Partisan Girl On Whats Really Happening Now And Her Next Predictions

Partisan Girl On Whats Really Happening Now And Her Next Predictions

okay so my last video with Mimi partisan girl a lot of you guys got mad at me because we were specifically talking about the Kurds and you thought that was an endorsement of the Turks which was not I just wish people would understand whatever I interview someone or talk about any specific topic like the Kurds because we don't talk about Turkey does not mean an official endorsement and if you do watch this YouTube channel you could see me being very critical of mr. Erdogan and the Turkish government but regardless of that fact in this video me and Mimi actually do talk about Turkey I lay out my understandings of the Middle East and what's really happening she lays out hers but most importantly me me partisan girl gives us her new predictions about the future of the Middle East because as we know years ago when the Syrian conflict just started to begin she gave out predictions that were on point with her research with her hard work and her sources on the ground she was able to correctly predict the current situation that the world is in facing off inside of Syria and now she tells us what's going to happen in the future here's the video I kind of wanted to ask you because we knew from the very beginning of the Syrian supposed revolution or this this kind of rebellion that happened that it was Turkey the United States Israel and Saudi Arabia that were arming the supposed Civil War they were arming the rebel groups right now we just saw Donald Trump picks off turkey out of their alliance where they previously supported radical Islamic terrorists and those rebel groups why would Donald Trump in the bigger picture prefer to align himself with the Kurds pissing off the NATO ally Turkey that previously was arming the rebels including Isis inside of that region what is the bigger picture here and then is this a bigger ploy to kind of balkanize Syria and make it into multiple states well vulcanizing Syria has always been on the agenda they've been talking about it openly the u.s. at least has been talking about it since the Iraq war and Israel has been talking about it for decades Israel in 1982 their thing tongues brought out something called the Yunnan plan where they talked about creating divisions and in released using Shiites against Sunnis against Kurds and any hope to create separate states one of which only one of which was this Kurdistan but the real the reality is the u.s. wanted to cut Syria up even further but has has very limited success in anywhere about that North East region and that is because even though Kurds are only 1.6 million of Syria's population the fighting force is coming not just from Syria alone but it's coming from the 15 million turks kurds excuse me in turkey the PKK which the US has designated a terrorist organization and the Kurds in Iraq the Peshmerga so they have a lot of fighters coming in from the poorest water you know Isis comes in through that border and so does the Peshmerga and the PKK so um why us sorry back to your question why would the u.s. willingly like push under the bus and I named through a lie and you know in support of the Kurds and you know if a naive interpretation would be because Turkey had been supporting the terrorists all this time and the Kurds of is fighting the Turks but that's a very naive interpretation the US has been supporting the Kurds alongside Turkey so it wasn't turkeys idea to support al Qaeda and Isis in Syria it was it was a joint cooperative thing that they were doing alongside Obama yeah and then Russia even exposed them and then Russia even exposed them for buying Isis oil and also allowing the border to be open to allow rebel fighters to fly into Turkey and the go right into Syria and that was a joint plan with the United States and now it seems like that plan has been totally cut well no as that plan is still done I mean the u.s. is still trying to put the terrorist groups al-qaeda in the west of cereal I mean while there they claim in fighting Isis they're still trying to protect al-qaeda in the West so so the idea that us angry at Turkey because of their support for terrorism that's not the case you know the u.s. was okay with it the reason the US prefers the Kurds is because it benefits Israel it's not because it benefits the United States they would rather benefit Israel in the long run than their benefit the United States because it seems to be that the Israel firsters in the US government and in the deep state are in control I mean if you look at what happened with Trump when he said America first they said that that's basically akin to being a Nazi because back in the day you know America first was seen as being against the Jews and they saying America first is anti-semitic so if America first is anti-semitic that means that they really want Israel to be first and that just happens to be a lot that Israeli Lobby dominates the United States and so they would push them to do just to support a narco communist which they designate terrorists in order to vulcanize Syria because to divide Syria from the regions where most of the oil is is basically a step towards starving the Syrian people and making sure they're always going to be weak and never going to be able to resist Israel because Israel has long term objectives to steal a lot more Syrian land than it's already stolen and people might call that a conspiracy theory but they basically talk about it openly it might not be in the near future but they are planning it for a long term and the their plans is that Israel should be everything from the Nile to the Euphrates and that is why they have planned that the Kurdish region is past the Euphrates because they don't want the courage to cross the Euphrates that's why do you have you Freitas yield something because they want to claim everything west of the Euphrates and so the Kurds can't have that basically um so but you know NATO the most important country in NATO is basically Turkey because of the its positioning its power its population that without Turkey NATO would be nothing and so by basically imposition of NATO you know it's you know it's quite I mean NATO has always been a tool of war but it's quite outstanding that the US would you know do this – it's a lie and it just goes to show that the influence of the Zionist lobby is so powerful when transferred getting elected and he was talking about how NATO is outdated and you know all of this stuff against NATO I considered that there's a faction inside the deep state which was backing Trump which basically had given up on vulcanizing the west of Syria and it's just sticking to vulcanizing the north east of syria um seems to me that faction was more conservative about how much of Syria they can vulcanize and it seems to me that that faction has lost to the other faction that wants to darken eyes all of it and in order to balkanize all of it they have to continue to play nice with Turkey and NATO so I'm sorry this is getting very complicated so it is it is but that's why and that's why I decided to have you onto a kind of explaining these kind of situations because you know we can make quick videos about them you know reading the news and breaking them down but it's really such a dense perspective that really needs fine-tuning in order to understand the bigger picture here and we have seen Israel's foreign policy especially with the moves that their military has been making against the Syrian government bombing Syrian military forces not being attacked by any of those radical rebel groups either even Isis inside of their own country but giving them treatment giving them medical aid what we have seen also Israel look at the Golan Heights region which is contested land between Israel and Syria and kind of see that as a benefitting factor and I think more of the destabilization of Syria does work in favor of Israel but also Saudi Arabia who wants more of a kind of Sunni dominated Middle East and wants Iran out of the picture since both those countries are fighting against each other Turkey also sees a big interest in this by grabbing more land away from the Syrian government the United States interests a lot of people kind of speculate that it's about this pipeline that Saudi Arabia wants to build but I think there's even a bigger picture here and seeing Donald Trump so closely connected to Henry Kissinger for a year now that we have been reporting to you kind of signals this kind of Vietnam air a continuation of the war this is what we talked about in yesterday's video that ultimately leads to more chaos more war more conflict and this war not ending anytime soon now with Russia in this picture we see their clear interest with Iran with trying to keep their military bases with also trying to keep their faction in the Middle East cohesively together but am I am i incorrect on any of those kind of analysis when I'm looking at all those countries in the world but also I have to mention China coming into Syria and backing the Syrian government that's how I personally see it and they're kind of global interests throughout the world how do you see it I think that you're mostly right there's a few things I'd love to talk about the Golan Heights it's not contested it's you know UN recognized Syrian land that is occupied by Israel but Israel would like to annex it and they've been talking about how it's time to annex the Golan Heights and we just need to put in more illegal settlements in the Golan Heights so oh they're definitely benefiting they've basically been supporting al-qaeda on the Golan Heights border they admit this the chief of the Mossad has admitted that they have been giving medical support to al-qaeda on the Golan Heights and a lot of Israeli politicians have come out and said that they would draw their Isis win in the end because it benefits them because Isis is only during an Iraqi border and they have a very beneficial thing thing that they do which is separate Syria Iraq and Iran by standing near in the middle like this festering wound so that is why Isis benefits Israel and if you look at Isis you know they have been basically instrumental to a lot of the agendas if Isis didn't take over these areas near the Kurdish regions then they couldn't have come in and taking that land of Isis one of the Kurdish officials told in of the Iraqi regional government Kurdish regional government told the Guardian that Isis gave us in two weeks what we have been the land that we wanted for eight years so there's definitely some benefits that they've had from creating Isis but it's more so to pave the way but eventually they plan to somehow get rid of this the other thing I'd like to say you know about the Kurdish use of female soldiers the problem with some of that is the fact that they force them to join when you're underage girls and sometimes even kidnapping them from their own families and this is something that is that the one of the women's magazines got in trouble for outputting glorifying Charles female child soldiers in their magazine I think was very clear but it's something that's definitely been happening what they do is they get these girls and boys at a young age and they indoctrinate them into the ideology of new anarchic Marxist and ethnocentric Kurdish state and if they try to if your parents try to get them back or get them out the whole family gets harassed so that's why a lot of courage have ended up as refugees because they're basically stuck between Isis and you know these militias that are you know kidnapping their kids so it's a really hard situation for the Kurds actually but yeah well with Russia and Iran and China your Syria is Russia is closer to Syria than it is with Iran in fact Russians relationship with Iran is basically kind of mitigated between Syria and um it's a little bit rough between them and Syrian steps in but Iran is still important you know it's quite powerful and it's very highly populated so Russia would prefer it on their side but as far as I can see Russia is in it for Russia and so I can I have to sometimes be skeptical of the things that they do I mean not everything Russia does has been the the right or you know Syrian it hasn't always been beneficial to Syria just so it's always been beneficial to Russia though so we have to be very accurate about that because at the end of the day Russia has its own Zionist lobby and that Zionist lobby also can sort of stop Russia from doing certain things so for example Israel can continue to get away with lobbing missiles at Syria and nothing seems to happen to it and Netanyahu always meets up with Putin either for an author or for example you know Russia fails to give serious specific arms for to a certain day because Israel has a problem with it and the Zionist lobby in Russia is making problems out of it and you know finally the situation with the Kurds you know the Kurds don't necessarily threaten the Russian base in part twos um so even though it you know it might be something that the Russians would be willing to um negotiate with because it puts pressure on Turkey and I think what's what I can see is there's a battle going on right now between Russia and the US and Turkey Russia is basically making it appear that if you know that this Kurdish thing is going to happen and if turkey wants to stop it then they should be allied to Russia and not the United States so Russia while while the u.s. is happy to throw turkey under the bus for the sake of the Kurdistan Russia is waiting in the range to swoop in and take native take turkey out of NATO and finally get Turkey on its side and that's how come you can see that Turkey and Iran and Russia have made an agreement in Astana you know where I'd like two years ago Turkey had shut down a Russian jet and they were at the brink of war now they'd be coming closer and closer allies because at the end of the day Russia would prefer to be allied with Turkey than to be allied with the Kurds but they're playing this game and there you know reaping the benefits while the u.s. is throwing this away for the sake of it yeah I definitely agree with you that there's no kind of righteous or right side in this kind of proxy global warfare since there are interests at hand and we are dealing with war but looking at the situation I'm more wanted to also talk to you about kind of Donald Trump because when he was campaigning he was promising a lot of things he promised not to support the rebel groups and now he's training the rebel groups on the Jordan YZ border having US soldiers get in there he said that he wanted to mainly defeat Isis but now he's also giving heavy weapons to the Kurds pissing off the Turks there's a lot of different moves that are being made a by Donald Trump that are a complete 180-degree turn of what he promised when he was campaigning to be President of the United States what do you see his kind of bigger endgame and is he continuing the same policy of Barack Obama or is he making it worse I think it's continuing the exact same policy um the only thing is that um he hasn't yet but he will probably start arming the Kurds in the north west of Syria and inlet um because that's something that he you know he stated since the start that we don't know who these people are they're some of them are terrorists we don't want to do what we did with al-qaeda so these things might be hard to back sleep on but basically all happened with Trump is that he delayed Clinton on Obama's policy for a few months and yes I've always considered the possibility that he would bastok I use my words very very carefully I said now that he's elected let's see if he does what he says he will do as soon as he got elected I said that you know he would be better than Hillary but wasn't sure he was going to be actually good he obviously promised that he wouldn't start World War three and these politicians are always breaking their election promises so I suppose by saying that he's not going to start World War three maybe that means that he will start World War three so um we shouldn't have been so surprised I mean I think the surprising thing is how they're mentally he said these things and how impassioned he was when he said them and then how quickly he did a 180 that I think that kind of gymnastics is what's very jarring but it's very revealing as well because it reveals how deeply the deep state is entrenched and how limited you know the US democracy and US elections are it seems that they are completely and utterly pointless and these people yelling at each other about who in the better president they're just wasting your time if you ridiculous and at least that this is exposed that so I would say that if you know there's that way of looking at it another way of looking at it is possibly while the election has elections have always been it more of a selection by the deep state than an election by the people possibly they were the faction within that deep state that didn't want to bring the u.s. to the brink of World War three and wanted to be more conservative with what the US was going to achieve and that faction was pushed out within the first three months at the end of the election maybe Michael Flynn the general that was opposed to starting war with Russia as soon as he got out of the picture you know it seems that Oh Trump no longer held those views that he did earlier on about ending regime change wars and fixing the United States so for you know focusing on fixing of the United States so it seems to me that he's completely a puppet of whoever is around him sadly and perhaps it was foolish for us to think he would change or maybe you didn't think it would change ever since I saw him with Kissinger and say that he hangs out with Kissinger it gets advice from Kissinger I was like wait a minute just hold on there I was always always very skeptical and you could see the kind of progression made on this YouTube channel throughout the months especially during the campaign definitely Hillary Clinton was the worst of the worst but now we're finding out that there's a bigger picture and a bigger plate being made here and I think especially with the big turnaround that Donald Trump made with Saudi Arabia you know having a public Twitter fight with Saudi Arabian princes before saying that the United States won't be dependent on Saudi dirty oil and how they were partly responsible for 9/11 he was going on on on Saudi Arabia and now we're helping them destroy Yemen and the Houthi rebels inside of that country fighting alongside al Qaeda and yet the mainstream media doesn't see that as a controversial issue and those even mention it to the American public which I find very disturbing since our tax dollars are being used to finance this operation which is creating more terrorism more complex and more shenanigans all over the world I mean I talked to max Egan about this and we're even thinking that all the countries are involved just to create a bigger divide and conquer just to create a bigger conflict just to calm the people to scare the people just to have a big mutual enemy in order to control everyone I kind of entertained by that ideology but I know you kind of see it differently because you've been able to actually predict what was going to happen years ago and you've been dead on and you've been right years ago predicting the current situation that we're seeing inside of Syria now and I want to kind of leave it with my last question asking you where do you see things going ultimately from here well with Saudi Arabia yeah Tom backflip was amazing he's now recently seen hanging out with the Saudi Arabian monarchy and Israel's relationship with Saudi Arabia it's been better than ever and the other Gulf Arab states Qatar they have all they've been meeting with them regularly Qatar and Saudi Arabia happens to be the biggest funders of Isis and al Qaeda and if you consider that Israel is what what Israel really is is an extremist religious state it's a Jewish States in the same way that Isis is the Islamic state so why would they be against Saudi Arabia and Isis if it's basically a mirror of what they are you know so basically the Middle East what the agenda is by these powers is to divide people up into different religious religious sections you know here Jews here Muslims here sitting here Shiites here otherwise here Druze over here the Christians just get rid of them they don't for some reason they don't want to have any questions left memory and that's why they always prioritize Christian refugees over any other religious concept because they want to get them out the fastest so that is one side that is what they want they want about canals in at least on ethnic and religious lines so they can continuously fight amongst each other for centuries to come so that the powers that be can completely destroy them and in so doing what they would like to do as well is to drive populations out of their ancestral homes and into the West as well as getting Westerners to go and work in the Middle East in Dubai and Saudi Arabia and at the Gibeah and this goal is to get rid of waters altogether to get rid of the idea of a nation-state because to the globalists borders and taxes have been in a way of building these monopolies and these economic empires they would like to be the ones in control of the whole world and to do that you have to have one government and no borders and no cultures and a madhan's everywhere in hnm everywhere and everything looking exactly the same that's one side of it and then you have another side of it so this is one thing that can happen another thing that could happen is that Syria right now they the Syrian military has made a deal with Russia Iran and Turkey that Turkey would stop its insurgents from fighting the Syrian army in the west of Syria while the Syrian army in that time can concentrate on fighting Isis to get to the city of Deir Ezzor where there is that Syrian Air Base that the US accidentally air stock if they can get to there is you're the balkanization plans will fail because syria will have air supremacy over the whole region and US troops will not enter a place where syria has air supremacy um that is basically why this invasion plan from Jordan is happening and why the u.s. um and the Kurds are basically allowing Isis to leave Raqqa to go towards the reserve because the US wants the resort to fill full – Isis they don't want the Syrian army to control it and if you notice whenever it Isis fights the Syrian army or Russia they always fight to the death but whenever they fight currents you know for some reason they always are having a deal to just move off somewhere else and Isis recently moved their capital from rocketed areas or even though they don't even control their reserve so why would they make that their capital it doesn't make any sense other than for the fact that these people are controlled the stars our organization has state funding and not state is more more than likely Saudi Arabia so um that's what we're going to see now we're going to see there's or being the main focus of the next few months the battle between the forces they want to keep Syria together and the us that want to the USD state that want to break it apart because it's run by these globalists on that term is you know it's some people criticize it it doesn't specify who they are but for now you know it really means people who want to control the world and aren't nationalists in any way fascinating breakdown and analysis I know this hasn't been easy because these are very complex situations that have so much information to deal with it but thank you so much for breaking this down me me part of a girl and boy do you know you have it because I'm like me I'm a nerd about this I'm at the edge of my seat listening to everything because this stuff matters and the deeper picture here getting a full perspective on it from someone who has sources on the ground there is extremely important because this is I think 1/10 of what we hear on the US mainstream media if that even and I want to thank you for your great work that you've been doing throughout the years your predictions have been dead-on and if people want to see more from me me partisan girl the link to her YouTube channel will be in the description below see also has a patreon page where she's raising funds for her independent media organization so definitely check out partisan girl in the description below and I just wanted to say thank you so much for being on this youtube channel giving me your excellent analysis and perspective it means a lot thank you

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26 thoughts on “Partisan Girl On Whats Really Happening Now And Her Next Predictions

  1. Is this liar being paid by RT? Her agenda sounds just like that of David Icke, Max Blumenthal, Abby Martin, Jesse "The Body" and co.

    Their agenda is to bring danger to the lives of innocents because A.They get paid big bucks to do so, and B. They get off on causing trouble and mischief.

  2. Zionist aspirations backed by Zionists in America will cause millions of more deaths and misery in the middle east. Don't know when we will get a president that has the fortitude to stop supporting the terrorism of Israel.

  3. 24:17 She is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. The principle is the EXACT SAME: Israel is a Jewish State (an extreme religious ideology claiming a land). ISIS 'Islamic State' is an extreme religious Muslim state (an extreme religious ideology claiming a land). Same DAM principle. ISIS is Israel, Israel is ISIS (It is the Greater Israel Project, as Ken O Keefe keeps discussing).

  4. How the hell has she not aged in over 10 years . She looks the same as ever She was on Hagmann & Hagmann report many times.,but now I am older with gray hair and white with a heart attack !!! And she don`t fuking age ??? Been following Steve Quayle and the Hagmanns for years !!! Why does she still look like the first day I seen her on the SHOW ???!!!

  5. Everyone else calls her Syrian Girl, not Partisan Girl. Is your title in error or am I missing something?

  6. Partisangirl is an antisemitic pos, she can go light herself on fire. Syrians have been killing each other in mass and its everyone's fault but the Arabs in Syria. She told me she's been fighting ISIS for 5 years. Is sitting on youtube running her mouth blaming everyone but Syrians for problems in Syria considered "fighting ISIS" ?

    The Poor Syrians, Egyptians, Jordanians, Saudis.. It's Israels fault, LOL! Who actually believes this horseshit Luke? She's a racist and everyone that disagrees is a Zionist.

  7. Invade Seven countries in five years this is not US propaganda this is what they're doing as planned

  8. You people should Take a look at the Barcelona declaration. One of Bill Clintons dreams. Its a lot to Learn about What is going to happen in NORTH africa and the middel east. Its also the reason Why erdogan is so piss off against NATO EU and USA

  9. I’m sure this girl can do many quality things with her mouth but talking isn’t among them… joke interview

  10. Bloody YouTube removed a couple of weeks ago removed all Syrian Girl's videos.
    At the moment, the USA supports both Kurds and the mujaheddin, and Turkey supports the mujaheddin. To half-heartedly fight part of the mujaheddin, ISIS in the eastern Syria, gives the USA the reason to have boots in Syria. The USA never fought ISIS seriously, it still is their tool (have U.S. allies Qatar and Saudi-Arabia stopped ISIS support yet?). The USA wanted the Islamic State established into Eastern Syria, and it still wants to topple the Syrian government. ISIS can't be removed – sure the flag and group name under the mujaheddin fight can change, it always has.
    The Kurds need USA or Israel, because otherwise Turkey (and Arab Iraq although weak at the moment) would have free hands to deal with the Kurds.

  11. This is what I was talking about earlier. Russia sells Syria weapons, spare parts, trained the Syrian army, gives intelligence from satellites, sends its soldiers in Syria, strikes by cruise missiles, support ground forces combat helicopters, gives money and more… But now you start saying that this is not enough. Russia should ignore its own interests, and argued with by all States. Soon Russia will be bad for you as it was for Eastern Europe after Russia liberated Europe from Hitler. Old story.

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