"No Innovation Under Socialism"

"No Innovation Under Socialism"

almost every time socialism has discussed some flaw which in my experience is usually a misconception will be brought up that some think make socialism unworkable I'm here to clear up these misconceptions misconception number one there is no innovation under socialism in order to clear up this misconception we need to explain how many of the innovations we use today came about your blank was made by capitalism is a strange phrase that doesn't make much sense in my opinion first of all capitalism socialism etc don't make anything workers make everything isn't just determined who gets paid in the end under capitalism the driving factor for investment and the development of the technology is profit if its profitable capitalists will fund it if it's not profitable even if it were to save millions of lives it wouldn't get funded under socialism on the other hand the driving factors for development of new technologies techniques and medicines are human needs and human creativity rather than profits let me ask you this how many Einsteins has humanity lost in sweatshops on conference fields and due to poverty under capitalism education and necessary pre-quiz that the innovation is once behind the very very expensive tuition fees and other expenses of universities under socialism all stages of education are absolutely free currently only six percent of the world's adult population has a college degree and the majority of them only do because they were financially capable of acquiring one or lived in a country where universities were actually available this means that up to 94 percent of human intellectual scientific and innovative capacity is being left unharvested by a global capitalist system that only grants higher educational development to an elite few irrelevant saying goes what if they cure to cancer it lies in the mind of someone who can't afford an education capitalism actually stifles useful innovation u.s. pharmaceutical companies for example do virtually no research aimed at developing new drugs to cure diseases such as tuberculosis and malaria which kill tens of millions of low-income people every year in the third world they instead fund research on new remedies for acne or toenail fungus which can be sold to high-income consumers for a large profit whatever innovation is done it's used for profits rather than for human need if Pfizer's patented drug of fluconazole which cures cryptococcal meningitis a deadly side effect of AIDS sells for about 18 dollars a pill placing it beyond the reach of AIDS sufferers in Africa a generic version produced in Thailand however outside the reach of kaisers patent cost 60 cents a pill let's entertain the idea though if something truly was made by capitalism then it surely must have been funded by capitalists and been from the private sector right surprisingly the majority I dare say even all of the things we've become so close with came out of government-funded public sector projects not to the private sector funding came from either the public from the government or from the military to give examples of things that came out of government funding touchscreens were developed by government enterprises in Britain and by CERN GPS and the Soviets equivalent at GLONASS were developed by the militaries of the US and the USSR respectively microchips without which your phone wouldn't work was also a government project image sensors that allow you to take great photos with your phone or DSLR accelerometers found in your phone and in video game consoles like the Wii satellites which are needed for practically everything nowadays the internet barcodes the Doppler radar used for predicting weather vaccines including the recent lung cancer vaccine developed by Cuba green energy sources like wind power even all the background work for Google was done through government funding in fact the Economist Mariana Moscato from the University of Sussex states that every major technological change in recent years traces most of its funding back to the state even early-stage private sector venture capitalists come in and much much later after the big breakthroughs have been already made adding on to this a recent article from Scientific Americans stated that without government support most basic scientific research will never happen already we see it isn't capitalism we can thank for these innovations it's public funding the time that is massively bolstered and supported under socialism innovation has happened not due to capitalism but in spite of it to consider capitalism as the source of humanity's recent great achievement is silly to say the least intelligent people working very hard with a state behind them that provides them with the funds equipment and laboratories they need are what we should thank under socialism massive public projects for this sort of great innovation isn't only possible it's already happened before for science socialism is what will lead to the road ahead

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  1. Imagine a world where innovation is the enjoyment of all of humanity, rather than a select few in half a dozen countries. Imagine a world where education is treated like the human right it intrinsically is, and where everyone has access to free, high-quality education at all levels. Imagine a world where your community’s needs and your personal creativity are what drive innovation, and not the need to turn a profit. Imagine a world where we have true democracy. Imagine Socialism.

  2. I'm pretty sure there is going to be an American that will say that microchips were developed by 4 Americans and something like that.

  3. Your bringing up many valid points that I can agree with but I have a question. How would socialism deal with the production of amusement goods Such as Gaming computers, sports equipment, or different shoe types.

  4. Yeah that’s why people from these countries keep pouring into the US to go to our schools. Of course theirs innovation under socialism but it’s not nearly as innovative as the profit motive. Nothing is, nor will ever be.

  5. Sorry for my english but..Hakim! read some basic economics .. PLEASE 🙂 ! The inovation in socialism is VERY limited until you run out of money and only in a fields where the government will say .Capitalists create , comunists steal, and say "we did it" based on the model alredy created by capitalism during the course of the industrial age. Capitalism is All about free enterprise , individual freedom , inovation and entrepreneurship! History and practice show that the more people are FREE from big government the more they are tend to risk to start a bussines or inovate because they are not afraid that some big government will come and take what they have created and achive! The thing you say that capitalist will not invest in something which is good but will not make profit, is total marxist crap 🙂 … Exactly the opposit! The cornerstone in entrepreneurship is -Find a problem in society -> Find a solution ->and bussines comes out from that … and Exacktly those kind of a bussineses are the one which make most profit … If it doesnt solve a problem , no one is byaing , no sales ,no revenew and you bankrupt!And antrerenourship is the cornerstone of capitalism. Profit is the most importand thing .. You cant solve problem with no money … there is no free lunch! If you have a 5 billion $ problem … gues what … you need a $5b to solve this problem ! All the people who started the industrial age in Britain were from the PRIVET sector .. The examles you give with the government are not only focused for millitary mainly but also make my point (second sentence) and those inovations are so small in % compared to all of the rest where govenment failed to make them. Capitalism begun in 1800 from a smal group of antreperenours and inventors .Is all about COLABORATION with capitalist and inventors (experimental sciense) .. Inventors create tecnologies .. Capitalist take care for extracting the materials ,the manufacturing proces, destribution , and all the bussines aspect of the proces TILL it is finaly on the shelf! And this is the best cicle ever found and created since the stone age ! No one is saying that capitalism is perfect… It`s NOT… There is no perfect system, only a better one , and capitalism beat them all big time.Economy is all about numbers and numbers never lie. 😉

  6. The argument about capitalism bringing innovation is almost always based on the same type of reasoning: the idea that human beings cannot be motivated by anything other than money, or in more generic terms, personal gain. Obviously, if you believe that premisse, you will logically believe the idea that capitalism favors innovation.

  7. Also think of how dysopian innovation in cybernetics and life extension will end up if deployed under captilaism.

  8. Whole video is one straw man and doesn't even answer the question, only badly badmouths capitalism.

  9. Also to note… why would an investor pump money into a scrappy project that isnt guaranteed to be a return on investment? Isnt that exactly an impediment to innovation? State funding is usually deliberate towards a certain problem to solve. Essentially, state tech is rarely developed for the consumer market. Which is why states around d the world have secret techs that the average person wouldn't even know about.

  10. Not to mention how the over-usage of resources on the planet has driven us to try and live on mars. Something that you would think of as a giddy little kid, not an adult trying to find a way to not have humanity destroy itself.

  11. I always laugh when people say that there can be no innovation under Socialism. Einstein was a Socialist, he made the atom bomb, Tesla was a Socialist, he made huge leaps for us in our understanding of electricity. List goes on and on … hell, even modern day Socialists like Elon Musk give us lots of toys! How can anybody say that there would be no innovation under Socialism with all the self-proclaimed Socialists living in the world?! Ridiculous!

  12. That's an assumption and a misrepresentation.
    People don't have a Problem with the public funding, the problems come with the Government ownership.

    Our current imperfect, regulated, free market democracies have got a much better thing going today.

  13. Someone doesn't know difference between government funded and socialism where government controls the means of production. The verdict has already been decided free markets have much better track record for bringing people out of poverty. I like to point out that Africa as a continent has the most state regulation of any other continent.

  14. Excellently constructed argument. I could not agree more.
    Hakim, you really deserve far more subscribers. More people should hear your ideas.

  15. PragerU logic: Socialism gives you more rights -> makes you selfish -> capitalism is better.
    Well, capitalism also gives you some rights -> makes you selfish -> feudal society is better -> feudal society don’t have slaves -> makes slaves selfish -> slavery society is better -> slavery society allows you to own slaves -> makes you selfish -> PRIMITIVE COMMUNISM IS THE BEST!!!!

  16. This doesn't make any sense to me. How is finding a cure for something that affects millions not profitable to the private sector?

  17. Ive been told this by a engineering professor in school. I then asked him why then Soviet Union went from horse drawn agriculture to being the first in space in less then 60 years.

  18. Arguing for socialism/communism after it caused starvation and genocide of 100m people last century, classy. Morons, idiots or retards? Can’t decide. Innovations mentioned came from market economies. Marxists clearly have daddy issues, and think the only organization with a monopoly on force(government) is where we should give our hard earned fruits of labor, insane.

  19. Basic science needs to translated into a new innovation and what causes innovation it is insensitive to get some thing in return for your hard work

  20. Just because government funded research is often successful, giving money to some of the best and brightest in those, and related fields, and focusing on a specific goal, it doesn't translate into changing our entire economic structure.

  21. As a layman, a question I would ask is: Has capitalism helped the governments that have funded innovation by creating markets that increase government funds via taxes?

  22. "Capitalism actually stifles innovation" wasn't the invention of computers driven by profit? How about cell phones? And I'm pretty sure youtube wouldn't have succeeded if they weren't making money off it.

    And plenty of good things come out of capitalism such as the many multi million dollar charities…

  23. Of course there's no innovation in Socialism. One needs a ruling class otherwise all our brains implode.

  24. 2:05 are you kidding? Drug companies put millions into new drugs all the time, a drug that cures a disease would be like winning the lottery for any company. I'm a Communist myself… but don't just fucking lie. Pfizer's patent on the drug you mentioned only applies to U.S. markets anyways as they don't own the patent in Africa. $18 a pill is well within reach for average income earners in the U.S. and especially those with private or state health insurance. When you consider the short duration of treatment with that drug its even cheaper. Don't be so one dimensional in the way you think.

  25. Let's just say the progress under socialism is slower under capitalism since there is no need for competition.
    Sure, drug developement will continue under a socialist system since the general population is not interested in deats of others by disease.
    But "luxuries" such as cars did not furter develop under socialism.

  26. The state being involved in medicine creates a rationed and bad quality healthcare system that is "free" or AKA funded by tax dollars! And also, new innovation and creativity is created more by Capitalism because Capitalists have to make a profit by selling products that people want. While the state can just steal from everybody in the form of "taxation" which is theft, and create shit products because the government does not even have to try to make the average consumer happy. The government can literally hire people for $15 an hour for digging a hole and filling it back up for no reason.

  27. I as a worker, want to work under capitalism. My managers are not exploiting me , infact they were worker themselves when they started their career, they always teach me new skills and are kind people. Its great when you live in a capitalist country and romanticize about socialism but in reality capitalism have helped us lots of people like me. In India we have both private and public hospitals. The public hospital is mostly free but people seldom go there because quality of service is pathetic. Also USA and the west is the leading innovator in healthcare.

  28. Hilarious! You and all you love will be killed under socialism. Good luck you ignorant waste of human beings.

  29. But isnt almost everything you mentioned was funded by the government levying taxes on profits produced by capitalists?…In which case the credit still goes to capitalism.

  30. Well done a throughly cherry picked and selective video! The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

    Nobody is saying socialism leads to no innovation but it inevitably leads to less innovation because it is based on what people need rather than what they want. Something like the iPhone or computing wouldn't get off the ground under socialism because there is no immediate need and therefore no impetus to put considerable cost into developing something that at that point cannot even be imagined.

    Let's look at a concrete example: cars. Soviet cars were shocking and they couldn't produce enough of them. Western development not only produced much better cars, they eventually became safer and more reliable.

    The reason is simple. Government decides that you need so many cars and allocates resources to make them. Where is the incentive to make a better car? It won't benefit you or your factory and you won't receive any reward for it. Nobody else is going to produce a better car that will put you out of business. Safety leads to laziness. Under capitalism if you don't innovate, then you won't survive as a competitor will take your place.

    There is a huge discrepancy in the amount of incentive to innovate.

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