Murphy’s Law Enforcement Music Video

Murphy’s Law Enforcement Music Video

When you’re rolling down the highway with a hot cappuccino and then you swerve and almost spill it
on your new pair of chinos, you’re like “Whoa! That was close, man
these khakis are primo.” And while you’re feelin’ kinda lucky
you might hit the casino Hold up, wait a minute,
now it’s on! First we’re here, then we’re there
now we’re gone! You have the right to remain silent and blah blah blah Here’s some piping hot justice, for breakin’ Murphy’s Law. Let’s say you throw a birthday party for your five-year-old daughter, and then you stand in the vicinity beside her piñata. Well, section seven Murphy’s Law clearly says that you gotta take a hard smack to the sack, heh, nutta’! Hold up, wait a minute, now it’s on! First we’re here then we’re there now we’re gone! When it should’ve gone wrong but it turns out a’ight, you’re breakin’ Murphy’s Law and we’re here to wrong the right, sucka! Perhaps you’re living in an alley in the clutches of poverty, find a hundred dollar bill that might as well be the lottery. Well, according to Murphy, you know it’s gotta be novelty, but the bill is legitimate and your eyes get all watery. Hold up, wait a minute, now it’s on! First we’re here, then we’re there, now we’re gone! Put your hands up in the air and step away from the bill. If it can go wrong, we’re making sure it will! Ahem! Now, did I just witness destruction of US curency? What?!

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100 thoughts on “Murphy’s Law Enforcement Music Video

  1. ok, I know I'm a stickler, but Murphy's law is often misunderstood.
    Murphy's law is that "Whatever can happen, will happen." Whether that's bad or good is arbitrary.

  2. 0:36 well, Murphy's law States that those donuts should've went into space, hit the international space station and come back hitting your mouth causing you to suffocate.

  3. Yeah thats what the cops ern how can they shred a homeless mans 100 dolers the cops shuld give the homeless man 100 dolers

  4. I just realized that the Murphy’s law police also got hit with Murphy’s law because something went wrong for them

  5. Those poor abandoned donuts 🍩

    I am hungry give me those donuts
    Like if u agree
    Omg thx for all the likes this is the most I’ve ever got

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  7. The SBU Unicycle can't go from 0-60 Because it's top speed is 12mph but it's a great portable transportation vehicle

  8. Does anyone relate that you tell your mom "Ooh Ooh can I have one mom please please please" the the mom says it's too dangerous and you should walk don't the sbu you stupid child

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    Hold up

  10. 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 yes you

  11. That is the worse police EVER! You being such a jerk police. 1. You speel out cup of tea / coffee in the car but the pants. 2. You punch with the bat in your people penis whe your birthday. And 3. You rip it the moneywhen the homeless man. Poor man.👎👎👎👎👎😲😲😲

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