Neoss® Surgical Instrumentation Kit

Neoss® Surgical Instrumentation Kit

In this video, we will detail the contents
of the Neoss Surgical Instrumentation Kit. There are two machine screwdrivers, which
are 24 and 32mm in length. These connect directly to a hand piece, or
into the manual handle for hand placement. In addition, there is also a short 15mm manual
screwdriver. The manual handle is used to convert the machine
screwdrivers into hand screwdrivers, and also fits into the Neoss ratchet for screw tightening. There is a hole in the top for attaching dental
floss. The Neoss ratchet can be set to achieve accurate
tightening forces of 10, 20, & 32Ncm, as well as an infinity setting. The ratchet will ‘break’ when the pre-set
torque is reached, but will not break at infinity. It can be used for manual implant insertion
with the wrench adaptor, or screw tightening with the manual handle. The kit contains four drill depth guides. During preparation, they can be used after
the Ø2.2 and Ø3.0mm twist drill to measure depth and angulation. Then, after implant placement, they can be
screwed into an implant to aid in parallelism. There is a hole for attaching dental floss. Implant inserters for implants ranging in
diameter from 3.5 – 6.5 come in three different lengths, and connect directly into the hand
piece for machine insertion, or may be used with the wrench adaptor for manual insertion. Insertion components are laser-marked to indicate
and assist when implant orientation or indexing is relevant for placement of the Neoss Esthetiline
abutments, which have an anatomical design. In addition, there are two implant inserters
for the Ø3.25mm implant, which are identified by the blue band. And finally, there is the drill extender,
which is used to extend the length of the twist drills. The open design allows for irrigation water
to flow over the drill. Having only16 components in total, Neoss surgical
instruments are made of high quality steels with advanced surface technologies to provide
long-lasting and easily identifiable instruments. They are cost effective, easy to transport
between surgeries, simple to use, logical in their presentation, and save time during
set up and clean up.

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