Own Your Vote: Bootstrap Organizing in Wisconsin

Own Your Vote: Bootstrap Organizing in Wisconsin

[Music] [Eric Sundquist-Voiceover] February of 2008,
I was out shoveling snow in front of my house. And, it was a slushy, horrible snow. And this guy
comes walking up the street [Eric] with a clipboard and his coat is kind
of open. He’s exerting himself, he’s happy. And he’s canvassing for Barack Obama. [Eric-Voiceover] I signed up, and I’ve been
involved ever since. [Music] [John Heflin-Voiceover] I always knew politics
was a thing of mine, but I didn’t know what I could do to be involved. [John] Own your vote really reminds us that
it is our vote. That each one of us represents a unique interest, and we have an opportunity
to influence the outcome of this election by taking ownership of a right that is ours. [John-VO] What’s on campus is finding out
how we can keep students informed, and how we can keep talking to them about the issues,
and then letting them know that now that you know, we need your help to tell more people. [John] It’s an empowerment movement. [Eric] This was created with the full intent
of being an ongoing effort. [Eric-VO] One that would be not only in service
of the presidential election, but in service of all the progressive goals that all the
teams have. That’s pretty cool. [John] I feel like the President’s leadership
is something that we need right now, and that’s why I’m here. Because I want somebody who
has a vision for this country. [John-VO] And if we want to make a difference,
if we want to keep things on track, if we want to reform what needs to be reformed, we want
to protect what needs to be protected, it needs to be us that’s getting out there… [John] knocking on doors and telling people,
“This is what matters.” [Eric-VO] We can actually be a working, breathing,
thinking part of the organization. [John-VO] It needs to start with your neighbors.
It needs to start with people that are around you, because if it’s not starting there, [John] how are we going to be able to discuss
these issues? How are we going to get things to get going? Take 5 minutes to just give
it a try, and see the difference that you can make. [Music]

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9 thoughts on “Own Your Vote: Bootstrap Organizing in Wisconsin

  1. C'mon people, we all can do something to help Obama win. We can't let Romney's anti-99% agenda sink the country.

  2. Thank you for being involved. I really believe our President has the interest of the American people at heart!!

  3. I'm sure there is something in Minnesota. Try going on their website. Minnesota is already a solid blue, but I'm sure they could still use volunteers!!

  4. Yes – there is an Organizing for America office (Obama campaign) in downtown Hopkins, MN, 1007 Main Street, 55343. Great people to work with. American needs Pres Obama – moving forward. Also, there is an office in St. Paul, MN. Obama/Biden 2012! 4 more years!

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