No western political correctness in China | True Freedom? | average Chinese’s perspective

No western political correctness in China | True Freedom? | average Chinese’s perspective

What is going on guys, this is Simon, finally,
I am back to my lovely hometown. thank you so much for the love and great support. Especially shout out to Winston and C-milk,
you guys are awesome, May the friendship between you and our Chinese fellow last forever. Okay, today’s topic, political correctness. I know that many of you guys come to China,
you feel refreshed and free because, in China, there is no western style political-correctness. People make comments about other’s race,
appearance, religion, and jobs all the time. if you are hiring a new employee. You can virtually put whatever you want on
the qualification section, the candidate should be female, under25, unmarried, higher than1.60,
look pretty. My own family is a great example, especially
my Mom. Now my mom is a doctor, she is kind of in
charge of everyone’s health in the family, including my grandparents, uncles, and cousins. Once a week, we will all gather together for
a family dinner. If my mom noticed someone start gaining weight,
she would be like ‘hey, your belly is bigger than last time, you are getting fat, did you
eat too much lately, you must eat less and do more exercise.’ And I can guarantee you won’t enjoy the rest
of your dinner because every time you pick up a piece of meat from the plate, she will
be like ‘less meat, more vegetable.’ If you keep ignoring her, she will literally
take your chopsticks away. We all think she can be very annoying sometimes,
but at the same time, we are all very grateful for what she did. Thanks to her, every in the family including
my grandparents are still very healthy today. She always says that in the hospital she has
seen a lot of over 90 years old skinny people, but she barely see any 90 years old fat people. Therefore, her mission is to keep everyone
from being overweight so we can all live longer. Besides that, in the family, we talk a lot
of things freely including topics likes whether the president has made the correct decision
about the trade war, whether certain religion is evil, and whether certain race is lazier
than others. You may say, wow, China is so great, that’s
the real freedom of speech. Well, kind of, if you are just talking privately
with your close friend, you can virtually say whatever you want. However, I need to tell you that although
China doesn’t have Western kind of political correctness, it doesn’t mean you can say whatever
you want, especially on the internet. Because we have a list of things that are
100 percent gloriously correct, and another list of things that are 100 percent awfully
evil. If you don’t get these things right, you could
be in big trouble. Since no one has covered the topics before,
I, as a local Chinese, should take the responsibility to give you guys a brief introduction about
things that you need to get right in China. Especially If you are running a business in
China or doing business with Chinese companies. it is very critical. In the past, many companies have lost hundreds
of millions of dollars because their management teams are ignorant about these issues. Here I will just list 3 very popular ones
that come up to my mind. Okay, No, 1: There is only one China. Unification is correct and independence is
evil. Please do not support any independence movement. In China, there is anti-Secession law. People can be sentenced to life for supporting
independence. If you are running a company, you also need
to make sure the world map on your company’s website or ppt slide matches the one issued
by our government, otherwise, you will hurt our feeling. And you know, if Chinese people’s feeling
gets hurt, things can end up very ugly. GAP, Audi, Samsung, even Xiaomi, and Alibaba
have made the mistakes before, so please double check your contents before releasing it to
the public. No, 2 Making fun of our beloved political
leader is wrong. In the west, you can make whatever joke you
want about your president. However, in China, you just can’t do it. Just a couple of month ago, there was a very
popular horror game called Devotion, at the beginning it received very positive feedback
until someone found this piece of talisman on a wall in the game. I am not going to say what’s wrong with it,
you guys can all google it. anyways, once again, when you hurt our feeling,
things turn out badly. Thousands of negative reviews have been posted
on Steam after that. Later The game was removed from Steam and
the investors pulled money away. The studio lost Millions of dollars because
of that piece of artwork. No, 3 Meddling with other country’s business
is evil. No matter how bad a country’s government is
and how much their citizens’ have suffered, Other countries should never meddle with its
business. Similarly, If you are running a business,
you should never mention any political event or any unauthorized religious figure in your
advert. Just a month ago, one of Leica’s advert has
caused huge trouble. Again, Angry Chinese netizen flooded Leica’s
Chinese social media with comments blasting the company’s stupid move. Luckily, the mighty Huawei is Leica’s business
partner, so we give him a second chance. However, if you don’t have a powerful big
brother, you may not have a second chance. Okay, here are the three very common things
that you really need to get it right. Nevertheless, the lists have way more stuff
than I just covered and every once in a while, a new one will be added to those lists. Just a few days ago, a guy gave his dogs ‘illegal’names
that refer to government workers. He got detained right away. If you guys know any other things on the lists,
you can share with us under the comments section, so everyone can do the right things, and no
one hurts our feeling. Okay, I think that it for today’s video, if
you like my video, please hit the thumbs up button, if would like more content about China
from an Average Chinese guy, please subscribe to my Channel. Thank’s for watching and I will catch you
next time. one more side story, this thing actually got
me thinking for a very long time. in 2014, Scotland was trying to be an independent
country. Before the poll opened, the famous tennis
player, Andy Murray tweets his support for Scotland independence. When I saw his tweet, I was like ‘what? is
he insane? aren’t most of his fans from the rest of the United Kingdom?, oh no, he will
be baned by the UK tennis tournament.’ However, after the referendum, Murray still
plays tennis in Uk and guess what, he even receives knighthood from Prince Charle. What? the freaking evil separatist.
if he were Chinese, guess what would happen? Not only would he never be able to play tennis
anymore, but he would also become the enemy against the whole nation.

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99 thoughts on “No western political correctness in China | True Freedom? | average Chinese’s perspective

  1. A refreshing voice from inside China. I hope I am still enjoying your videos a year from now. Stay safe.

  2. I am British! 🇬🇧 I had no idea Andy Murray supported Scottish independence 😂 thanks for the insight! I also have a few questions about China 🇨🇳 (👇🏻questions below)

    • Does the average Chinese person like yourself actually care about politics? Or are other things more important to Chinese people?

    • Do Chinese people understand race in the West? For example, do Chinese people know why there are white, black and hispanic people in the American continent?

    • (final question) At what age do Chinese people learn about politics?

    I’m subscribed by the way!! 🙂

  3. 原本看前一支影片覺得令人欣賞所以訂閱頻道,但是在看到這隻新影片的時候,突然覺得是不是應該取消訂閱,

  4. Music is a bit too loud, but otherwise great video! I have found your channel through Serpentza, it is interesting that you cover similar topics, but from a native Chinese person's perspective.

    I worry a bit that you might say something too controversial that will get you in trouble with the government. You probably know where that line is better than I do, but it is still disconcerting. You can make entertaining videos about your life and experiences without risking your safety. Hopefully this doesn't sound too preachy.

  5. Hong Kong independence! Free Tibet! Free eastern turkestan! Taiwan is an amazing country! And xingjiang is a dictator and he looks like Winnie the Pooh!

    Am I going to jail now?

  6. Hi Simon, I'm glad c-milk recommended you on Instagram. I love to learn about China, keep up the good work and thank you 🙂

  7. Are you really an average Chinese young man ? Very different from the Wolf Warriors I often see on the internet.
    You're a nice, decent young man who respect difference!

  8. your arguments is crumbling if you take comment sections as a credible reflection of real thoughts.

    even Pew poll is not trustworthy nowadays. Using common sense other than preoccupation of quirks is the decisive force to veer or steer the nation's future.

  9. 我猜有20% 18~35歲中國新生代人士同樣的看法, 其中約為1~2 % 會在網絡發表個人的表態. 不過麻~! 現在的中國是共產黨在統治, 他們擁有自己認為正式的統治方式, 這點好多人都知道是現實. 在國內要想挑戰權威的人, 如果這個時期冒出來的80-90後, 幾乎都是熱潮滿滿 又帶點"青澀"的知識份子 缺點就是他們都不懂如何逛菜市場… 當然日後他們都會有這機會.

  10. Hey there! Thanks for the shoutout! Again I really want to say how refreshing it is to see someone with an open mind and the courage to put their opinion out there in public. Keep on being true to yourself – Stay Awesome!

  11. The fact that your relatives want to live long lives tells me that life in China is not too bad. If life was truly miserable, people would try to shorten their lives, like in Soviet Union or in East Germany. The surroundings in your videos also look nice.

  12. Very interesting video from a Chinese perspective.

    Do you take suggestions for video ideas? I’ve always wanted to know a few things from a ‘typical’ Chinese perspective, but also it’d be good to see what your personal opinion is on things as well.

  13. Came here from Winstons IG. Great content, Subbed! Love your different perspective and very refreshing indeed!

  14. at family events, you get to openly discuss which religions are evil and which races are lazier than your race. hey that's awesome cough

  15. Anyone else here from ADVPodcast? Looking forward to learning from Simon Yu. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this channel! 😀

  16. Great video Simon. I have subscribed and will continue to follow you. Political correctness in the United States has become so over-exaggerated that it is now a form of censorship.

  17. Hi Bro, could you please discuss in one of your next videos about investing in Chinese stock market and how safe or risky it is.

  18. You should blow up as there seems to be some needed balance between vloggers who provide commentary on chinese vs western topics. Good luck

  19. Hi Simon. Here on suggestion from ADV China. Great to hear things from a chinese perspective. All the best from Greenland.

  20. Interesting look from your point of view and I think this is valuable information to have.

    Thanks for sharing and as always keep building👍

  21. Can you make a video about the Chinese perspective of the trade war? I am very curious to hear your point of view.

    Being an American, I agree with the trade war even seeing some its negative effects around me. I am curious about your opinion, and the general opinion of the Chinese people regarding the trade war. Do you see any negative effects of it around you? How do you feel about the reasons behind the trade war (causes)? Has it effected you in any way?

    For me personally, some 30 people have been laid off in our American HQ, but some 400 Chinese are expected to be laid off in our Chinese branch. Personally I agree with the trade war because of the IP theft, more so than the steel dumping as it's made it out to be in the US media. My company personally has faced IP theft, both from other Chinese competitors and within our own Chinese branch itself (stealing IP from our American HQ), and my hope is that through this trade war, an agreement can be made so foreign companies can compete and have their IP respected in China.

  22. What a lucky chap. He knows he is out of danger by being subservient citizen, born into right family and rised with correct and approved mentality. He would never ponder "What if I was born an Uyghur?" and "Would I survive the labor in Laogai camp?"

    Oh, this pretension does truly sicken me.

  23. I recently visited China, so I checked out your video. I wasn't keen about going to China but my wife wanted to see the Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors, and Forbidden City. I was so surprised that they cities were more modern than any Western cities and it wasn't as crowded as I envisioned. Our local guides all mentioned yin and yang (everything in the cities are new whereas Western cities are much older. The cities were clean but some smog, can't drink the water, and cameras everywhere. I did find the people, especially the younger people very nice. As a tourist I found it to be a good experience. One of our guides was very outspoken and we were afraid he would get in trouble.

  24. I'm new to your channel.
    I have had a Taiwanese girlfriend and a Chinese girlfriend (I will not become political there as it isn't really my concern). But my point is they share the same history and have a lot to learn from one another.
    I have Chinese friends, some open minded, some not so much. I feel if I can share my personal opinion; I wish China was a little more democratic (as in value their citizen's opinion) like Taiwan and I wish Taiwan was a bit more care-free (not so politically correct) like China.

    China has faults, it is not perfect and because the Chinese people are very protective of their country, I do not blame them for that, it is what you learn in school and what you are told, just like every country is told different things.
    I do not blame Japanese people who live today for what happened in China and I also do not blame the average Chinese for the animosity many have against today's China with South China Sea, Taiwan, et cetera.

    We are all humans with our own complex minds and ideas, following our leaders, what we learn in school, our emotions and our nationality.
    That being said China is a beautiful country with many amazing people, like every other country.
    USA has many problems and positives. Japan did many bad things in the past but has brought the world many positives as well (robotics, anime, video games, cars). Germany was a main reason for both world wars but has helped Europe become rich and strong.

    I don't think it is China VS West, but people don't know better so we only listen to our own countries, our own ideas and ideologies.

    Sorry for my long message but my point is that I applaud you for being critical, you are a proud Chinese but you also know China is not perfect, no country is perfect.
    I saw you on serpentza's channel and just thought that I would drop by and leave a message.

    I am from Europe myself and while I do not like Chinese government, I want you to know, I do not like European government either..
    But I love european "people" and I also love Chinese "people" and I hope one day in the future, we can overcome our differences and make the world a better places.

    The world needs China, but China also needs the world.
    Good luck with your channel and I hope you continue to have a positive, critical mind, I want you to continue to love your country but also help to try make your country better.
    +1 Subscriber, from your random new friend in Europe.

  25. Basically u are trying to said there's no freedom of speech in china, your country policies cannot be question,
    and the saddest thing of all, most of your countryman had limited access to real information of the world outside, from the blocking & censoring of internet contents…your country fear the truth outside will make the masses more informative, intelligent and start to question your country *authoritarian government*… the fire of true liberation are starting to kindle in China youth…I wish your generations are brave and courageous enough to make the change.

  26. I love what you do. I came here from ADV too, I feel like us westerners can have a better understanding about China from someone like you who is from there. Keep doing what you're doing and you are very informative!

  27. Great topic, as a Canadian living in China I don't want to offend my generous hosts. Could you make another video, or maybe even a series, that discusses the many other possible politically correct scenarios that could get me into trouble? Due to the continually degrading relationship between our countries, I would like to avoid being deported:)

  28. "When you hurt our feelings"

    This is an excellent segue into collectivist vs individual cultures. In the West it's largely regarded that feelings are the responsibility of the individual, and that controlling your feelings is the mark of a mature adult. In collectivist cultures, like China, someone's feelings becomes the responsibility of the group.

    Mind you, I did quite well by holding others to the standard of being responsible for their own feelings while I lived in China. Some couldn't handle it, others found it refreshing, and it was an excellent way to filter who to spend time with.

  29. Great content, but please improve your audio. Get a better microphone and filter out all background noise. It's hard to hear what you are saying at times.

  30. (Brought here by Winston) Glad to have found your channel Simon ! Your vids are very interesting and funny. I always say that there are many Chinese people who are smart, humble and open-minded, and you are the perfect example of this.

  31. Coming from Winston's video. Loved the video! Excited to hear more from a Chinese's perspective, especially since I'm a Chinese raised in the west.

  32. Hello Simon, thanks for the interesting information. As you probably know Winston (serpentza) has received a lot of flaming online, together with threats directed at him and his family. I suspect you, as a local, are likely to receive even worse treatment, possibly being labelled as an anti-nationalist traitor. This said, I really like your content. You are helping to blow up the walls of ignorance, great job. Please take care.

  33. 你在臺灣確實可以po這種内容,但請問您還回得了嗎?不怕有任何麻煩嗎

  34. Came here via ADV China. As a brit yes people here do voice their political opinions openly and critical analysis is part of studies. That said. Brexit is a mess . Teresa May has gone and her successor is likely to be as popular as the captain of the Titanic after the hitting the iceberg. Still … As for me? I'm off to Changsha to work. Leaving the musicians playing on the deck as the ship sinks. Haha.

  35. Unfortunately there is indeed Chinese style political correctness. Especially if you as a foreigner dare to point out some of the flaws China currently has or if you bring up certain sensitive political issues.

  36. One thing that burns me up. When he was addressing European audience, Obama said Americans are not smart enough to govern themselves so they need to get their freedoms taken away. I could not imagine a Chinese leader saying this about Chinese people… Yes, China has its problems but Chinese leader would never bad mouth his people.

  37. Also to add to the video, never, never, NEVER mention the other two of the 3T's!!! Taiwan, Tibet, or Tiananmen!

  38. 额无意间发现了这个频道,有没有大佬人肉一下啊,想和小弟弟交流一下啊😄

  39. this hurt chinese feeling is so childish, why don't you guys grow up instead of expecting people pamper you ?

  40. Really appreciate your videos! Great work. I am confused tho – if some guy was reprimanded for naming his dog incorrectly, are YOU not concerned with your views on YT being "incorrect"? I mean it doesn't take more than few clicks to be able to watch YT in China… just curious.

  41. Perhaps the most shocking thing regarding lack of political correctness, in my opinion and experience, is how quickly and openly people ask about your finances.
    You move into a new place, your neighbor asks how much you pay for rent.
    You meet a runner in the park, he asks you how much you paid for your trainers.
    You buy a new car, the car washer wants to know how much you paid for it.
    And of course, there's the direct "how much do you earn? " from people you've just met at a party…

    It's so weird.
    And the interesting bit is that, it is not a two-way street… If any day you dare ask someone that, most people will not answer or deflect.

    And so do we. I never answer… So, why ask, I wonder…
    Nice channel, by the way. I hope you find mine interesting as well.

  42. I decided to check out your channel, as you were recommended by Winston's channel (Serpentza's). I am very glad I did, as I am now a subscriber.

  43. Congratulations Simon , keep up with the good work. That's so nice to see an honest Chinese dude talking about China. Greetings from France.

  44. Simon! You need to climb up the China political system and become Chinese leader one day however long it take! Start building "Kwan Shi" But first you have to erase all these video!

  45. One very brave and really intelligent guy looking forward to watching all your stuff Simon so refreshing to get a different Chinese persons opinion not just some Chinese people throwing nationalistic opinion out on the internet with people like Simon in there society Chinese people have real face

  46. 中国从秦始皇以后一直都是大一统的思想从封建社会贯彻现代社会,这是所有人的共识而不是政府强加给我们的思想,中国人是自下而上的认为国家应该统一不应该分裂。秦始皇,一个比西方人公认的神耶稣年龄还大的真实人物创造了大一统,我们继承了这份大一统有什么错误吗?拿苏格兰举例明显不恰当,欧洲从古就是公国多如牛毛,公主王子遍地走,他们的国和中国人概念里的国是一回事吗?在统一这点上不用迎合西方人的思维。其他的觉得你说的 都挺好的,正视自己的问题才能更好的发展。但是大一统这个我觉得太偏颇了

  47. Ah, I read up on the Devotion incident. Seems like someone insulted Whiney the Poo. Which is absolutely no comical matter. 😏
    And I am so not surprised that this terrified the money suits so much that the game vanished completely from Steam, apparently not just in China. Only the soundtrack DLC page remains. And the soundtrack is apparently from a Taiwanese band. Very interesting. 😄
    5:48 The guy was against Scottish independence, then totally for it, and then went down on the Crown Prince's poker? Hmmm, somehow I cannot find respect for the guy.

  48. came here by recommendation from another channel ( ADV Podcasts )

  49. ok the music in the background even though it's quiet is annoying. also I think you need a directional microphone, one who doesn't pick up everything in it's surrounding

  50. I used to watch Javiertzo channel about China until I got sick of his pro-CCP biased views (I lived in Beijing for 6 years, can't stand some laowai's pink vision of China). On the other hand, other YouTubers are too anti China biased for my taste. Your channel is very refreshing, please keep on doing videos!

  51. As a group, you should grow thicker skin! Real adults can take constructive criticism. I do respect your frankness however. Keep up the good videos!

  52. You do great videos. It is really interesting to listen to the opinion of someone who lives in china.

    I want to add, that there might be a way to do the sound on your videos better. In this video the song is to loud, in another one your voice was so silent that I had to put the volume to the max. But the you say something that you think has to be beeped out. And the beep-tone has full volume. My ears are bleeding now 😉

    Anyway, great videos. Continue your work! 🙂

  53. Given your circumstances, you are a brave, young man. I hope to be watching your channel for years to come. Best wishes, W

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