MST3K Political debate

MST3K Political debate

Mike: The subject of today’s political debate:
politics. Tom: Yes, yes, well, first of all let me once
again state that if we are going to have a democracy we must have a mulching attachment. Crow: Yes, but do you not agree that the whole
concept of a shampoo and conditioner in one is absurd? Tom: Let me answer that, sir, with a question:
Have you or have you not ever tubed the Apple River with Sally Jesse Raphael? Crow: Dill is a good spice! I will not have
it maligned! Tom: Why, you’ve never even met Mamie Eisenhower,
have you! Well, have you?! Crow: Are you saying that you do ride in a
surrey with a fringe on top? Mike: Gentlemen, please! Surely there must
be some middle ground. Tom: But horseradish does not go with chicken! Crow: You refuse to even learn about Wink
Martindale! Tom: Well, let me state once again, sir, that
you are a kindergarten baby, you wash your face in gravy, wrap it up in bubblegum and
mail it to the Navy!

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4 thoughts on “MST3K Political debate

  1. Ad Hominem! Petitio Principii! Argumentum Ad Verecundium! It's like a Greatest Hits of logical fallacies. I love it!

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