New Anti-Protest Laws Sweeping The US: Fines, Felonies & Freedom of Speech…

New Anti-Protest Laws Sweeping The US: Fines, Felonies & Freedom of Speech…

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100 thoughts on “New Anti-Protest Laws Sweeping The US: Fines, Felonies & Freedom of Speech…

  1. Had you heard about this before? Do you think it's a violation of your First Amendment rights? Have you or anyone you know been arrested for protesting in the US? Let us know in the comments down below…

  2. I see a lot of people mention antifa in the comments. I'm curious, how common is violence in one of their protests? Evidence would be appreciated.

  3. Imagine seriously believing that your protest is ineffective if you can't break other people's shit.
    How low of an opinion do you have for your own cause if you can't persuade anyone with reason?

  4. SO LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT. companies cant pay to help protesters BUT companies can lobby for bills that negatively effect the peoples?

  5. This is how you know your government has gotten TOO BIG… they no longer listen to, or care about the WILL OF THE PEOPLE. They serve corporation's interests ONLY.
    Wanna beat this back? Either "get rid of" all the politicians who stand for and behind corporations over people… or get a group of like minded people together and form a corporation that has the legal ability to fight and challenge the oppression in the highest courts. (Getting donations and help is much easier when you are a legal entity, rather than a rag-tag bunch of unemployed student and paid activists)

  6. If your protest involves trespassing, rioting, vandalism, or violence of any kind, then the first amendment shouldn't shield you. Something else can, though, depending on what you're protesting.

  7. Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion
    or prohibiting the free exercise thereof
    or abridging the freedom of speech
    or of the press
    or the right of the people to peaceably assemble
    and petition the government for a redress of grievances

  8. As an Easter European ( outsider) I gotta say, America is starting to look much like China. Land of the "free" and home of the brave.

    Looks like they are trying to take a peace of your freedom, one chunk at a time. Be brave people and fight ( peacefully ofc) for your rights don't let your government, that has their hands deep in the pockets of corporations, silence you.

  9. So republicans are fighting for their rights when people talk about stricter gun laws but their politicians are the ones behind this legislation. They’re pro individual freedom until people they don’t like are exercising their rights…

  10. Hey, I've been trying to watch the Rogue Rocket videos for awhile, and its hard. I finally got why today. There is no personality or humanity in what is being said, and I can get that from any other news network. My appeal to the PDS was the energy Phil brought paired with facts. The information on Rogue Rocket is great, but it's hard for me to absorb because of boring narration.

  11. I know you guys are excellent at being neutral and/or smacking both sides equally. However, almost all of these examples are from gopper led States, in gopper controlled legislatures, with gopper Governors. The party who always says they want less gov't, always seems to find a way, to insert themselves in the rights of individuals. ALEC is a Right wing organization, who is behind ALL legal pushes in gopper controlled States. Examples, Disenfranchising Voters, Anti-Abortion, Anti-Protests, Climate Change denial etc. These Bills don't specifically mention protesting, because if they did, they wouldn't survive the most basic Court challenge.

  12. "you're free to protest, just do it somewhere that wont bother anyone"
    That's the whole point of a protest! A protest nobody notices isn't a protest!

  13. So a "small government conservative" organization has been trying to introduce almost 3,000 NEW LAWS all around the country over the past 8 years? Imagine my shock.

  14. This is crazy it is your right to free speech……also is this not the foundation for the development of American? Or do I have my history wrong?

  15. Like three minutes in and you skip over the most important line like it was nothing, you yourself said it was about the intent to or actually cause damage. Nothing that is considered protected by the first amendment. What even is this? How can you miss that as a central factor?

  16. You make so many statements about a rule then completely ignore the qualifiers to that rule. For example, when soliciting others to protest, you said the rule was you can't encourage others to be violent, not encourage them to protest. The next line was if you encourage someone to protest then it turns into a riot you can get in trouble. Those statements don't work together, it happens several times in the video, do you not review your work? Or is there no editor to catch these flaws?

  17. Alao, vandalism isn't protest. So why are you even bringing it up? You say several times that they want to squash protest, then bring up examples of violence as though criminals are being oppresed? Where are the examples
    of peaceful protest being squashed?

    Edit.. only example of peaceful protest i saw was the lady in the river. But there was a failure to establish whether or not she was actually trespassing or not. If she was then be punished, if not simply drop the charges

  18. I dont see how these bills target protesters? apart from the fact that protesters feel they have the right to illegally tresspass, simply protest without tresspassing? If you dont want your state to build oil pipelines or drill for oil then vote for representatives that will make it illegal, or move back to california where those representatives are in power


  20. so if we have ample evidence that the Women's March was founded by anti-semitic ideologues pushing a political agenda under the guise of advocating for women, why do we mention it as a constructive example for free expression?

  21. Awesome. I am 1000% against paid protesting. I am also against trespassing with ill intent. So… WIN/WIN! If you don't agree then these laws are for you :]

  22. I was at standing rock for only a week. There to help take food and water and build a kitchen. I was there from 11/7/16 to 11/11/16. The claims of massive amounts of violence from the protestors is completely wrong. Were there conflicts, yes. However, most of the time it was because of baiting and people that the oil company themselves inserted into the camps with directions to spark violence. We were still able to keep the protest much more peaceful than anybody actually projected for it. If there's any questions on that specific protest I'm able to talk about it.

  23. I hope I'm not the only person to be alarmed by the juxtaposition of teachers striking and "West Viirginia which passed a law…removing liability from officials who injure or kill someone…"

  24. Good info. A lot of talk about the US Constitution here, but no mention of the 1851 Treaty between the US government and the "great sioux nation" or 7 Council Fires. Yet the law is clearly stated in Article 6 (VI.) of the constitution; "Treaties are the supreme law of the land", it says in case you don't know. The US government violated that treaty, and stole those lands – illegally. Which means, according to the laws that apply to all Americans (including us; american citizens and members of a federally recognized tribe called Standing Rock); they do not have permission, nor the legal basis to approve pipelines on those lands. An Executive order by the President of the US to illegally approve a pipeline, violates the sworn Oath of Office to the US Constitution, particularly when POTUS is invested personally in the project he approved. I keep hearing that what we were doing on our reservation was 'protesting', and that is not the truth. All we did was assert those constitutional rights that are afforded to the rest of America, don't get it twisted. Someday maybe we'll apply these laws to everyone, equally. Put that in your book. #StillNoDAPL #HonorTheTreaties

  25. oh my god what the fuck is this background music? the information is valuable and interesting but that music is soo grating, jesus.

  26. Standing Rock did not start from the #NODPL hashtag. It went viral with the #WaterisLife hashtag. That spread like wildfire.

  27. I do love that these laws are largely being implemented by conservatives; the people who often most loudly claim to be champions of free speech and less red tape…

  28. Shame! Misrepresentation 3:20 watch the whole statement. He clearly states it isn't to prevent protests, it's to prevent property damage and physical harm during a protest. Protesting does not give ANYONE the right to harm someone else's person or property. Period.

  29. If the people cannot openly protest peacefully, then it's just a matter of time before they resort to secretly protesting violently.

  30. Effing biased reporting on the background of protesting. Gonna mention Women’s March and March for Our Lives, but totally leave out the ProLife March, which is the longest running protest in HISTORY, been held every year in DC since 1974!

  31. Rogue Rocket is when a man is having vaginal sex with a woman and it accidently goes in the butt. The penis in this scenario is called the Rogue Rocket

  32. I am in one of the states with laws already in place, and work in "critical infrastructure". I feel that everyone has the right to protest, and would defend that right even if don't agree with it. However with the recent escalating violence from groups on both political sides, I am for restricting the location of the protests. For example if a riot broke out at my place of work, any damage to the infrastructure, would not only endanger the thousands of employees on site every day, the protesters, the tens of thousands of residents in the surrounding city, but could cause a lot of environmental damage.

    Instances as I described are the only type of restrictions on protests and free speech.

  33. What the majority fail to understand about their right to protest is that you can legally gather and protest but you cannot block roadways, walkways, public transportation or damage private, city, county, state or federal property.

    The moment property damage or the blocking of commerce occurs, it becomes a riot.

  34. Should be illegal for them to do this to us. Especially that part where they say any harm or death caused is fine.

  35. – As for the early part of the video, maybe I am misinterpreting the narrator, but is the premise being argued that protesting inherently requires trespassing on private property? I mean the politician put forth a questionable rationale/motivation, but the counter to it seems equally, or perhaps even more, wonky from my perspective.
    – Regarding the prohibition of public servants from protesting, it seems a bit more clear cut and likely more straight forward to legally challenge.
    – The 'riot boosting' bit is interesting, and I can see some merit in challenging it if the narrator is being accurate in her description.
    – The school bit is only an issue in the vague/subjective wording being put forth by the governments, as there has been a growth in people not only protesting but actually harassing/threatening/injuring individuals, groups, etc. on campuses. Quite simply, there needs to be a clearer line between what is considered protesting, and what is not.

  36. The whole bit about "critical infrastructure" is going to really cause some problems.
    Not getting enough pay from your job at the local power station and you and the rest of the union decide to strike? Well that'll be illegal to stand outside the gates of where you work and protest there.
    Hell they could even get you on the fact that by striking you are stopping the "critical infrastructure" from running as well as it should and these bills consider that illegal.
    Imagine living in a country where going on a workers strike gets you arrested cos it lowered the efficiency of the place you work at.
    That's just wrong.

  37. Your first amendment rights – still have to be legal, and you have a responsibility to exercise your rights, responsibly. Running around like a mob, destroying peoples' lives, doxxing, and property, is NO mitigating circumstance.

  38. You did actually READ these laws before making this video, right? You are WAY off in your legal analysis.

    How very clever of you, always using the word "protest" – when that word isn't even mentioned… at all. Ever. But, keep pounding that psyop media message…

    The "first" law the narrator cites @ 7:05 – is about supplying weapons and training to groups who are RIOTING, not protesting.

    The "second" law, also does not contain the word "protest" – it is the state trespassing statute, which was strengthened to include critical infrastructure and secure zones…

    [whispering] I got news for ya folks… the federal government, has already had laws like this on the books, for decades.

    (Remember that whole "Storm Area 51" thing? Yeah – same laws.)

  39. This is beyond sad. Also, of course trump would violate native american reservations in support of the pipeline. And screw Oklahoma.

  40. None of this is hard to believe anymore. It's Orwellian and absolute crap but not hard to believe. The idea that these politicians are taking bribes outright to arrest protesters is horrific. Not to mention that most if not all of the violence that occurred during the Standing Rock protests was done by the police and private security. They were the ones using fired hoses as weapons spaying people in winter in North Fucking Dakota!

  41. You're free to speak your mind and assemble. In the carefully designated area, during the designated time, with an approved permit, away from anyone who'd ever see you protesting.
    Also, aren't roadways part of "critical infrastructure"? So, protesters marching on highways could also be charged. Laws limiting protests you oppose are well and good until your ideological opposites use those same laws against you.

  42. Sounds to me like as long as you don’t destroy things while protesting or pay people to protest you’re fine

  43. These aren't new laws. For example the law that says you can't cover your face, that was a law made to tight the KKK back when they were a thing.

    An the law that prohibits blocking side walks off and stopping traffic?

    Police and ambulance need to go to places and so do people. You can't just stop everything.

    You guys are just upset these laws are now being applied to antifa and other leftist.

  44. What they fail to mention is its almost always the police that start the violence. When cops attack protesters they should be held for treason. If they are not they should be lynched. Our government is constantly ignoring the bill of rights. They refuse to police themselves as they break the laws of the country and ignore the rights of the people. Every day we get a step closer to tyranny. They chip away at freedoms. It is nonstop. This is a path that leads to civil war or armed rebellion. Its dangerous and can be very deadly.

  45. I deeply respect the right of everybody peacefully protesting for their rights and beliefs without masks and weapons to do so no matter if I agree with them. Add violence, masks, weapons and screamed slurs (real ones and not inventions by trolls like the ADL or SPLC) and people need to be removed and fined.

  46. I agree with protesting, but protestors, including the ones at standing rock, often attack or harass the average guy just passing threw or simply disagreeing………..I would be against these laws, but not after what Ive seen.

  47. The real protest laws that need to be enacted are laws about armed masked protesters like the ones seen in Portland. Yes, they have a right to protest, but physically harming people while wearing a mask to hide your identity is wrong. These cowards would not attack a helpless 80 year old woman if they were told they would be arrested for wearing a mask.

  48. I'm sorta on the fence about this stuff. I'd say anything that is disallowing peaceful protest should be outlawed, but at the same time disrupting those kinds of faculties, especially at times when they are probably hiring independent contractors that have their own schedules and lives shouldn't be allowed. I mean chanting and the like isn't what I am mean but preventing the workers for doing their job or damaging equipement should be illegal, and isnt speech at all. I mean you couldn't run into the back of a McDonalds with a lighter to start a grease fire, so why would you be able to damage a oil pipeline (which ironically might cause immediate environmental damage). If you are going to protest, do it where politicians see you (like in front of your state run government buildings) not in front of a bunch of guys who are just trying to do a job to feed their family.

    PS. I wish they would have talk about the actual protesting that inspired this legislation in a full and fair manner. What made this protest so bad? What was damaged? What happened with the violence?

  49. Hmmm, Although I have not researched this but based on your own explanation of these laws, they are not anti protest but anti vandalism. You are still allowed to protest but not allowed to disrupt or vandalize the project you are protesting..

  50. Oh yeah, let's just remove any liabilities related to MURDER or SERIOUS BODILY HARM; After all, might makes right – right?

  51. This is like a DW documentary, better than anything the MSM are churning out!
    Great stuff Phil & Co, keep it up. 👍

  52. I think protestors should be allowed as long as the protest is peaceful, isn’t effecting the worker jobs, and isn’t on private property

  53. These anti protest laws is reality in Russia already, and it's horrible. People being beaten by law enforcement and imprisoned basically because of nothing, for example recent protest againts lanfill (so called шиес), or recent imprisonment of people just standing near subway at the time of protests. It's just ludicrous, and nowhere near should happen in any country.

  54. What????? Passing laws with teeth that make it illegal for protestors to trespass, vandalize or cause a company monetary loss….what is the world coming to smh

  55. If history tells us anything. Take away the people's voice, and the people will act. Those who silence rarely survive such actions.

  56. These laws seem to me to be protecting infrastructure. It's making trespassing, assault and damage to property illegal. Framing it as an anti-protest bill seems really unfair. If I had pipelines I certainly would want to protect it from bad actors.

  57. I'm sure democrats will find a way to strip people from their right to protest. Just make masks illegal so Antifa can't escape criminal charges for rioting and disturbing the peace.

  58. Halfway in and all I'm hearing is that states are passing laws that raise the stakes for protesters who BREAK THE LAW, not legislation that bans or curbs the right to assemble. The right to assemble doesn't mean someone has the right to trespass, destroy property, or committ assault.

  59. The same people that bitch about pipeline construction and oil site construction are the people who complain when gas prices go over 3 dollars a gallon. Go figure.

  60. Some of the laws I'm semi sympathetic too, such as wearing a mask during a crime. If you look at literally any antifa "protest", you will see dozens of people wearing masks to hide their identity while assaulting people and vandalizing property.

    Past that, protest any government property you want, without permits, and aslong as you are civil, I couldn't give two fucks.

  61. There's a huge difference between peaceable assembly on public property to protest (which should absolutely be protected) and trespass, property damage, and violence. Any laws against the one should be shut down immediately, but any incidents that turn violent or involve other illegal actions (outside of the protest itself) need to face the proper consequences of the law.

    A lot of protest activities in the US in the past few decades have intentionally tried to blur that line. And now it seems lawmakers are blurring the lines the other way just as far.

  62. Their push against free speech won't do well without mass genocide as dictators historically decreed.
    Big business & modern communist parties still care to occupy the moral high ground IN APPEARANCE.
    But because people value expression more than actions, today's "dictators" can claim whatever they want & still exercise the polar opposite.
    And the best you can do is scrutinize.

  63. If your protest makes the lives of the public impossible to function get the clue whatever your protesting might be a fantasy and nobody wants to deal with you blocking the road. Most of the protests in the last ten years have been by delusional cultists that think their rights include exerting power over people who disagree with them. Fuck those people.

  64. You just watch and see Americans.
    The Republicans will turn the US into China right in front of your face.
    And you won't even do anything about it.
    And soon, you won't be allowed to.

  65. I'm sorry but masked people dressed in black carrying weapons is not a protest. Blocking cars is not a protest dressed in black wearing masks with weapons. That is Terrorism. Peacefully protest all you want. I am not seeing peaceful protests from the left. I guess nobody watch that little old lady being terrorized by antifa in Canada. Or what about Andy the gay journalist getting the crap beat out of him? Or recently the other guy that just at a bunch of black youth jump him and beat him senseless for wearing a trump hat. Or even the Minneapolis rally where once again the show called peaceful protesters attacked people. These are not protest these are acts of terrorism.

  66. 14:00 20 years in prison for slowing down big oils profits, BUT 10 years and a hug for a cop convicted of murder . . 🇺🇸🤮

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