Pedophobia and Liberal Progressivism

Pedophobia and Liberal Progressivism

what do you think of when you think of the term pedo phobia pedo phobia it's kind of straightforward right the fear of children or maybe also the fear of childhood so what am I talking about why am I talking about that apropos of what I proposed what that's going on in the news right now is it that New York just made late-term abortions legal it's really means killing children babies I mean that's really what we're talking about at that point right they just thrown it out they thrown the baby out with the bathwater so to speak fuck it you can kill a baby at any point that's all right what's gonna be postnatal or post fourth trimester abortions anyways or am I talking about some picking on a kid for wearing a hat and being pro-life kind of ties in there but you know Nathan Phillips versus Nicholas Sandman and the way that the media and all the celebrities although lip charge celebrities out there just dog piled on and literally called for his blood somehow forgetting the fact that this is a kid okay he just turned 18 but anyways they didn't know that and still is 18 even an adult in America it's not an adult by any stretch really so picking on kids and holding them accountable in the same way that they don't bother to hold the dalts accountable holding children to a higher standard it seems in my mind that denies the notion of childhood there's so many ways that I could make that argument that liberals hate childhood and children in general am i talking about these moves by environmentalists and all the climate change crew is to say you know the best way that you can help the environment is if you're a Western person in a developed country don't have kids because your kids have a really big carbon footprint and so you're really doing a really great thing for the planet if you don't have kids am I talking about that for pedophilia I'm missing something what's the other thing that's coming up recently oh that we've all been talking about Oh lactation and the drag kids the so-called drag kids 10 11 12 year old little kids and there's a whole community of them I hadn't realized until I watched this video was a Jay Dyer or pressed for truth I didn't realize that there's like a whole community those kids that we're seeing lacked Asia and Desmond is amazing those kids are just the tip of the iceberg well what does that have to do with pedo phobia James they're robbing those kids up their childhood those kids aren't children they're not being allowed to be children they have adult sexuality being foisted on them by their twisted demented parents and the demented reality that they live in the urban milieu of Montreal in New York and these places the club kids and all the rest of it and I know what I'm talking about cuz I used to mix and mingle with a lot of club kids when I was 15 and 16 I saw it and now I'm talking with my friends my adult friends in retrospect were like holy shit we were really in a pedophiles paradise in those all-ages nightclubs we really were and we weren't aware of it because I wasn't I just wasn't a sexy enough little kid but I knew a guy for whatever reason oh he was a real drug hound you know we were 16 or so you got invited to some hotel rooms by some dudes that were hanging around at the all-ages club I know all about it so don't tell me that I'm just some sheltered conservative and I'm just seeing you know I'm just seeing demons in every shadow I fucking know what's going on I can't believe people are trying to make the argument that or if you think that these kids are being sexualized that's because you have a sexualized brain and it's you seeing sex just because through playing dress-up and wearing makeup doesn't mean they're being sexualized you're gas lighting is not good enough to pull that one over on me and it's not good enough to pull that one over on most of us you're fucking kidding yourself if you actually believe that anybody believes that these little kids aren't being sexualized and therefore having their childhood stolen away from them pedo phobia liberalism is by definition pedo phobic and in many cases pedo side is what they like either killing babies or not having babies at all and the whole thing about this is how counter human it is okay I don't if you've heard this argument being made but I truly believe this we can't make great vast technological steps forward we can't have great inventors we can't have great progress on this planet if we don't have more people going into SCI technology engineering and mathematics and all the rest of it if we don't have more people going into those fields then we will have fewer and fewer chances of getting off the planet actually solving the energy crisis working towards things like free energy if that's even possible but you know what I mean we have fewer and fewer chances of making any of that happen if we're having less kids and of course if universities have been turned into indoctrination machines which they have I've talked many many many many times about University and colleges these days because I have three degrees you all know this and I've seen calm I've gotten comments from people who are in stem cuz usually I try to qualify that and say well not stem stem isn't that bad I'm getting comments from people in stem they're like yeah it is dude it is it is and should I be surprised they're trying to tell us that carbon is poison to us humans who are carbon-based life-forms huh what everything is so backwards and inside-out but even if you do go into science technology engineering and mathematics you're indoctrinated and to complete an utter foolishness so as a species you guys know I love science fiction I love unfetter in my mind and thinking about the possibilities that we human beings have but too often I end up reading dystopia because that's more indicative of what we actually do have but we can't unfetter the human spirit we can't make progress as a civilization if people actually believe that you need to stop having children start is fun with the resource then the main resource the human capital that could change reality that could change make actual real progress not this what they're calling progress now stop having kids stop driving your car stop allowing kids to have a childhood okay and one thing I want to mention in all this you know I know conserve so-called conservatives I can think of one guy in particular every time I start bringing stuff like this up okay James it's a big conspiracy it's like that scene from The Simpsons where there's just a bunch of guys sitting around saying gentlemen to evil randy says this in this mocking tone you know what if you don't want to believe that there are people up in the higher echelons who really are society but if you don't want to believe that if you don't want to believe that the controlling society in order to to retard human progress in order to stop population overpopulation even though that's not really a thing if you don't believe that there's a concerted actual conspiracy not all conspiracies are fake but if you don't want to believe that because you just can't believe that and that's your fucking argument argument from incredulity well I can't believe that therefore it's not true I've talked about it so many times then fine don't believe it fine don't believe that okay but at the end of the day liberalism is working towards the same end all of the useful idiots this one is advocating for late term abortion than these ones over here they're advocate advocating for sexual ization of little kids and there's often a crossover these ones over here advocating for holding children accountable in a way that adults aren't held accountable robbing them thereby of their childhood treating children as if they're adults I mean that's one of the things with the whole normalization of pedophilia there is this movement to say that kids can consents miley innopolis said this he didn't really mean to but it kind of slipped out when he was talking about his sexual relationships with adult men when he was 14 it's very sad so it's all working towards the same end the same end of fewer children and the children we do have aren't able to develop normally because they're being robbed of their childhood they're being sexualized they're being pressured into sex you know I did this video a while back called liberals path to pedophilia and I also did a pizza gate video but with both of those videos the way that I approach the topics is always very different than what you're gonna get from other channels right not to poopoo amazing channels like Jay dyers and press for truth and all the rest of them they are great but I always take a little bit different tack but the one thing that I bring up in that liberals path to pedophilia is that one of the champions of the sexual revolution if not the main champion of the sexual revolution Kinsey I forget his first name but Kinsey he got a lot of it he got research he elicited research he used research of who physically confined infants and forced them to orgasm with feathers and things and these statistics are built into Kinzie's research pedophilia outright abuse outright grotesque abuse all right that's some where some of his research came from which tells you something about what kind of person Kinsey was the sexual revolution didn't go far enough for him for sure for sure he thought it was normal and fine and acceptable for adults to have sex and sexually abuse little kids the fear or the hatred of childhood is palpable when you start to scratch beneath the surface of the underpinnings of liberalism so-called sexual revolution right birth control right oh then handing out condoms to us when we were fucking 13 years old for Christ's sakes in the Toronto school system I'm sure it was the same in many places as you get older you start to clue into this stuff and realize holy shit the anti humanism of liberalism of so-called progress is so profound and we won't make any progress real progress and getting off of this planet and coming up with viable new energy sources and all the rest of it if our universities are indoctrination centers first of all and if there just aren't that many new kids you know the pro-abortion crew they always make the argument well if you could go back in time wouldn't you have aborted Hitler it's like Hitler you think the vast majority of children born turn into Hitler's no do you think the vast majority of my geniuses probably not but I was if I was willing to wager you know I'd say the vast majority of people born adds something to humanity the vast majority of people born are not little Hitler's okay is that really such a stretch right cuz that argument that well wouldn't you abort Hitler yeah but not extend that ad nauseum to the point of absurdity are you saying that the millions and millions of abortions performed yearly those are all little Hitler's oh you're not saying that you couldn't say that it's fuckin ridiculous to say that okay we can't we can't move forward as a society until we well first of all we start dealing with this problem of a hatred of children and the hatred of childhood you know if so many liberals you know you got to ask them what what is going on in that head of yours why are you so bitter towards anything traditional why do you hate why do you have such clear and obvious hate for anything traditional and anything the you know the family units or anything like that right they're very sick people they are that they have that they can just deny the humanity of a child and deny the humanity of a baby and feel fine and celebrate murdering them liberals liberalism is a mental illness for crying out loud you know and people who hate humanity are mentally ill and there's more and more of them this is becoming normal this is becoming the new normal to hate humanity so I got fed up a listening to Terence Mckenna one of the things that he said well actually one of the greatest things that we can do you know is to prevents us for women in the West to stop having children because of the so called energy consumption it will fuck off it's so ridiculous anyways guys you can always count on me to try to find a unifying factor and that's what I'm seeing that the persecution of the Covington kids treating them as if they're not kids even if they were out there freaking Zig huiling even if they were their kids yeah it would be upsetting but their kids and they did nothing of the sort they did nothing of the sort and still liberal mainstream media is grinding them in the dust and they just won't fucking give up they're putting forth these fake apologies and fake retractions NB NB C's doubling down ok and now with the murder late late term abortions the murder of babies and the sexualization of children it all leads to the same thing children of the future and liberals are so mentally ill that they hate the future they want to obliterate the future whether or not they really realize that's what they're doing or not they have some sort of intrinsic bitterness towards anything normal they do and they want to pervert everything to the point where society grumbles and I do think I do think that there are people at the top yes gentlemen to evil I do think that they exist and they're pulling the strings and they're sitting back and they're laughing because the vast majority of this stuff is being perpetrated by useful idiots like the mainstream media like the hyper activists like the so-called progressive ist's like all the confuse children themselves that wanted to Knight their own childhood you see these kids on Twitter and stuff and all the fucking Looney tune shit that they believe they're so badly they've been so badly perverted their brains have been so messed up by the society that we're living in right now god forbid they should eat some animal-based protein and actually get their brain functioning properly okay I'm not gonna go into that because I know I've got a legend I think I've lost all my vegetarian subscribers anyways because I've talked too openly about this in the past so sorry kids need protein animal-based protein and iron especially when girls start menstruating otherwise they have brain developmental problems okay that's part that's a part of the equation here too but anyways thanks a lot for clicking and watching I hope you found what I had to say interesting please let me know what you think in the comments below and as always please check out my patreon link on the screen right about now and if you'd like to make a one-time donation please check out my PayPal linked in the description description below and please subscribe cuz I've lost almost a hundred subscribers and that's the past three months thanks YouTube you just fucking with me thanks a lot anyways have yourself a great day bye bye

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39 thoughts on “Pedophobia and Liberal Progressivism

  1. The drag kids phenomenon makes me think that we could actually be in the End Times. When I was an atheist in 2010 and if someone had told me what atheism has wrought on society today, I would have thought they were insane. But after 2012 I have watch the cancer cells of SJW metastasize the atheist community and spread to the point where the company I used to buy my razor blades from is now lecturing me on how I am a terrible person and likely a sexual predator simply because I am a man and the big tech companies have turned into a dystopian cabal dedicated to extinguishing all subversive anti-SJW thought from existence.

  2. You are very right on this Desmond is amazing was in a club in New York and people where throwing money at him and according to the fbi in the states a sign of Paedophilia is a triangle inside a triangle look at the Trudeau foundation that have it right there on the site . My guess at this and I could be wrong but what I see happening is these pedo’s will make there way into the lgbt community during that the lgbt community will have a giant split magazines msm will come up with fake states saying how it’s best we don’t judge them so they can get better while the school will slowly reduce the age of sex Ed education eventually you will be know as a bigot or some made up buzz word if you judge pedos then through time msm will once again come up with fake news saying how it’s healthy for the kids to be with older people very sick agenda

  3. I am amazed at the 3 thumbs down , what kind of maggot jammed into the bottom of the gene pool are they . am curious as to how they might look , totally suitable for some freak show I imagine .

  4. Next logical step: post birth abortions… Western civilization seems to decay to child sacrifices in ancient Mesopotamia. Nothing new under the sun.

  5. You won’t lose me as a subscriber 🙂 but I disagree about meat being necessary to the human diet. I was vegetarian for nearly a decade. When I gave up meat, my energy level soared, and the 15 lbs of excess weight I’d been carrying around was gone in a month, with no effort. The trick is to do it right. Just giving up meat without eating healthy substitutes is what wrecks one’s health.

    The only reason I switched back was convenience: You’re not as easily accommodated as a vegetarian at restaurants and grocery stores, plus I married a dedicated carnivore.

    Funny thing is, I was a regular blood donor all those years as a vegetarian, with no problems. But a few months after returning to meat, I was turned away from a blood donor clinic for having low iron.

  6. Your show is improving by leaps and bounds! You're doing a great job! When I see an email address added to the million ways you are making yourself available, I will send you the YT sub boosting algorithm I mentioned in the chatroom a while back.

  7. Baby Hitler did nothing wrong , it's the adult Hitler in World War II who was evil. In World War I Hitler was just a soldier doing his job. And why don't they ever condemned Stalin or Mao, both those guys are responsible for killing their own people and millions more than Hitler. The difference is Mao and Stalin we're both communist and the left loves communists, they claimed Hitler was right wing but he was not he was socialist.

  8. Another good video – thanks. Keep up the good work – you are making a difference. I had not heard the term pedophobia before. This is my concern, also – when will it be acceptable to kill ANY babies…? This is what happens when you replace traditional morality with social constructionism – you can justify anything, no matter how heinous. I agree with you about animal-based protein, by the way – I upped my intake recently and was surprised how noticeably it reduced brain fog and improved my memory – I was not aware it could do that. (Maybe why the left now wants to ban it?) Example: province of AB has been famous both for its oil and its beef industries: interesting that the left is now actively destroying both.

  9. What's up with all getting off this planet business. Plenty of planet to go around here. All the space stuff is wasteful, unrealistic and infantile. Also it is a statist and militaristic ballistic missile and spy satellite program if you scratch the glamorous surface. My biggest peeve is that any popular science source or section of a paper is all about comets, planets, spaceships, galaxies and ignoring practical issues that kill or matter.

  10. You make some great, important points.
    The one thing that works in this battle is lawsuits. That is the strategy to put energy into. Once these psychos have to face real-world consequences, they buckle.
    The 'Left' doesn't care about anyone. They know only ideology. That is all that comes out of their mouths. That is not sustainable. Never.

  11. Super-great video, James! Just all around perfect. Agree totally. Well thought out and expressed and supported, and so dang full of old fashioned common sense and decency. (Common sense is offensive these days (it seems), just like other old fashioned notions like history and economics and science). I just heard about the new law a few hours ago, and about Cuomo celebrating it by lighting the WTC in pink (for the little girl babies that will be murdered, I presume). Anyway, loved the vid, and your image and background looked good too. (Hadn't seen you in that setting before. Good lighting and composition, in shades of blue).

  12. Honestly James I don't really know what to say except it won't end well. Been watching this shit show for too long and all I can see is people talking. I don't have much hope right now.

  13. The other day, once again, YouTube suddenly decided that all of my views were by males, and no females. The last time I asked them about that, they retaliated by giving me a strike for violating their Community Standards, and deleted a 5 year old video of mine with 40 thousand views, citing that it was too sexy (when it had always had an age restriction on it, and contained no nudity). And, I know why they treat me like they do. Their culture is deranged. They read our comments, and they pigeon hole us in the worst false light possible, simply because our beliefs don't coincided with theirs. They're like a bunch of crazy babies from another dimension, man

  14. You're right James, the Schools and mainstream media are sexualizing the children of today, something that was not even thought about in the 70s the era I grew up in. But today the mindset of the Liberals today are not the same as it was in the 60s or 70 or even the 80s. Sure the Liberals believed in equal rights for both sexes and there was equal rights as it is today. But back then most women prefer to be homemakers and be a housewife it was their choice. Men or the husband back then were working and bringing home the bacon so of speak, it wasn't necessary to have a two income family members like it is today with both the parents having to work to make ends meet and take care of the kids. And the Liberalism of today is destroying the traditional family values that I grew up in. They the Liberals, whether they be Feminist or Liberal politicians make it sound like it's a bad thing to be a traditional family and have some values. I am not saying that kids of today who grow up with gay parents is wrong or immoral, they are lucky to have someone who loves them. Most kids in a home with heterosexual parents don't get enough love or attention, because they are either working too much or are drug addicts or Acoholics, we don't know the circumstances of a child's life in their own home environment. Anyways I am just rattling on here! Cheers James! 😊👍🇨🇦🍻

  15. Also, you seem to be a smart guy. Three degrees, educated. Have you ever looked at all this stuff and thought some type of self-service eugenics program is going on? As you mentioned useful idiots. No need to send them to gas chambers if you can get these people so confused sexually that they dont breed or self castrate. Trendy to be trans…. maybe thats a stretch… but.. Georgia Guide stones; some people believe it so much that the depopulation agenda has literally been written in stone… What if all this gay, trans, birth control, pedo stuff, is being pushed by eugenic types… Maybe thats going down the rabbit hole a bit but….?

  16. I've spoken on this subject some (more so lolicon and the stuff that happens online) and woah boy, you're not joking when it comes to the extreme gas-lighting you can get in comments sections and people trying to defend and justify it. Reminds me of a documentary on NAMBLA I watched and how some of those guys have this weird twisted sense of reality on that. Search "Opie & Anthony: NAMBLA Documentary
    ." you'll see what I mean. … Its messed up, and for the longest time I was kind of blind to it… EDIT: Infact, just what you described is shown in that documentary where this old creepy guy is getting a thrill off these kids outside at a pay phone and they're totally un-aware what his deal is and just think hes an awkward old man but when he gets back to the car with the camera crew explains his perception of the event he was all "mmhm, yea sweet young thanks did you see how they were flirting and leading me on" … makes my skin crawl.

  17. You know when that movie came out "The Purge" I thought it was sickening and sad that we had gotten to this point as a society in the way of entertainment. Well it does in it's own way claim a certain aspect of merit when I see what they are doing to kids now. I hope this doesn't come across as over the line. But humanity is in a whole sh$t of load of trouble.

  18. Every time I think liberals are the most disgusting creatures on earth…they tell me to hold my beer…watch this

  19. If they want to depopulate, I suggest the unarmed leftards start a hot civil war and see how that works out for them trying to slap us with their purses.

  20. RBG Wants The Age of Consent….Lowered To TWELVE !!! !!! !!! If My 12yr Old came to Me And Said See Ya Later Pops…..I'm going out with Bill…..He's 30….We're in Love…..And Now that I'm TWELVE…….We're Going to Be having Sex…..COULD YOU IMAGINE THAT KIND OF WORLD?! Soooo Many Fathers in Prison….FOR MURDER !!! !!! !!!

  21. Weren't they just talking about intervening in homes where parents were anti-progressive?

    I guess grooming your boy to take pipe from some dude in assless chaps is the new normal.

  22. James come with us Russian Orthodox/ Eastern Orthodox/Arab Orthodox Christians into the wilderness. Come escape with us.

  23. 14:05. Lost your vegetarian subscribers? How many of them from the high Arctic?

    I'm praying for you bud, after having to cover this septic subject. Only because this needs to be corrected I plowed through with you. We're with you James.

    On a more positive note, you know Max raised over $300K last weekend for the PPC?

  24. What do Feminism and Homosexuality have in common? Hedonism and Narcissism. A life centered around oneself while casting away the responsibility of procreation

  25. it will take decades to get out of debt .hundreds of years if the libtards steam on.where does $$$$$$ for non essentials come from. govts just keep printing cash? creates nothing but inflation

  26. You know what lefties and feminists should hate the most? Trees. Yep that's right the plant world is rife with racism, toxic masculinity and a fight for dominance. Talk about misguided aggression by the SJW crowd like, sweet jeezus

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