27 thoughts on “Obama Endorses Conservative Corporatist Democrat Dianne Feinstein

  1. Have I would've known that Obama would have been this way 10 years ago, would not have voted for him. Absolutely would have gone to a 3rd party or not have voted at all. I am disappointed in him. The only good thing about Obama is that gas prices were low and he saved the auto industry, but now things are being reversed. NO CHANGE

  2. I think Kyle knows well and good that David Hildebrand has more than "decent" progressive policies… but since Justice Democrats endorsed Alison Hartson, he can't say Hildebrand is as good as her, if not, better.

    That's the problem with running groups like that… you end up marrying yourself to one option over others, which may be good or better.

  3. We don’t need to circumvent the system. We need to throw the system out and get a new one. One that doesn’t value money over people or planet, one that doesn’t divide us, one that looks after our health and well-being and provides for us. This capitalist system we’re under is responsible either directly, or indirectly for 18 millions deaths every year. Through war, pollution, poverty and other structural violences. Poverty and inequality are built into the system. They are a function of the system and not an aberration of it. Corruption too is a function of the system. When the goal of the system is simply to make as much money as possible, why would anyone think otherwise? In the eyes of the system, people are simply worth as much as they can buy, nothing more. We need to break free of this system. Force it down. Strike, rally, protest. Refuse to participate in whatever way you can, but especially in these three ways. It only takes 30% unemployment to bring the whole system crashing down. Talk to your unions, make arrangements, talk to your friends and spread the word. This system wasn’t built for us, it was built for money, and we can do much better.

  4. You guys need a Third Party so bad. All these Justice Dems that get screwed over by the DCCC and DNC should run under the Green Party ticket. You gotta start somewhere, and the Greens have some infrastructure and a progressive platform, at least you could vote your conscience.

    Then you could take a giant bite out of the Dem base and hurt the establishment that way.

  5. if i was president i would literally install a revolving door in the white house on day one just to make a statement

  6. It's like their trying everything in their power to lose again. And then they are going to blame the voters for their loss…

  7. The USA seems to exclusively hire Lawyers and Business people for government, not the most honest empathetic careers. where is neil degrass tyson or sam harris? they should run that country and fix the god awful education system

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