Number Of Confirmed US Coronavirus Cases Rises To 11 | TODAY

Number Of Confirmed US Coronavirus Cases Rises To 11 | TODAY

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100 thoughts on “Number Of Confirmed US Coronavirus Cases Rises To 11 | TODAY

  1. Preventing Sickness

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  2. As far as I’m concerned there is no panic, I’d rather them fight this outbreak aggressively before it becomes a problem.

  3. After they finish intentionally losing enough of their expendable citizens, (done so to look innocent), China suddenly introduces a mega priced cure for this virus that they created.

    They then use that leverage to march towards their goal of world domination.

  4. saying the risk remains low isn't really accurate- if you have it in the country we have seen it cant be contained. therefore the risk is low but always rising until its like wuhan.

  5. This could have been easily avoidedable if china wouldnt have hid information from its general public for so long. Now it's time to suffer from their consequences or so the thoughts of the WHO and this to me is ridiculous. US should have stopped transportation from china long ago. We need to be more over reactive than just reactive. We need to be proactive! This is mad that we just barely have cancelled flights as of yesterday all because the WHO would disagree with that. We should not care about the stocks if we dont have a population to even carry the stocks. I dont want to be pessimistic but the future almost seems grim if nothing gets handle soon.

  6. I m 7months pregnant, me and my husband went to Sandigeo last week for afew days. Kind of staycation. On our way back home on the shuttle bus to airport from rental car place, there was a lady in early 60, coughing and sneezing without covering herself. My husband was very upset since I m sitting in front of her. Some dont care about themselves and others.In this case, u cant be more careful. U really need to take care urself. Dont expects the other to keep u safe from their virus. They dont care. Now I m sick. I dont know if it is normal cold or virus. I am seeing OG tomorrow and hopefully everything will be fine. I m worry about my baby. Everyone! Please take care of urself.

  7. Honestly, US has worse prevention measures done than China, and it's just crazy people here are treating Asians wearing masks like they are walking virus. leave alone hitting, punching, insulting the random Asians……Doesn't that get you virus easier if they do have it? Everybody should wear a mask to protect yourself instead of being mean and crazy, H1N1 AND EBOLA guys, global disease will always come back, and this is not how you fight it.

  8. Stay low till summer or make plans to go further south to a warmer environment, it's starting to look like this thing may hate the heat.

  9. "The risk to the general public remains incredibly low." That is true today, but with the 2.7 rate of infection, and its asymptomatic spread, the risk will not stay incredibly low very long. Folks, please read from the recent Lancet report that shows that Chinese numbers will not be peaking until sometime in April. These media morons are playing checkers with a virus that is playing chess — can they not do the minimal research required to look out a few moves?? They are either ignorant or they assume the public is ignorant.

  10. This virus is very smart. They say you can be infected via fecal-oral route, but they also say we should wash our hands. So you can get infected by going to a restroom and washing your hands, the very thing we're trying to avoid. Pretty crazy huh?

  11. “The risk to the general public remains incredibly low.” Sponsored by the government through the media. Let’s see in two weeks.

  12. Are actually to believe this guy didnt leave his home? Like the dude is allowed to live but that is definitely a lie. Also his wife is infected and she probably went into the public without symptoms and it could have spread. Not trying to be scary but its absurd to think these people have been isolated

  13. Here we go….. get ready USA! Close the boarders world wide until this issue has passed. No body in.. no one out. This is an airborne virus that you can get just by breathing the same air… the government's just no telling anyone. Look how fast it spred in China, 1st 11 cases, a few days later 300 to 500, few days more 2500… parts of China looks like ghost towns.. n good for them being smart enough to stay indoors! Its speeding faster than the average flu virus. You contract it, feel fine for 5 to 7 days n then it hits… but by then you've be at stores, gestation, banks, the gym.. schools.. the train, bus,.. uber car.. everywhere n everything n anything you've touched cloud be contaminated. I'm no germ afob at all n I don't worry about the flu or colds none what so ever but this is nothing to take with a smersk of the face like most Americans do. This could be like nothing were ever seen, only read about it seen in movies… remember… wash your hands often n don't touch your face, cover yr nasty mouth when u caugh or sneez preferably inside your shirt n then wash yr dirty snotty hands!

  14. China accused us of over reacting? They did not, look what’s going on in China with over 200 cases. I think we should be prepared and the us will do the best of their ability to protect citizens. Maybe China is purposely trying to get it to the US? Becuase that’s what I think and maybe China will try to over run us🤔

  15. Concentration camps coming soon to quarantine everyone there but u go in and dont come out this just brings us closer to the mark of the beast

  16. The situation is getting worse, but God will still help us. We just need to put our faith in Him, and let Him protect us.

  17. Everyone wear the burka…aka face veil…
    Don.t shakehands between men n women..muslim..
    Don.t shake hands..Coronavirus..

  18. I find it stupid that news outlets won't say that all of the infected people in America are Chinese or naturalized Chinese-Americans. How is that not relevant?

  19. They let the arrivals from the pandemic areas of China march into highly populated locations in California without virtually any real evaluation or checkups. “CRIMINALS”
    It is outrageous!!!
    Why not Washington DC!???

  20. Why did it take China 6 weeks to tell there citizens about this nasty virus. They need to keep those fingers pointed at themselves. Thousands of Americans went there for Chinese New Year. They are irresponsible for allowing that.

  21. Blah Blah Blah. This fear mongering is getting old. This is about money and creating a new, untested vaccine. If the CDC cared about human life, they would ban cigarettes.

  22. Some little known tips on how to boost your immune function and prevent corona virus:

  23. They aren’t actually testing anyone unless they traveled to China. A lot of sick people being told to take tamaflu and wear a mask.

  24. Check out this article in Nature from 2017. Notice the research is being done in Wuhan!

  25. Agenda 21, Bat Soup = Coronavirus. Epidemic every 20s since 1320s. As things become different the more they stay the same. Quoted from the announcer in todays super bowl. A nurse in Wuhan had the coronavirus and in less than 48 hours she was back to work. Mayor of Wuhan told his citizens to stay put… 5 mill didn't listen and left ASAP whatever way they could until the trains and planes were shut off then they blocked roads making it impossible to leave but people could still arrive there if needed so for around 5 days there was those estimated 5 mill people that left and could of had the virus. I live in Seattle and a man in his 30s came here and lived for 5 days amongst us until he decided he couldn't do it anymore and turned himself into the hospital where he's being treated by a robot. The news won't say where he went to or who he is. I never understood why the news said to self quarantine I don't trust that process and obviously it's not working so now we have 4 quarantines set up in the usa but were letting people in from China at 7 airports the numbers don't make sense and there needs to be more information available to those who are unaware of this being a "GLOBAL EMERGENCY" for example during the superbowl they should of had a moment of silence for all who lost their lives this bull$**+. I did watch a commercial with an Asian man rescuing a family member from a catastrophe like the coronavirus (exaggerated) when he realised there was no room left for him he said go on without me then a car comes and saves him that had 3rd row seating while he was in a full body suit protecting himself from the disease. There's a viral video of a reporter explaining he went to 6 different hospitals seeking attention and was told he needed a certificate to be examined he then went on by stating even if you recieved a certificate that it would not promise anything and that the Chinese government tried to do N interview or something to meet him and it couldn't be a video interview he had to go to them to to that he replied no and then he goes on by saying they asked him his location he replied a friends house and then he also states that the government is in contact with his family and in some locations in Wuhan you are not able to even leave your apartment building. There's also a "locust invasion" taking place in Africa. The Simpson's predicted the coronavirus and Kobe Bryant's death in '93. #2020coronavirus with lime disease. It can be spread through your eyes you should find mask with no room for air to come in from sides this time it started in Dec. 2019

  26. So let's not kid ourselves it is worse than reported, but also remember this unlike SARS or other outbreaks can be spread before symptoms are detectable. It takes 14 days for symptoms to show themselves, so even in the US where we now have 11 confirmed cases, meaning anyone who has been in contact this those people in the last 14 days could have it, and anyone they have been in contact with since coming into contact with that person could have it. This is why airlines are stopping flights, this is why the US Government it restricting travel, because this is a real risk and we know far too little about it to not take it seriously.Tsk. Stop eating rare, wild and exotic animals…. stop believing dat they give cure to all d sickness … look what happened, corona virus was born again…

    Just a reminder to us that if u destroy mother nature,it will cost the humanity a lot!

  27. Meanwhile 10 000 people have died from the common flu already. Find a vaccine that cures influenza first the talk about coronavirus.

    16 000 to 61 000 die from the common flu each year in North America. Deep breath everyone

  28. Anyone who's currently in USA and has traveled from China in the last 90 days should be tested. Take no chances! We need to be proactive not reactive

  29. What about the people that was on the train with him then they can go around their people man over a hundred people in u. S. Can have it already and not know it

  30. Coronavirus strains survives in low and dry environments longer than in higher temperatures. In my opinion: people can try some thing such as ginger tea, garlic, chives, hot spicy chili sauces, black pepper, white pepper, Cinnabon,citrus and other food,drinks or ingredients to raise the body temperature,stimulate the human immune systems and fasten body fluid circulations to reduce the chances of culturing the coronavirus strains.

  31. China is getting mad over the travel ban when they should have got rid of wet markets after sars epidemic. People should not eat bats at all.

  32. Ummm, how many people have died over there? Mainly because the government did not act fast enough when they saw this starting. I do not think we are overreacting. If we don’t want to end up looking like them we need to be safe, Take precaution and it’s only a two week quarantine get over it you’re potentially saving people’s lives.

  33. Thailand has cure mixed meds that treat Flu and HIV..
    Even if u feel better from flu get checked anyway, you may have something growing in you that eventually turn to aids. Man made

  34. China, if you would like to fast forward one year yet you don't have a cure, why are your airports, your ports, your everything open?

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