Novritsch ci parla del suo SSG -10 | Vale la pena acquistarlo in Italia? 📄sub/ita

I just went to fish with it’s very kind of Italy with Oh like Japan I tried with English and the problem is there was one goal on this trigger and that’s reliable and simple so we didn’t want to have any legs to pull adjustments adjustment for all strong it is we have two moving parts and this is why it’s not gonna break and it’s not gonna fail in any you notice the springs break and all small parts that get used you three when you look at it it’s like there’s 2 ct to cut pieces and that’s the time figure and this is why you don’t have all those fancy features on it but instead you get a really reliable trigger not just logistics it looks very much like a VSS at home ah but it’s different because I’m here certainty here and if you have only loaded the other plastic thing from one side and if you go into iTunes and any piece this speed starts to bend and you get right –chrome issues like a business starts to be Magnus’s then check this one this one there’s a machine slot on both sides actually it’s machined in both shells and every stainless steel print going through it at any precedent ACCC you are so anything that influences the solver just reduce cut from steel and this is why it looks like a new channel it’s very different about chain they are not reached because they are running a Niblick or pots at the on pots only support on which browser to the knowledge that section of watch in this case because from you switch barrels and every pencil inside any type of rich relative the problem that when the PB goes inside and it gets pressed into the hopper it rests under the bridge and I can move a little bit to the throttle to the effect but if you taught us the bridge and the people get pressing directly onto the picture surface it doesn’t move anymore like it stays there if you have the bridge the preacher service that’s you and not a peepees movie a it really depends on the system and you can’t get together on general but in this case the tenant it’s very loose we’re not talking a half percent of its very good sir small differences barrel depending on basic available and comparable hop-up chamber is comparable to each other to get shonali which I don’t do it because it’s rather than expected and it works very well [Music] one who changed still is the screws on the trigger we changed them to M plus Houston on M Street anymore because when I was only given a certain style and we reduce again they stood and I hated so we changed my voice it’s most ready so if you want to move all the different trigger box okay you need to reload the holster trigger because other than that I mean just reduce the the movie distance or the kind of force it’s very potent it’s almost a lot they are you they can piece up 2.6 I think when you compare to Revere September I mean honestly I’m a real business if you place watching map is it it’s it’s first what is the whole design becomes but if you say I won’t buy because of you know the best rep I think in rubyist and stop integration last maybe sorta sorta those of other less well not the question is do you need it so this is so that’s that they therefore recycling emphasize but what this rifles will based on this handling heavy Springs and any things could be beneficial Italy but it’s not really beautiful we kept high velocities in might give the system the right now can buy it right now you can find this ministry to nitrate with 1 3 2 1 hey you can I tell you look there and country that we actually have in Italy it’s super cold in Australia its ability I think that if you come sweet many play like this platoons I think you can end on a game where you never make some velocity to a chase you want to new person actually I think it’s just as much fun as if everybody just racist yeah I also think that if you would make airsoft guns we can in general I think it would grow the sport because not we also training you know something to say yeah I’m gonna play I’m gonna head up as red spots everywhere so lowering the troops I think that make should be it’s impossible because people know they are I can’t respond but the idea I want to live it I don’t see its ability I think it’s accreditation even one of these works like a soft and mass squad for the masses like the first significant to miss the managers I mean we’re playing with like may night I can go to Sweden service for two months ago if I hit the guy excellent 50 meters mrs. Scott Dixon skin but people want even people they wanted to do for that but I see it’s wow you gotta be careful stuff this becomes a nyaka get factions like you can’t shoot cocaine use we see pockets I just because even though so they are they becoming differences that’s appealing to me stephanida nobody sure are they taking me regatta wouldn’t we perform video ok yeah yeah every guy’s channel gets gets one would you please let me say you want you said to wow them they won’t everybody gets anymore maybe the future [Music] [Music]

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