Nespresso Zenius: Directions for Use

Nespresso Zenius: Directions for Use

Welcome to this Nespresso Assistance Video, on directions for use, for the Zenius machine. The exceptional character of a Nespresso coffee, owes nothing to chance. To enjoy a perfect cup of Nespresso coffee at any moment, we recommend you follow a few easy instructions. To start, the quality of water is essential for enhancing the aroma of your Espresso. So we suggest you refill the water tank on a daily basis using clean water. In order to get as close as possible to your personal expectations, you can now program the desired volume of your Ristretto, Espresso or Lungo. First, switch off your machine. Press and hold down the ‘Lungo’ and hot water button whilst turning on your machine. The buttons will flash in a clockwise direction. Insert a capsule. To program, simply press and hold the button of your choice. As soon as the cup is filled as you desire, release the button. It flashes 3 times, confirming your modification. From now on, when you press the button lightly, the coffee will flow automatically according to your preferred level. When inserting the capsule, please ensure the edges of the capsule are straight so that it does not block the system. If you wish to have a Lungo coffee, you can easily pivot the tray, allowing for a larger cup or glass. It is important to eject the Nespresso capsule after every use, so that it does not remain in the extraction system. We recommend you regularly empty the capsule container and empty the drip tray, in order to avoid overflowing. After using your machine for the last time, simply let a cup of water without a capsule flow through, in order to wash away any residue left in the flow system. If the ‘Ristretto’ and ‘Lungo’ buttons flash, it is necessary to replace the filter (if installed), located in the water tank. If the ‘hot water’ button flashes your machine is overheating. Your machine should be switched off and left to cool down for approximately 20 minutes. We recommend that you place your machine in a location not affected by direct sunlight, to avoid overheating. When the 4 buttons flash red simultaneously, this indicates that you should refill the water tank with fresh water. If the 4 buttons flash in a clockwise direction for 15 seconds, you should descale your machine. This will maintain the temperature and optimal quality of your Nespresso coffee. The descaling alert first appears when the machine is switched on and is then repeated every hour. We suggest that you avoid using vinegar as it may damage the internal parts of your machine. We recommend you use the Nespresso descaling solution, specifically designed for your machine.

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10 thoughts on “Nespresso Zenius: Directions for Use

  1. hello the lever for our zenius wont stay down so we have to hold it down while making coffee. do you have any suggestions

  2. That's the cheapest machine I ever used. Max 2 years usable without replacement parts. Even warranty of 2 years every replacement part is defined as wear part and you have to pay 30% of the new price. Horrible customer care

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