New Day

New Day

Afghanistan. For years the approach was to go after the Taliban fighters and not much changed. We’d confiscate their weapons and they’d be resupplied in days. I’m a Naval intelligence Officer. I was there. My mission was to go after the drug money paying for their illegal guns. It took us too long to start trying new, smart, and innovative strategies. But I learned if you follow the money, you get to the root cause of the problem. My name is Bill Conway, and I’m running for State’s Attorney. Let’s go after the gangs profiting by flooding our streets with illegal guns. The old way of keeping illegal guns off our streets isn’t working. I want to use new tactics to track down and stop the funding that brings illegal guns onto our streets. If we do that, if we dismantle the criminal organizations supplying our neighborhoods with illegal guns, it will make us all safer. I was raised right here in Chicago. After law school I started working at the State’s Attorney’s office fighting every day to find justice for victims. I prosecuted corrupt politically-connected officials and defended regular people without political pull. Then I joined the Navy, serving in the Middle East, leading a team to go after ISIS and the Taliban. I’ll work to cut off the flow of illegal guns and ensure weapons of war aren’t on our streets. I believe the office where I once worked, a place I really respected, needs change. The States Attorney’s office should be fair, just and equal. Everyone, regardless of their race, zip code, or income level, should be treated fairly. Too often our criminal justice system puts people in jail because they are poor or addicted, ruining their lives. We can enact real criminal justice reform, stop needless incarceration of nonviolent offenders and keep the most dangerous off our streets. And we can stop the gun epidemic that haunts our homes and plagues our community. I’m running for State’s Attorney to enact real criminal justice reform, make our streets safe again and get politics out of an office where it doesn’t belong. It’s a new day, and it’s time for a new way.

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