfied? Right, great oral history. better than watching a movie. the earliest whistleblower revolution. Today’s video,
i don’t know if the outside world knows. If the outside world knew for the
first time, it would be an exposition. Mr. Feng went to find that article. He’s published a lot of articles
in the U.S. or in Hong Kong. I read the artilces
he showed me the other day. All kinds of articles Excellent writing. You can check it out
if you have a chance. You remember everything Your memory is just too good 91-year-old has better memory
than a 19-year-old in China He’s an honored student
of Tsinghua University June 1996 “How I applied for political asylum
in the United States” Can I take a look? This title Wait a minute ok. Take a break, okay, take a break. Awesome, awesome. You are awesome. Can I take a break? I’m sweating. Do you need to open the window for a while? Mr. Feng’s hearing isn’t very good. We’re trying to buy him a hearing aid. You’re looking for that article. “How I applied for political asylum
in the United States” Hong Kong Outpost Magazine, 1996 Hong Kong Outpost Magazine, 1996 Let me put it on the screen. everyone can take a screenshot. Exposing Wu Hongda’s Article Exposing Wu Hongda’s Treachery Burn the briddge after crossing “How I applied for political asylum
in the United States” Hong Kong Outpost Monthly, June 1996 look for it on the Internet. Have you read it after posting it? After posting the article,
you’ve read his report, haven’t you? No, I didn’t. This is the original copy. I’ve got the…printout of the magazine? Original magazine There’s a lot, a lot of articles here. If you can’t find it, Let’s try to print this out
on the Internet. Mr. Feng has written a lot of articles. I read long hours last night
I haven’t finished reading it yet. Let me read it for a minute. When I got to America, some friends asked me. Wait,
I’ll read a few paragraphs for you. After I came to America, some friends asked me How did I apply for political asylum? It started last August, Chinese Communist Party sentenced
Wu Hongda to 15 years in prison and expelled Wu
at the same time and published my indictment So I applied for a visa in September. left Hong Kong
for the United States in October Applying for political asylum When I came to the United States in June 1996,
a professor wanted I’ll let everyone check your article. I can put it online for you
if they can’t find it. That print version can’t be found. It’s okay,no hurry. Let’s continue Go on? Talking about this article
in Hong Kong in 1996 to expose him. Now start talking? Is it starting? June 1996
At the Outpost in Hong Kong Now this monthly magazine
is still operating Outpost Monthly,
I posted an article. Titled: “How I applied for political asylum
in the United States” It’s about
the working relationship with Wu Hongda. That’s very clear. And I’ve exposed him in other magazines. Not only this article, I wrote. So he hated me
to the bone. There’s another article. in October 1995
in the Outpost Monthly I posted an article What’s the title? Wu Hongda: Not a single word is true “None of the words are true Wu Hongda” This is also to expose
the lies of Wu Hongda. He’s fabricating history and deceiving the world. He is not a simple character. This is called the
pseudo-democratic supporter pseudo-democratic supporter
ever heard of it? pseudo-democratic supporter right Did it cause any impact? Did it cause any impact? After you posted the article Then I had no idea. it’s just to expose it to the world People in Hong Kong didn’t trust him. The people of Hong Kong
had a bad impression of him. Hong Kongers have the ability
to think independently Because Wu Hongda he is Americans don’t understand Chinese They couldn’t understand
these articles. How did Americans read my articles? They were written in Chinese. Do you think Pelosi
could understand my article? She couldn’t understand my article,
could she? Wu Hongda knew English using his English to deceive people. He’s bilingual. He’s not a simple guy. Very….Laogai
Research Foundation, after his death,
there were internal conflicts Crumpled from within His secretary. Her name… was ..some Gi…
contradicted with him. serious internal
conflicts for money financial dispute was very serious It was no easy matter. the inside story,
there’s a lot of articles about him. But this is not the point –
of my report I have a lot of reports of him here. Criticizing him, exposing him. also criticizing
the Congressional Democratic Foundation. which is problematic, too. They didn’t understand Wu Hongda
being deceived. Wait a second. He took the recording investigation from me, Now the machine signal is unstable. Can you turn on the fan?
this machine is a little hot, fanning for 20 seconds? Where’s the socket, over there, or that one? is this fan ok to use? Where? Over there….. -There’s one on the left.
-I could see it. A long one. Maybe this one is better. Okay, let’s move on. There’s a lot of
data about Wu Hongda. But they’re not relevant. Is there air-conditioning
in the house? Yes, yes. How do you turn on the air con? It seems…Is the
air con on now? It’d be better if
there is air con. The temperature in this room is very high now (Signal disappears) Are you afraid of the heat? Not? Okay, go on, let’s talk a little bit more. So, can I start now? This Wu Hongda There’s a lot of articles critical of him. But that’s not my focus. So I won’t say too much about him. That’s the whole situation
between him and me. Burn the bridge after crossing the river Treachery and back-stabbing Burn the bridge after crossing the river That’s it I’m sorry, this signal is not very stable. What’s going on? Maybe it’ll be right back. Please continue. Then I…except for traveling
around China. for 5 years and having taken 10,000 photos Other than that

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