Oliva Colman Investigates UK Parliament Archives | Who Do You Think You Are

Oliva Colman Investigates UK Parliament Archives | Who Do You Think You Are

To find out whether following his
separation in 1808 Richard Campbell Bassett petitioned Parliament for a
divorce Olivia has come to Westminster
petitioning was a complicated and expensive process and in the first half
of the 19th century on average only three divorces were granted each year
olivia is meeting Joanne Peggy Otto an expert on the history of family law hi
Joanne very excited nosey Joanne’s taking her into the parliamentary
archives and this is the original acts room Wow Wow it’s never-ending
it’s amazing there are over 64,000 Acts stored here covering all sorts of things
yes and lots about tax some will have a little read of some of those hi Megan
lovely to meet you before you squeeze it and you’re here to find out about
Richard and driving a petition to an act of parliament and he did Wow so the
third bond of matrimony between richard campbell Bizet and margaret and his wife
being violated and broken by the manifest and open adultery of the said
Margaret Anne be and is hereby henceforth wholly dissolved annulled and
made void so he got it yes he did this is the actual Act he was
successful Richard Campbell Bizet that’s amazing you can see the date as well
13th of March 1809 and then this is really important bit if they act a right
okay that it may be lawful for Richard Campbell Bizet at any time to marry in
the lifetime of the said Margaret Anne as if she was actually dead as if she
was actually dead nice okay so this is very clear
March 1809 he can move on and marry again so hopefully he now goes to find
Sarah well there is a twist in this tale okay the next thing I’d like to show you
is Richards will see the date here 17th of January
18:33 yes so that over 20 years after the divorce that’s right this is the
last will and testament of one richard campbell pizzette court with respect a
give and bequeath my property to be divided between my beloved wife sarah
Bizet okay and my beloved sons Oh William young Bizet Charles young
rosette Henri young Bizet Richard Young was it an Alfred young was it so five
five boys charles is the one that I’m descended from his oak we have twelve
and these are Charles is cadet papers dated 1827 stating that he’s the right
age to join the army so I Charles young Bizet to make oath
and swear that from the information of my parents that I was born on 12th of
September in the year 1807 okay so yes 1807 Oh God
Charles young Bizet is born in eighteen seven and of course if the divorce is
not granted until March at eighteen nine so Richard he has made a big deal about
his first wife yes being unfaithful unfaithful that’s terrible meanwhile
he’s definitely having it away with Sarah I liked him a little while ago
Richard but now what a hypocrite hang on which son is Charles which
number is he stealth is number two so there is an older son William William is
baptized yeah in January 1806 and it’s the summer of that year that Margaret is
accused of beginning an affair with Frederick okay so I’m descended from
Charles their second son do you know anything else about Charles well I’ve
got this oh this is from at the 1871 census many decades later we’re in
reading now yes Charles Bizet head head of household that’s
right married yeah
sixty three three leftenant colonel Indian Army retired I said he did get
through he did and it tells us where he was born
Middlesex London Oh Harriet wife yes Oh sixty-three well I suppose I knew he had
a some sort of relationship by the lesson one two three servants oh how
lovely so they’re very comfortably retired yeah so Harriet is my
great-great-great grandmother that’s right and Harriet was born East Indies
kissing something kiss him good just what it is dad
I don’t know well I’ve never heard of that it’s a fairly remote town in the
northeast of India and it’s interesting that Harriet is born indication ganj in
1807 and see I had no idea yes that my family had any connection to
India at all so it might be interesting for you to go to Kishen Ganj to find out
more about Harriet your three-times great-grandmother have you been to India
before I’m not very brave let go anywhere Norfolk okay wait my mom knows
her Olivia has discovered that her great-great great-grandmother Harriet
was born in Kishen guns in the Indian state of Bihar in 1807 you

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14 thoughts on “Oliva Colman Investigates UK Parliament Archives | Who Do You Think You Are

  1. Soooo….Richard was having an affair, had a kid, and decided to accuse his wife of adultery (did he pay off the servants to testify on his behalf?) to get rid of her, had another kid, finally succeeded in divorcing his first wife.
    In the meanwhile his first two kids with Sarah are illegitimate. I wish they had found the marriage certificate between him and Sarah to look at the date. Did they find it and I missed it?

  2. I always thought ms Coleman looked a bit Indian but her mum looks totally white looks are deceptive! Seems a genuine lovely person!

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