Nancy Pelosi Challenged By TRUE Progressive

Nancy Pelosi Challenged By TRUE Progressive

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22 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi Challenged By TRUE Progressive

  1. This country has gone from representing the people who elect them to the companies that pay into there campaign it’s good to see people are stepping up to run against these corporate Democrats & Republicans

  2. As San Francisco native myself, and learning that Nancy and Diane Feinstein are both from San Francisco, my slogan for both of them is come back to SF. The Bay Area will give you a final retirement before your lives are over.

  3. My biggest fears about these Bernie’s and Corbyn’s are the following:

    1. I don’t think they fathom that a single payer healthcare system is not the system adopted by the countries that have the best healthcare systems. France and Japan are renowned for their high quality healthcare and both have a hybrid system where, at baseline, Medicare or another public option provides most of the costs of therapy (and cover more the more serious an illness is). But at the same time, there is a private option on top of this mostly publicly covered healthcare plan. This serves 2 purposes: Provides jobs for those who want to work in the healthcare insurance sector, and makes room for competition among those companies to provide the best premium and the highest coverage for people.

    2. They tend to be too soft on Russia. For those who do not know the cunningness and evil of Russia, they must know that Russia has a tradition of not only supporting populist right wingers, but also populist left wingers. They did that in the UK and also in France (Melenchon). And I cannot overestimate the value of getting on the bottom of the election meddling Russia has done and making sure Russia thinks twenty times before attempting to undermine the US democracy. While I’m not a hawkish individual, in the case of counteracting Russia, I believe the US should regard its infringements as a matter of life and death. I am not sure those progressives will be as serious and tough on Russia as some of the more establishment Democrats. Perhaps time will prove me wrong, but Russia’s Putin has admitted that he not only didn’t want Hillary to win the presidency, he wanted Trump or Sanders to win. The reasons are clear. With Sanders, Putin has a more quiescent president who would, in his own way, relinquish the leadership role of the US on the international scene. If that happens, America’s leadership role in the world will be diminished, and the soft power vacuum left will be filled by Putin or Xi of China. And trust me, the world will plunge into a dark age if that happens. The US and the western democratic orders will all be on Putin’s crosshairs.

    Obviously, no candidate should say that they are solely running on a platform to stop Russia. The American people have many problems that candidates need to address, but it would be a lie to undermine Russia, and this is the gist of what I feel the progressive wing of the Democratic Party is doing.

  4. If she ran against Charles Manson, she would still loose! We HATE her. Our hatred brings Dems and GOP together:)

  5. This guy sounds like a winner to me. It's not Pelosi's age that's a problem. Her brain is in a time warp.

  6. Nancy is the voice of the Democratic party and is the reason Republicans will win the mid term elections. The story of her grandson wanting to be brown and wanted brown eye which Nancy thought was beautiful. You can just see the ads. Then there was the SOTU which DEMS did not applaud for the National Anthem. Doomed

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