100 thoughts on “Newest Astronauts Graduate with Eye on Artemis Missions

  1. Todos cuando éramos niños, soñabamos con ser astronautas. Pero nosotros los mortales vemos la luna desde casa mientras ellos en carne propia, chido!

  2. The cringe is on another level here! By the way if may I ask why the team isn't diverse enough?! Where are the Indians,Blacks,Hindus or why there are more man than women? Who is representing here the LQBT+ community?

  3. 😊👍Awsome! They come from different backgrounds, and mostly blue states
    Kayla Jane Barron – Idaho 🇺🇸
    Francisco Rubio – California/El Salvador 🇺🇸🇸🇻
    Zena Cardman – Illinois 🇺🇸
    Jasmin Moghbeli- Germany/Iran 🇺🇸🇩🇪🇮🇷
    Matthew Dominick – Colorado 🇺🇸
    Raja Chari – Wisconsin/India 🇺🇸🇮🇳
    Robert Hines – North Carolina 🇺🇸
    Jonny Kim – California/South Korea 🇺🇸🇰🇷
    Warren Hoburg – Pennsylvania 🇺🇸
    Joshua Kutryk – Canada 🇨🇦
    Loral O'Hara – Texas 🇺🇸
    Jenni Sidey-Gibbons – Canada 🇨🇦
    Jessica Watkins – Maryland 🇺🇸

  4. Congratulation for you all my brother's and sister's, all of you represent not just USA but THE WHOLE HUMANKIND! Do your best, so we shall rise together.

  5. Congratulations astronauts. Congratulations NASA. I loved the pin story. Much respect. Go astronauts, go CSA, go NASA.

  6. ir pra lua é sonho de qualquer astronauta, parabens a esses que se esforçaram para serem escolhidos
    eu queria ser a primeira mulher na lua, mais eu apenas tenho 10 anos,
    eu sonho em ir pra nasa, olha nasa
    saibam que eu amo pedacinho a pedacinho de vcs viu? boa sorte com o resto do ano❤

  7. Это Соединённые Штаты Америки.Вы самое лучшее, что сделало человечество.Спасибо Вам граждане Америки.😙😋😊

  8. What about the non-terrestrial off world astronauts of the secret space programme?? Those guys have went further than where these guys r going!!! Tr3b any1? Ben rich said we have the technology to take E.T. home.where is it then.yeah usa keeping that secret too for the next impending inevitable war with the middle east.think back to when the f117a stealth fighter was first seen.iraq war.yeah nasa we're on to u.

  9. More scams just like the last so called moon landing. How many billions you going to flees the public of this time NASA?

  10. 🤣🙈🙉🙊🤣 22 billion this year! Go NASA go!! Lol , what could you do with $61,917,808 EVERY SINGLE DAY. Do something NASA

  11. In the darkness between the planets and the stars,

    I wish them godspeed with the decisions that they are going to take,

    I hope that place can turn into a space for hope as well forever.


  12. This people are courageous…
    Climbing in this Boeing 737Max ZeroG may well be their first and last trip to space ever!
    As I said many times: go fast, go cheap, go professional, go safe, go Soyuz!

  13. It'd be cheaper & alot more efficient to use AI bots as astronauts, as ever NASA ain't interested in pushing the boundaries of our current science & technologies & rather waste trillions on let space projects <<< FACT

  14. "Wouldn't it be easier and quicker to train astronauts to drill than drill rig workers to go to space?"

    Yeah… it would be…

  15. I was so interested with the programme of the NASA , would the Agency took my son , Aiman to join the NASA one day & undergoing training there until he was qualified to become an astronaut ? Tq.

  16. I think that I have the solution to get through the VanAllen belts I will sell it to you for £20 million and if it doesn’t work I will give you the
    £20 million back
    it’s a deal it’s a steel is the sale of the century



  18. The first space station was Russian… the initial control center for the ISS that we know today what is a Russian designed fabricated and launched.. the leaders in space exploration went to the moon orbited the Moon 60 million dollars a day… only to have the Russians have the first orbital space station and also the second orbital Space Station.. and the 60 million dollar a day NASA lost the technology on how to go to the Moon amazing unbelievable

  19. Graduating astronauts they are going on a voyage which humankind has never seen before… this guy actually said that I mean how much more plain and simple does it get

  20. Astro by definition.. means beyond Earth's atmosphere… these people are.. AstroNOT'S. It's the equivalent of saying I am a deep-sea diver when I am snorkeling around a reef in 10 ft of water… I'm a sea captain because I have a rowboat… at best they are high-altitude Pilots or explorers..

  21. At 21 minutes this guy gets up he's been out as an astronaut… we talked about the space station and says man I don't know if we can do that.. I guess nobody told him that the Russians already achieved it in 1968…. it was called ""soyuz"" and the space station he is so eloquently speaking about again the original control Command Module was sent up by the Russians ..developed .. designed.. manufactured.. and launched by the Russians… NASA 65 million dollars per day United States people don't have a clue how bad they've been fleeced

  22. In my humble opinion it's demeaning that they refer to these young men and women as ""Turtles"" over and over again… if we're going to go with that form of reference…. let's refer to all of the prior astronauts and everyone who worked for NASA as .. leeches… I mean it's only proper the brand new.. certified young astronauts are turtles… the older retired NASA employees collecting a pension are leeches… I mean if you're going to label people like that let's call it what it is

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