20 thoughts on “Neo-Liberalism: The Ideology behind Contemporary Globalization

  1. Neoliberalism in the U.S killed millions of jobs and cut the income of millions of working Americans; transforming our country into hell for millions of Americans.
    This is the truth about homeless in America. It is not a surprise that 30 percent of homeless people are employed and a significant number of people in shelters have full time jobs. While they're making enough to scrape by, the expenses of renting and living expenses is enough to keep millions of Americans permanent out of reach of a place to call home.
    We Americans must never forget our social responsibility and must seek the truth about Neoliberalism and the demise of our standard of living in America.
    The truth about Neoliberalism.

  2. Neoliberalism and the petrodollar reserve currency go hand in hand. As long as The U.S. Department of Offense can defend the banker's bloated dollar, neoliberalism will grow, and democracy will shrink.

  3. one in five children in Britain grow up in poverty, in America almost one in four grow up in poverty. British colonialism in America re-began with Hamiltonian ideology.

  4. USA and EU are already basically totalitarian states with a democratic "front". People "think" they have a choice and that it's their fault the "bad" presidents get elected and blame eachother. The fact is than no matter who gets elected they are effectively either bought off (election campaign money clauses, donations or promise of a well paid job after their career as a politician) blackmailed or if none of that works they get killed (kennedy).
    They spam us with propaganda that everything state owned is bad, taxes are bad, universal healthcare is communism and so on. All of this is shifting power away from the people that we elect. And theese overnational organizations, the world bank, IMF, WTO and others are fundamentally undemocratic. Their leaders are put there by a select group of excecutives and investors that "have a lot" and they do their masters bidding.

  5. Can someone please tell me what is so bad about corporations, the WTO, the IMF, and globalization? And can someone also tell me how we have the right to threaten these corporations with violence for merely conducting voluntary business with voluntary individuals?

  6. Could the peolke who 'get' this please gonaroubd the net explaining to libertarians the neoliberalism is THEIR ideology, because right next to zero libertartarians know this…

  7.  It is all about the increasing the power of giant corporations at the cost of society and democracy. This obvious that societies are powerless whether they are under dictatorial regimes or democratic. The reason is the fact that  even democratic governments are dwarfed when confronting these companies. legislations are also tailored for their only best interests.

  8. If you believe that you know 0 about economics or monetary funding. If ANYTHING this would strengthen the U.S. currency, Create WELL PAYING jobs, and no I would have a free market that's actually competitive and corporations would have to compete. Illegal immigrants are breaking the law and need to face the result. You have Obviously listened to the media and ate up all the "studies" they've shown you please don't reply on something you know nothing about.

  9. You would crash the US economy if you did this BTW. 'illegal immigrants' are the backbone of US economy. Enjoy having no food or services if this dumb idea gets implemented.

  10. well any illegal immigrant is to be reported as of immediately or face felony charges and up to 5 years in prison. Individuals with certain Visa's can work for given periods of time that the visa states. If you knowingly hire a illegal immigrant you will be forced to pay a fine not exceeding 20,000 USD. Upon that your entire workforce will be investigated.

  11. And then after all of that is implemented what penalities will the US businesses both small and large who are knowingly hiring non-citizens to work?

    What penalities should the business owners face? This is the part of the equation that is never usually discussed.

  12. Umm no work is called work where you get money to buy things. You have no basic understanding of economics or logic. And no not everything just most things. Teach a man to fish and he will feed himself forever give a man a fish he will eat well for a day. Socialism is a failed idea and will never work in my plan their are more jobs, less taxes, better economy and each individual has his or her own money to do what they want with it. Please use better language your making a ass of yourself.

  13. Your going in circles with your argument, with 0 valid points I have time and time again denounced corporatism which is bad that's not a free market. Every time you ask me a question I answer it with a logical response and a plan. Yet you have no plan just pure emotion and radical ideas that lead to failure. Please enlighten me with more comments that lead nowhere.

  14. English not mandatory? why we were here frist respect us & our culture or leave that is disrespect if someone doesn't speak the language. & no where are we breaking the consitutional law were simply enforceing the ones we have. Have youever left the US? if not go your dream world exists no where. & your purely about emotion not logical thinking.

  15. really because the LPdoes & Ron Paul does & so do i have a plan. I would cut the TSA,NSA,Department of commerce,department of urban development,ATF,department of interior,cut & freeze all foreign aid,with draw from the UN & NATO dismantle the FED reback money,End the NAFTA,NTO agreements. Stop production of all medel coins & switch to bio plastic.Cut military spending in half withdraw all foreign military bases. stop the funding of certain non medical research programs.

  16. Give illegal immigrants 3 choices pay a 15,000 USD ( Per Person ) penalty for illegally being here. 3 join the American Foreign Army which they will serve 5 years and speak, Read, Write ONLY English. ONLY they will receive a citizenship no questions asked. or #3 get deported. Budget cuts also need to be on all federal government employees to garnish wages to pay off the debt.

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