One Wisconsin Now Response to Gov. Scott Walker’s 2015 State of the State Address

One Wisconsin Now Response to Gov. Scott Walker’s 2015 State of the State Address

I’m Scott Ross executive director one
Wisconsin now a statewide progressive advocacy
organization more than 75,000 supporters across Wisconsin this evening Governor Walker gave his
version of the state at the state we wanted to take a moment and share our
thoughts as people who care about Wisconsin not as a stepping stone to higher office
but because we live here and we see the state of our state is
being in crisis and under assault we must have better our schools in workforce are among the
best in the nation but under Governor Walker job growth in
wages have lagged behind neighbor States and
much of the nation Wisconsin used to be admired for
innovative leadership now were notorious for scandal in this
court sown by Governor Walker and is when it
any cost attitude there’s a better way we all know public
education is a public good the creates opportunity
in creates jobs we must protect and expand our rights
weather at the ballot box the workplace or going about our own
business in our communities need to return ethics and integrity to state government
the state the created BadgerCare in senior care our lead again on providing people
access to health care the state that once led the nation in
protecting workers I return to respecting work and the
workers that do it with fair wages for all and we need to
reclaim our leadership role with innovative
policies showing the nation we can restore
fairness for student loan borrowers allowing you to refinance your loans
just like you can a mortgage Governor Walker can choose his own
political ambitions over us but together we can make our voices
heard fight for what’s best for our families
and communities and move the great state of Wisconsin
forward thank you and On Wisconsin

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