Not The White House Correspondents' Dinner: Sigourney Weaver Saves Journalism | TBS

Not The White House Correspondents' Dinner: Sigourney Weaver Saves Journalism | TBS

[Applause] it's alright don't be afraid I recognize you you're the host of a political late-night show it's um Colbert no no no it's Trevor Noah Oh Seth Meyers no I know Oh I can't do it I can't cover another presidential election there are too many candidates 18 1930 nate silver's kind of fuck us again this is my fight take my life Sam don't do that ever again I know it's bad down there maybe bad isn't strong enough it's vile it's a point a kick in the tit I can't go back and you have to this is your job you have to host a dinner that's the most important thing there is Daniel Dale is exhausted he needs this and Chuck Todd hasn't been able to trim his goatee in months and don't you want to see how Jack Chris Cuomo is now come on yes and no journalists have one of the most difficult jobs today and you have to go down there and tell them how important they are yes thank you bullshit they mostly come at night mostly where's Stephanie ruhle I can go places without Stephanie the tray stirrer what are you doing here I'm writing an article exposing Tom Hanks as the nicest guy you've ever met he really deserves more time would you guys keep it down I'm trying to take a nap here Katie why are you here I'm hiding I'd rather get another televised colonoscopy then cover the 2020 election that's it I think I'm ready earth needs me TBS needs me it's just a dinner they still have Big Bang Theory good night and may God have mercy on our souls can you drive the rest of us back in space no one can hear these [Applause] you you

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22 thoughts on “Not The White House Correspondents' Dinner: Sigourney Weaver Saves Journalism | TBS

  1. How is this chick still on the air ??? Didn’t she just have a massive drop in viewership like 42%-48% but she’s still on the air ??? Comedy Central must be desperate.

  2. The scenes of Sam scattering were very funny, along with the noises, great work by everyone here

    Those Alien films are some of the best movies ever made, Sigourney is alien to aging, so is Sam

    (If someone says something in space, and know one is around to hear it, only then does it go unheard, if you're close enough, even in space you can be heard) #Untested

    Like the tree falling in the woods, it always makes a sound down… tree always makes a sound,

    because down here, there is always something around to hear it fall…usually we're cutting it down…naturally

    So Donald McRonald will likey fall in a most spectacular way, even though he is a young and vibrant tree,
    you must keep going Dear Sam,


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