Obama Rips Progressives As Purists - Here’s Why

Obama Rips Progressives As Purists – Here’s Why

everybody welcome to the jimmy dore show we got a lot of live shows coming up May 12th we're in Tempe Arizona May 12th May 3rd we're in Burbank and June 5th were in Hermosa Beach go to jimmy dore economy comm for list link for all those tickets we remember with ron play conan the miserable liberal how you doing great Rob lick owns on tour this weekend where are you Ron yeah this week Graham Elwood and I are in Texas we're gonna be in Fort Worth they're gonna be in Houston we're gonna be in San Antonio Austin romp Lacombe com4 tickets all right so let's get to this so now Barack Obama likes to go to other foreign countries and wag his finger at voters and now he's wagging his finger at progressives and what what you need to remember what people forget because Trump is so horrible people are over loving the memory of Barack Obama and people don't realize that the reason why we got Donald Trump is because people were hurting they voted for a black guy with a Muslim name and he then governed exactly like Mitt Romney so we were never given left-wing policies we were never given that we were governed by a right-wing Barack Obama that's a fact and here's the proof the truth the matter is is that my policies are so mainstreamed that you know if if I had said the same policies that I have back in the 1980s I'd be considered a moderate Republican so that's why we got Trump because he didn't break up the banks he didn't help the people save their houses he didn't help the unions he didn't end the wars he expanded them his whole cabinet came from an email this is from October 6 2008 before the election his entire cabinet came from an email from a guy at Citigroup that's that's the guy see yet city.com sends it to Barack Obama's co-chair John Podesta and there it is hey here's a list of all the people I want this was October 6 the election was November 4th and yet Froman an executive at Citigroup which would ultimately become the recipient of the largest bailout from the federal government during the financial crisis had mapped out virtually the entire Obama cabinet a month before the votes were counted so now when you watch this video of him just the other day you'll know why he's saying this stuff I know from experience in passing the health care law that I had to work on in the United States that that was not the ideal health care program that I wanted to set up it's what I could get at the time and if I could establish the principle that everybody gets health care and get 20 million people more health care even if 10 million still hadn't gotten it that's what I'm gonna do now first of all it was 30 million people who still hadn't gotten it and the rest of the poor people that you did give Obamacare – it was almost worthless to them because they had deductibles of $5,000 which means they couldn't go to the doctor when they had a symptom so it didn't change poor people's lives almost at all and it left 30 million people out he's lying and he did that on purpose he could have gotten the public option he chose not to people blame it on Joe Lieberman it was Barack Obama and the people inside the Citigroup that told him what to do and he did it then I'll fight some more later for the other 20% when did you when did that if I'd happened did anybody remember that fight he fought after they passed Obamacare do you remember him fighting to bring a better health care to anybody else or a public option or anything when did that happen I don't even remember kerfuffle over it no slice a fight then I'll fight for it later what does that mean give me there you mean after they flipped the house on you in the Senate and you have absolutely no control of the Congress anymore that's when you're gonna get good as he still is he's still asking for it Medicare fraud so I just want to tell you that Barack Obama when he was president when Barack Obama became president he had complete control of government they had a filibuster-proof Senate the Democrats did for at least a couple months and if the Republicans have that they Jam every goddamn thing they can down and what Barack Obama did was pretend that he could his hands were tied they weren't and he did it on purpose so to go back to point that was made by Connellan what's true for me when I was a president or an elected official it's gonna be true for you as well even within your own organizations and one of the things I do worry about sometimes among progressives in the United States maybe it's true here as well and comes is a certain kind of rigidity where we say ah I'm sorry this is how it's gonna be and then we start sometimes creating what's called a circular firing squad where you shot shooting at your allies because one of them is straying from purity on the issues okay so what he's telling you again is don't fight for things you believe in don't fight for Medicare for all don't fight for a public option don't fight for a living wage don't fight to end the bank break up the banks don't fight the end of wars just take whatever the establishment is willing to give you because I'm gonna tell you something what he's talking about purity when he's talking about say Medicare for all what's the overwhelming majority of Democrats and Republicans are for that country's for it you know who's not for it Barak the health insurance companies and wall street so when you say you can't be period you have to negotiate what you're literally saying is you're negotiating between what the people want and what Wall Street wants and that you have to give in to Wall Street not at other people not to run with the Republicans want because the Republican people voters want Medicare for all so you're not saying negotiate with Republicans you're saying literally negotiate with the donor class that's what he's saying this is the complete opposite of everything that got him elected the first time yes like he went from yes we can to well we could have but whatever let's go bowling boys doesn't care he went from yes we can to get take what they'll give you and don't be a purist what he's telling you is don't fight for things that are over well ming-lee popular and who should we negotiate with with the donor class he's not saying negotiate with other voters that's not what he's saying he's saying we have to negotiate with the donors because the other voters want it so who are we now to go who are we being paired to what you're east talking about is you have to accept corruption and if you push back against corruption I'm gonna call you a purist and why does Barack Obama say that because he's bought and he was from day one Barack Obama was bought from day one and because we have Trump people are pretending he was Santa Claus when what he was was Mitt Romney and when that happens typically the overall effort and movement weakens so I think whether you are speaking as a citizen or as a you know political leader or as an organizer whether you're in the nonprofit space or in civic space or you're in the political arena you have to recognize that the way we've structured democracy requires you to take into account people who don't agree with you yeah that's not democracy what you're talking about is corruption that's what he's talking about and Barack Obama has bought and paid for it and if you don't know it if that email from Citigroup there's a million things I could show you a million things Barack Obama goes from walls goes from the White House to Wall Street in record time that's another headline this I could show you a million things so what he's saying is you have to realize you're not gonna get everything you want what he means is the donor class is going to keep things from the citizens that the citizens want because the again the overwhelming majority of Democrats almost 90 percent want Medicare for all nine out of ten Democrats so who you saying negotiate with Republicans also want Medicare for all the voters you know who doesn't the donor class which is the who he's a part of this is all about class this is about the class that's not about that he's black or that someone's a Muslim or that someone's out lesbian or that someone's a gay or a transgender it's about the class they're in Barack Obama is a sixty eighty hundred million air right now and he always came from this class all of his cabinet came from his class and that's the problem and I learned that lip reading Thomas Frank's listen liberal and this is all bullshit see if there's any more to this that by definition means you're not gonna get a hundred percent of what you want but you should take some time to think in your own mind and continually refine and reflect what are my core principles because the danger is if you don't know what your principles are that's when you compromise your principles away uh uh so you have to know ahead of time here's what I'm so he's saying compromise but don't but don't compromise too so he's saying so what he said is he knew his principles entering office and those principles were not to represent the needs of the people that was his core principle he didn't give the union's card check which he could have did didn't do it he could have broken up the banks he didn't do it could have saved small banks didn't do it could have saved people's houses he didn't do it could have helped the unions in Wisconsin didn't do it coulda did a million could have ended the wars he expanded them didn't do it so what he's saying this again so now he's saying but you know you have to have core principles yeah my core principles is no corruption if I'm gonna negotiate with someone it's gonna be with other voters it's not gonna be with donors and that's what Barack Obama wants you to do you know that's what he's telling you don't fight for what you want go ahead I can't help notice but you you stopped that video at like the most perfect moment I mean look it looks like that's what he's doing it looks like he's doing the ck haha it's not a cc cables exactly you know Jimmy I wasn't that long ago where we were watching a video where he was in Italy and telling people that the vote you get bad government yeah instead of like I wonder why people aren't voting especially for after eight years of me I wonder why people don't feel government's responsive to their needs let's see some of the domain compromise on here the things that I'm not you can't set up a system in which you don't compromise on anything but you also can't operate in a system where yeah okay you can operate the system you can't operate in a system where you know you actually start legislating that help people instead I mean there's got to be massive profits attached to any help we give to people like the health care bill but we had to ensure huge profits for Big Pharma and the health insurance industry in Wall Street that's why that's how you get things done you ensure that there's gonna be a big profit motive to whatever legislation you pass and somehow even giving us we finally get some sort of healthcare access so it's sort of some right they'll beg or plead with that yes still bankrupt says still makes it hard to get prescription drugs I can't it's so expensive if you have to get one prescription drug a month it's awful so also we look at this guy and now we have Trump he didn't inspire anybody to to take over the baton except we have Donald Trump still got so taking a larger military budget so now going on nine eight nine ten years after he passed his big health care plan insulin has become so expensive that as many as one in four people with diabetes are now skipping life-saving doses congratulations Barack there was a hell of a great program you instituted that giveaway that right-wing health care plan that Mitt Romney would Institute it – you got elected so you got to do it this is the result Hey hip-hip-hooray the inventor of insulin dr. Frederick Banting said insulin does not belong to me it belongs to the world and gave the patent to the University of Toronto for the sum of $1 it's mind-boggling that such essential life-saving medicines aren't accessible to so many people in a country as rich as the United States here in New Zealand we have a five dollar copay for a three-month supply of most prescription medicines Barack Obama would tell you to be your purist if you want the same thing yeah it's so interesting hearing him say things like oh you know you can't be too rigid and say well this is the way it's gonna be you know when Dennis Kucinich did the Jimmy Dore show and you asked him about hey you really push back against when Obama was taken away the public option I mean we all remember when that bill came into the came into the sphere and it got gutted and gutted and gutted and gutted and when Dennis Kucinich one of the few people that stood up against it and said Obama what about the public option and he told us he said you know Obama just said this is the way it's gonna be so I guess when Obama is talking about things you won't compromise on I guess you won't compromise on a handout to the donors and a handout to the health insurance industry because he told Dennis Kucinich oh well that's just the way it's gonna be no public option and what kind of compromise have we had on war we've covered a lot we're living in what the this is this is nothing but Cobra we live in a NOLA gargy Barack Obama's pretending he doesn't know this that are we weren't compromised where our will is never reflected in legislation Barack Obama and he knows that that's Barack Obama gaslighting Barack Obama's a bought and paid for gas lighter which is why we got Donald Trump and that's the mission of the show to remind people of that or to even fucking teach them that in the first place and there's a lot of places that just focus on Trump they're not alternative news shows that's what MSNBC and CNN does here we're gonna tell you why we got Trump if you want to go hate on Trump then go watch Rachel Maddow or the other YouTube shows that do that they're not alternative news shows they're the problem they're propping up Trump they're still pushing Russia gate in a different version and the real problem is this corrupt bought Democratic Party next live Jimmy Dore show is June 5th that's a Wednesday and Hermosa Beach comedy club in Hermosa Beach California go to jimmy dore comedy calm for a link for all tickets we might be coming to your town and if you love the show please become a patron please support the show we give you hours of bonus material every week and please click that bell and make sure you subscribe even if you think you are already subscribed they unsubscribe people every day just check thanks for your support

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49 thoughts on “Obama Rips Progressives As Purists – Here’s Why

  1. i have memories of presidents since Nixon. i especially did not like Reagan, and i am a firm believer that older folks biggest disappointment with Trump is he is trying to be too much like Reagan, but then, at the time, few knew Reagan had alzheimers. who knows, maybe Trump should be examined for that. However, barring that,. Obama is so far the biggest liar and worst president in recent history, except maybe for those who remember Johnson, who apparently screwed up everything and started what has now become the biggest horror story gripping america today.

  2. obama is a poxy cunt…..lock him up with all the other war criminals and throw away the key; and HE was the beloved black prez to bring change…..any of you who still think politicians and presidents will do the 'will' of the people (what they are elected and payed for!!!)….are fucking morons…….

  3. Democracy is purely leftist.
    We're all supposed to be purists.

    Rightist policies destroy democracy. There is no reason to every support a rightist or a rightist policy. Period. We've got to get civics education back in schools.


  5. Barack Romney Obama. what a disappointment you turned out to be. if FDR could break banks with glass stegaal in the middle of the great depression why couldn't you Obama?

  6. Obama came out of nowhere, that was pretty telling. But he did his job well, he lulled everyone to sleep.

  7. As I've said from the beginning when media pushes anyone for office, they are controlled. Period. People are finally waking up… a little bit.

  8. While you consider yourself a "jack-off comedian", I still think this might be the most important channel I'm subscribed to on YouTube. Keep up the amazing work, Jimmy et al.

  9. Obama took $400,000 from Wall Street as a reward for not prosecuting one banker. Wall Street owns this crook Obama.

  10. Obama is a sellout and a liar who gave us a horrible Republican healthcare plan instead of Medicare for all when he had a Democratic majority his first year and a half in office. Cornell West was right. Obama was a black mascot for Wall Street.

  11. Racism clearly limited the imagination. Why didn't people realize that a black man with a muslim name could do the same things as Mitt Romney?

  12. It takes constant vigilance from the left in order to keep power from being concentrated in the hands of the few in order to have and keep a democracy.

    All of the policies in a democracy are supposed to benefit the citizenry. NONE are supposed to benefit the powerful or the wealthy. NONE. We aren't supposed to meet them halfway. We aren't supposed to compromise with them.

  13. ”Barrack Obama was brought from day one!”

    -Jimmy Dore (2019)

    How could have we tolerated this waste of a President for 8 whole years?

  14. it's funny that the inventor of Insulin gave it away to save people's lives and in America pharmaceutical companies decided it was more important to make huge profits from it. America's GREED is so out of whack! Starting with that evil cretin who was selling AIDS drugs for $700 a pill (even though he didn't invent the drug, but bought the rights to it). Man you people need to get your shit together! I guess Christianity and GREED go hand and hand. I keep hearing what a Christian Country America is. God wasn't about celebrating Billionaires, but just turn on any channel on American television and that's all you see, reality shows about wealth, families like, "The Kardashian's" The housewives of bullshit! You people need some serious reality and it's coming and when it does, it's not going to be so entertaining.


  15. I could have sworn that "bought" meant being paid to do something that you wouldn't otherwise do if you weren't paid to do it. When you pay someone to do what they want to do, it's simply rewarding them for doing a good job.

    Obama isn't bought.
    The Clintons aren't bought.
    Our legislature isn't bought.

    Is Trump bought?

    Why is it that people think that Democrats must be "bought" to do what they do but Republicans do what they do for their beliefs/ideology? Nope. These people believe in what they are doing. They don't go to bed at night and toss and turn over it.

  16. Someone needs to tell that stupid MF to STFU. He was president for eight years and all he did was kiss republican asses. I suppose this asshole thinks we should adopt his strategy and give the republicans everything they want and maybe they will cooperate with us. The only bipartisanship you will see these days is Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi beat on Ilhan Omar. Barack Obama can kiss my ass. I can't stand the sight of him. I could only watch ten minutes of this video. I am fucking outta here!

  17. You must admit there is petty squabbling on the left amongst 'purists'. Obama does have a point (regardless of his blatant hypocrisy). Bernie was a near-perfect candidate for progressives, yet there were still people on the left… the FAR left… who were hen-pecking him to death. He wasn't "this enough" or "that enough". The problem with the left has always been that it comprised of so many special interest groups who aren't willing to budge an inch on their agenda; so if they aren't fully represented it's toss the baby out with the bathwater. It isn't entirely the DNC's fault that these people lost. There is fault amongst progressives as well, who will accept nothing short of 100%. Politics never works like that.

  18. Just to let you know, Bernie Sanders is letting th DCCC run all over himself with super delegates in the college electorate. The fix is in all over again. The super delegates will block him.

  19. are there two parties? no, they are the same. I feel I was forced to pick one pile of shit as my diner from two at every election. salute from Australia. BTW, we have compulsory voting regime, lucky Aussie.

  20. The only political policies that aid and support and build democracies are leftist political policies. It takes "purity" to make that happen. It takes fidelity to that endeavor to keep the country out of the hands of authoritarians (which are commonly referred to as right-wingers).

  21. I can’t stand this fraud. Republican in sheep’s clothing. Incrementalism worth waiting for. Puke

  22. That from the man that bailed out the banks and buried poor Americans with the inflation that followed. Before Obama even poor Americans could afford accessable healthcare with low co-pays. Now working Americans can't even afford the co-pays while the elected get John's Hopkins style healthcare for life all on the backs of the working poor.

  23. Obama is not Black. Hes mixed. And yes there are many Muslims in the CONTINENT of Africa too.

    Plus outside of America "black" ppl dont use the word black they use thier nationality same as others.

  24. But for Obama, Trump would not have happened and here you are letting that chill back into our homes.

    Here ares just SOME of the criminal filth Obama and the so-called “New Democrats” (aka corporate dems) accomplished and how that opened the door for Trump and his nefarious regime to grow and fester:
    The abolition of welfare: no social security, no medicare/medicaid, no food stamps, etc.,
    The deregulation of the financial system,
    The illegal attacks on Syria,
    The illegal attacks on Yemen,
    The bailout of Wall Street, ($700 Billion TARP),
    The $4.7 Trillion “Quantitative Easing” handout to the financial sector,
    The crackdown on whistleblowers (e.g. Snowdon, others),
    The crackdown on the Water Protectors at Standing Rock, belies Obama’s “Clean Power Plan” was mere lip service,
    The crackdown on Occupy,
    The attack on freedom of the press, saying “reporter's privilege” does not exist (Jim Risen case)
    The refusal to pardon whistleblowers (e.g. Snowdon, Van Buren, more),
    The slashing of wages for autoworkers,
    The appointment of Tom Wheeler, an industry insider, to head the FCC (thence Ajit Pai),
    The Flint Michigan lead in the water cover up, outright betraying the citizens of Flint,
    The staging of war games using live ammunition in Flint Michigan without warning, intimidating the citizens,
    The creation of the “Priority Docket” to expedite removal of undocumented, unaccompanied minors,
    Drone-missile warfare with no congressional oversight,
    The destruction of Libya,
    The secret bombings against al Shabaab in Somalia, (Amanda Sperber, https://www.thenation.com/article/somalia-secret-air-campaign/)
    The build-up of NSA mass surveillance,
    The expansion of US military bases to 80+ countries,
    The weakening on the 1878 Posse Comitatus Act to allow the use military force domestically
    The military coup in Honduras ousting “Mel” Zelaya,
    The murder of Berta Cáceres,
    Mass deportations, more than in any other period in US history,
    Mass incarcerations,
    CIA Operation Timber Sycamore in Syria,
    The parliamentary coup in Brazil, ousting Dilma Rousseff,
    Blocking Argentina’s loan at the Inter-American Development Bank and the WB, leading to regime change
    The expansion of the Endless War in Afghanistan,
    The murder of an old, sick captive purely for political purposes,
    Manipulating the OAS to overturn the Haiti elections, threatening to deny post-earthquake aide, leading to regime change and mass disenfranchisement,
    The expansion of the strategic nuclear weapons program,
    The kill list
    The expansion of covert military operations to over 70 countries,
    The expansion of the AUMF
    The revolving door: The appointment of former Eli Lilly executive, Alex Azar, to head of HHS
    The revolving door: The lucrative position at Lockheed Martin for former DHS head Jeh Johnson
    The revolving door: Geitner to head Mariner Finance, a firm that preys on the poor.
    The revolving door: Mary Shapiro from the SEC to board of directors of Morgan Stanley
    The end of habeas corpus, detentions without trial and arrests without cause
    The failure to stop Russia for meddling in the 2016 Presidential elections
    The failure to punish Russia for meddling in the 2016 Presidential elections, (what got Trump in trouble in Helsinki . . . they looked the other way when Obama did the same thing)
    The missing $10 Trillion; concerted Bush-Obama-Trump tax cuts resulted in the loss of $10T from the public funds of which $2T went directly to the 1%
    The passing of PROMESA Act to protect Wall Street’s interests in Puerto Rico at the expense of local sovereignty: an outside board rules over the island, effectively PR is now a colony,
    The appointment of Arne Starkey Duncan as Sec. of Education: Common Core Exam, public schools replace with charter schools — so-called ‘militarization of education” that enabled De Vos,
    Bailing out the banks while 10 million Americans lost their homes,
    NOT standing up to climate-change deniers; NOT standing up to science deniers; NOT definitively supporting the Water Protectors and shutting down DAPL — thus opening the door to Trump’s staunch denialism and the US pulling out of the Paris Agreement,
    Allowing Ag industry lobbyist, CropLife, to kickoff the EPA panel Dr. Peter Infante; the panel was about to investigate Monsanto’s glyphosate-based flagship product, RoundUp,
    In light of the Snowden Revelations, pretending to reform bulk surveillance by signing the “Freedom Act” a ho-hum, incrementalist, revamping of the Patriot Act (typical Obama lip serve, “compromise,” as cover to continue w. same ol’),
    The unwillingness to investigate or prosecute Bush Administration officials for warrantless wiretapping and torture, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqU9UhjPOtk “we need to look forward,”
    The continuation of warrantless wiretapping and torture,
    The failure to hold the Russians accountable for election interfering,
    The failure to hold Saudi Arabia accountable for 9/11,
    The failure to hold Israel accountable for Gaza,
    The failure to give Leonard Peltier clemency,
    Continuing to prop up the myth that the US cares about human rights,
    Massively increasing weapon sales to Saudi Arabia to record levels,
    Endorsing Mohammed bin Salaman,
    The reluctance to condemn the 2009 Honduras coup d’etat,
    Adopting the pro-corporation “regulatory takings” doctrine, eg https://archive.nytimes.com/www.nytimes.com/gwire/2009/07/21/21greenwire-obama-admin-declines-to-appeal-key-water-right-15864.html?pagewanted=all
    Using snipers to kill individuals targeted by the CIA as “anti-American” in over 134 countries without the consent of the government concerned,
    see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8npPSB90ZU starting at minute 25:30.
    Presiding over the return of slavery to Libya in the post-Gaddafi Era, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slavery_in_Libya#Slavery_in_the_post-Gaddafi_era
    Presiding over the 2009 CIA assassination attempt of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/southamerica/venezuela/5437251/CIA-plot-to-kill-Hugo-Chavez.html
    Failing to use the 2008 to make necessaary radical changes, despite being given advice to do just that, https://www.alternet.org/2019/03/the-global-economy-is-a-time-bomb-waiting-to-explode/

    . . . every week we discover yet more Obama-era/ Obama-enabled atrocities that set the stage of Trump! Nothing Trump has done is new. It’s all based on something Obama and the corporate Dems set up. (Bush Sr. and Jr. are also to blame, but Obama promised “Hope and Change.”) Obama basically made possible the Trump wrecking ball. Talk about collusion. Talk about treason to our idols we believed he represented. That’s the real collusion. That's the real treason. Our struggle is less and less with Russia and more and more with Goldman Sachs, the main backer and beneficiary of the Obama swindle.

    Many others are making the conclusions as I am, for example https://www.counterpunch.org/2018/10/19/the-pieties-of-the-liberal-class/

    Ever wonder why Obama has such a contagious smile? Turns out he’s laughing all the way to the bank.

    So what’s next for Goldman Sachs, Obama’s paymasters?
    IMHO, The old “hope and change” deception wagon; specifically, the hijacking of Universal Basic Income movement, the UBI movement.

    Wall Street’s Goals?
    Restore Obama’s standing among democrats,
    Shut out progressives,
    Keep UBI from actually happening, or take the credit if it does, so progressives don’t.

    Are you really going to endorse this gang of criminals?????

    With Obama, the right had their FDR-moment, the opportunity to save capitalism from itself; and they squandered it on drone assassinations, “Bloody Tuesdays.”

    In the end, Obama’s Hope & Change ™ did coalesce the then inchoate left; just not during his administration, but despite it.

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