Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – October 2, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – October 2, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

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100 thoughts on “Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – October 2, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

  1. Hello there Lester Holt!
    Who is the Antichrist?
    Who is Jesus Christ?
    Who are we going after?
    I am a fool in love with Buddha!
    Buddha reincarnated.
    Lions,Tigers,and Bears oh yeah there are also birds,fishes,and insects with the birds and the bees.
    Om Mani Pad Me Hung!

  2. Activists for a 20+ year penalty for the x-cop, because they are black, they don't care about facts or justice, it was a mistake PERIOD. She got enough time for bad judgement. Blacks can go fk themselves, it is not all about them all the time like they think. The 18 yo brother understands this, what an awesome man!

  3. The corrupt news said warning, the president is going to use profanity…I didn't hear any profanity. The news lies like Schiff !!

  4. Hello there Lester Holt!
    If you adopt me,
    I can call you pops!
    I am from Cambodia Killing Fields,
    I believe I was found in a trashcan during the genocide of Cambodian people.
    I have parents,
    If you adopt me,
    You must adopt my parents as well because I live with them and love them very much!
    Lester Holt,
    I call call you dad if your family members adopt me,
    Lester Holt,
    My mom and dad are your grandparents when we adopt me!
    I have a son Lester Holt,
    Lester you are a grandfather when we adopt me!
    Om Mani Pad Me Hung!

  5. Abused children grow up. 9/10 it is mom bringing a pervert home like an irresponsible parent. Sad. Been going on forever. When will societies learn? We will just keep doing our best on the front lines to mitigate the damage done by parents.

  6. How stupid can one be to fly in an airplane from World War Two era that’s just stupid. – lol only 10 years for that pig – Biden and his son are stone cold crooked – joker my add

  7. So I'm now seeing at least one article online that says I support racism because I'm inspired by the act of forgiveness showcased in this report. Welcome to the absolute end of America.


  9. I know it's frustrating mr. Trump keep your cool you played a better game on television I know you can hang in there don't let them get to you you're loyal USA Republican

  10. Please mr. Trump don't look so angry on television you're letting them win and they're telling you that they've done wrong

  11. All the border security is fine. Shoot them, alligators and snakes, spiked and poison tipped spikes. The Democratic Party will pay hospital costs from their salary.

  12. I my guess is the hydraulics went out. Would cause a loss of flaps and wing aerodynamics, plus control of maneuvering during landing.

  13. Forgiveness and grace and mercy is what this young man displayed. He is a much better witness to humanity than the those who are protesting for no forgiveness. Not everything is about race. Sometimes people make mistakes and non intentional mistakes. Then, go to jail to pay for that mistake. We weren’t there and neither were the protesters. Let the families decide what is best.

  14. Really out of all things you complain about the movie joker 😒 let me tell you truth as long as humans have different opinions on something or someone there will ALWAYS be conflict so the JOKES on you 😏

  15. This is a very touching moment when the brother of the man she killed, forgave. Amber Gyger. However, if it were a black man on the stand accused of killing a beautiful young white woman in the same way, under the same circumstances, he would have been given a life sentence, or the death penalty. We need to do something about violence in our country. And we need to do something about racism, and inequality. Some people who are white, may believe that we don't have a problem with racism in our country. However, it is taught, and has been passed down through generations, by families and friends, and social circumstances. Like churches, and clubs. People should realize that this effects people of color and minorities in ways that many people never come to understand. We need to start teaching the history of racism and slavery. We need to tear down these walls that separate us.

  16. Medicaid for all…that's about as laughable as it gets. He meant medicaid for politicians screw everyone else. That's flat out theft.

  17. The only thing that Democrats has done as cost the American taxpayer people a lot of money by investigating Trump. Personally I think we need to clean house and cut salaries and then let them pay to investigate Trump now they won't do that they're too much of a coward hiding behind Republicans and I think Republicans are not much better and to be honest there's nobody worth being president to even elect. Sad times we live in. Trump was a better candidate if anybody ought to be investigated and put in prison it's both of the twins but somehow they get by with it. Evil has been running the government now for a very long time don't worry good is right there beside them. Nothing stays the same forever.

  18. This young man truly walked out his Christian Faith as he told her to give her heart to Jesus Christ before hugging her. Many people know that Jesus asks us to forgive or we ourselves will not be forgiven. Very powerful statement! Unfortunately, few actually walk it out. I hope she gives her heart to Christ. This is an amazing young man who chose to forgive !

  19. GREAT! Was wondering when we'd get to the Mote idea.
    lol Of course "Spikes on Top" WILL Put holes in skin, Exactly what one Deserves.

  20. What's that saying about INSANITY? .🤯🤪
    Trump is Dangerous to our country and IF NECESSARY
    Drag him out of the White House with his Administration.
    Trump needs a White jacket,
    the kind where he can hug himself.
    "Life can be beautiful All the time … with the
    Nice young men with the clean white coats "

  21. They're getting Pres. Trump confused with me. I said immigrants who come across our borders illegally should be shot in the foot and the US won't pay for their care. For that, they're on their own just as their decision to come across was their own idea. If they're sitting on our wall, shot in the bumm. How they can get the Donald and me confused, I'll never understand.
    Alligators and snakes in a mote? They'd be too harsh on the animals in such arid environment. Like Pres. Trump, spikes on the wall? never thought of it.

  22. The news has become such a JOKE..I just can't tolerate it anymore.
    I try to watch it and can't. What a farce it has become.

  23. There's no justification for a film with such horror and mayhem. It's far too provoking toward violence in the feeble minded. Just this preview here on Nightly News will be seen by children, teens and mentally unbalanced. The movie must be banned. No one should go!

  24. it’s funny we put our money into bank let them use it for lend loan for others etc..and when we need to use our money we need pay bank..what a joke,they are making profits upon us,and we need say thank you like this

  25. I'll tell you this if the shoe was on the other foot and a black man had killed a white woman and the situation was the same he wouldn't be in jail for his natural life or he would get the death penalty and that's a fact!

  26. So this whistleblower is protected when Edward Snowden decided to be a whistleblower he stuck living his life and Russia right now for letting the American people know that the government was spying on us haha what a joke!

  27. Why do they refer to it as an "Aero-bomber"? it was an aircraft; a B17 bomber if you like … but "aero-bomber"?… who writes these scripts?!

  28. “Oh, how blessed the day when, aided by the grace and might of the one true God, man will have freed himself from the bondage and corruption of the world and all that is therein, and will have attained unto true and abiding rest beneath the shadow of the Tree of Knowledge!”
    [Baha’u’llah (The promised one), Gleanings from the Writings of Baha'u'llah, p. 78]

  29. is trump really serious? it was public before, that the man wanted great sized spikes on the top of the wall and even talked about a "moat" not as much a "trench" along both sides of the wall but i do not recall him saying the crocodiles and snakes. so for him to say it is a lie is a lie in itself

  30. Shifty Pants Schiff is wasting his time and ours. Why don't these people get back to work doing what they are paid to do like working on legislation and passing bills? Dems have gotten nothing done this semester except wasting tax payer dollars, something they already excell at. They create these false narratives then use the "scandal" to grandstand and get free airtime for their presidential bids. PURE [email protected]

  31. oh my gosh. If you are tired of the chaos in Washington, DC , I have hope for you Please You Tube Andrew Yang. Just type his name into the search box. He is a breath of fresh air and has great policies to take our county forward. #Yang2020 here is one

  32. The American public, blind sighted by its own ignorance and political bias, is incapable of recognizing the dictatorship that has been established.

  33. Senator wants to ground all vintage planes because ONE plane went down.
    Talk about irrational! Senator, do you want to ban all vintage cars too? I mean someone’s engine might blow up!!

  34. This isn't Justice. I'm sorry but that cop lady has deeper issues and is carrying around anger.
    If it was a black lady cop shooting a white man in his home… The outcome would be way different. I'm not happy. She basically got away with murder.

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