Pelosi Mocks AOC & Progressives On 60 Minutes

Pelosi Mocks AOC & Progressives On 60 Minutes

so right let's get to the story so one of the big points of this show missions of this show is to inform people of how we got Trump okay so now Nancy Pelosi was completely dismissive of the progressive caucus in the Congress on 60 minutes and I just want to just tell you that that's how we got Donald Trump how do we get Donald Trump is because the democratic party stopped representing the working class and they got in bed with Wall Street the military-industrial complex and Big Pharma and the help they got in bed with the people that owned the Republican Party so now we have one party it's the money party and it's got two right wings and that's why we got Donald Trump because people have been hurting you know back in the early 90s Bill Clinton said he's gonna give everybody health care he didn't it didn't happen but we've been knowing this was a problem since 90 then since the 80s in the United States and we still don't have Medicare for all here we are 2019 so that's like 30 years later we still don't have it and and why don't we have it because when we elect people who we think are our lefties when we elect people who who say they're gonna give us Medicare for all when they say they're gonna end the wars when they say they're gonna break up the banks when they say they're gonna protect Main Street when they say they're gonna bring us a living wage when they say they're gonna regulate Wall Street this is what we actually get this is what we get we get another Republican my policies are so mainstreamed that you know if if I had said the same policies that I have back in the 1980s I'd be considered a moderate Republican I mean yep so the people have been screaming for a leftie government since Ronald Reagan and we haven't gotten one we got two Republicans dressed as Democrats we got Bill Clinton who private who privatized prisons exploded the prison population deregulated Wall Street that led to the economic crash he passed NAFTA cut the legs out from underneath the unions he got it welfare he did things that Ronald Reagan could only dream about doing because he was a Republican and he gave the corporate Democrats cover and then we then we get eight years of George Bush and people revolt we elect a black guy with a Muslim name and he governs like Mitt Romney anyway we would have got his health care plan anyway no matter if he wanted for him or Mitt Romney and so that's the problem so now people like aoc and andro Khanna and Bernie Sanders realize that there's a crisis there's a crisis and that we need an axe we need a revolution and and so we think oh that's how they campaign and then we vote for them and then they they go and they back the problem now I was saying this at the time you're like well Jimmy if we don't have Nancy Pelosi we'll get an even more speaker even further to the right I'm saying don't do it you got extract remember that and people made videos wagging their finger at me because I said you can't you can't do this you can't back this as a progressive you can't back the problem you have to extract something from them and then the progressives didn't extract anything they said they got committee assignments so that's what they said in return for more power they're gonna get some plum committee assignments and you know who decides if those committee bills get voted on Nancy Pelosi so it doesn't matter so here is from movement for a People's Party I was injured Cascio cortez endorses so this is what happened they wrote this when this happened and they say this is how Democrats have controlled and contained a progressive movement for decades the party blocks most progressives with rigged primaries and then forces the few who get elected to capitulate to its corporate agenda endorsing everything that is wrong with the Democratic Party undermines your moral authority and grassroots support which in turn makes elected progressives more dependent on the party machine and representative Jay Appel this is what she said about Nancy Pelosi when she endorsed her four speakers she said no one can really doubt Pelosi's progressive jobs [Laughter] and I do think for the next two years as we lead into 2020 and are coming off this big wave the big blue wave we need someone who is smart and strategic and has done this Nancy Pelosi knows how to lose to Donald Trump Nancy Pelosi knows how to get wiped out at every level of government that's what Nancy Pelosi knows how to do and and what do they get for this what is what is representative J Appel get for this what is Al what does AOC get for this what do they get this is what they got here's Nancy Pelosi there's Nancy Pelosi on 60 minutes yesterday you have these wings AOC and her group on one side it's like five people know me play that for you getting up late for you again and the levels are correct with the audio output right cuz it's a little loud in the room which I don't mind I just want to make sure it's not too loud on the live stream you don't I mean yeah I don't see anybody okay anything you have these wings AOC and her group on one side side side people get the fuck out it's like five feet okay progressives who cares we're not stopping what no it's like five who care we don't even we do exactly what we want no Medicare for all no living wage no stopping the wars no regulating the banks and yes the DPP that's what Nancy Pelosi says I thought I could get away today this is dear leader in the 20/20 this is your leader oh it's the progressive group it's more than I'm a progressive yeah so now when Bernie says he's a progressive and independents hear her say she's our progressive they're gonna go Oh Bernie's just like Nancy Pelosi no people don't realize Bernie's running against her that's what people who aren't in the democratic party don't realize what did this get them so what this does is this props them up what what this does when they go out and prop up this props up Nancy Pelosi they shouldn't have done this and so now Nancy Pelosi uses that um that you gave her all that political juice you gave her by doing this cover with her on Rolling Stone and lending her your progressive credibility now she uses that to squash you so you pumped her up and now she uses that pumping up to squash you so I was right about this and this is what while he'd Shaheed said he said that's quite a way to welcome the new generation of mostly progressive women of color entering the Democratic Party who are actively young people people of color and working-class voters of all backgrounds so you want to see you want to hear how progressive she is here's what Nancy Pelosi has to say about programs so again remember the reason why we got Donald Trump is because both parties are Republican and people are hurting and they don't offer them anything so people got desperate and voted for an orange clown businessman billionaire who has no interest in helping them but at least he gave them lip service the Democrats won't even do that remember Hillary Clinton Medicare for all will never come to pass you're not getting it vote for me watch her do the same thing are contending with a group in Congress over here on the left flank are these self-described socialists on the right these moderates knew yourself said that first of all they're not socialists they're self-described Democratic Socialist do you understand that there's a big distance of course she doesn't understand that that's why she's a reporter for CBS News the difference between a socialist and a democratic socialists are huge an actual socialist wants the government to control the economy a Democratic Socialist just wants health care and a nice welfare state a social safety net for people that's what it's democratic socialist is health care education prenatal care that's that's clean water that this is what this is what a Democratic Socialist is as opposed to a socialist who says the central government should plan the economy am I wrong about this this is what Jimmy really quick question do we have any socialist programs in our country yes we have lots of them oh really come on well Social Security is the socialist program Medicare is a socialist program by the way Medicare is the most popular health insurance program in the country and it's and it's the socialist one so let's listen to what she says again are contending with a group in Congress over here on the left flank are these self-described socialists on the right these moderates knew yourself said that you're the only one who can unify everybody and the question is can you by and large whatever orientation they came to Congress with they know that we have to hold the center that we have to go down the mainstream they know that what first of all like we have to go down the mainstream which you get to by taking a right-hand turn at donors alley go to donors alley take a hard right-hand turn turn to your right you're gonna be in the mainstream we have to hold the center we have to hold the mainstream Nancy plea by the way Nancy Pelosi is considered a progressive in the same world where she's able to unite the party and that world would be in her brain so she says you got we got to go down we have to hold the center and go down the mainstream Cubs sailed down the mainstream where everyone having health care is just a dream that's the mainstream no wonder billionaires feel at home the Democratic Party am i right you're right the only thing Nancy Pelosi can unite our banks so she said you got to go down you got to hold the center so what that's called is that they're their status quo e's they're being reactionaries and they're saying that it returned to the status quo is what we really need No the status quo is what gave us Donald Trump and that's what corporatists don't understand and that's what people who tell me on Twitter well I'll vote for Bernie but if that he doesn't win that I'm gonna vote for whoever the corporatist is was gonna screw us again oh you mean that thing you've been doing your whole life that got you Donald Trump yeah I'm gonna keep doing that and I'm gonna call it a dolt you idiots here is what she's saying is not mainstream this is what Nancy Pelosi is saying is not mainstream so there you have Medicare for all 70% of the country on board for Medicare for all that is super mainstream Nancy Pelosi will lie to you and deny you health care just like Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell why because she's corrupt Nancy Pelosi is corrupt she's corrupt like Donald Trump she's corrupt like Mitch McConnell she's corrupt like John Boehner and Paul Ryan Nancy Pelosi's corrupt and she's the one who's keeping health care from you she's the one who's keeping the wars going she's the one who didn't prosecute the torturers she's the one who's keeping you from a living wage she is the one who won't break up the banks Nancy Pelosi is your enemy she's not your friend she's a right winger that's gonna freak some people out Nancy Pelosi is a right winger she's not for any of this shit that makes her a right winger she's cool with Trump's criticism of Ilhan Omar she's cool with Trump going into Venezuela she's cool with Trump denying us a medicare-for-all Nancy Pelosi is an enemy of yours she's only a friend of the donors and the progressive caucus which has a hundred members in it supported Nancy Pelosi and she just went to psych five people it's like five people in every fucking voter in the cunt three and 70% of the voters that's like five people and 70% of the voters so when they tell people like Ilhan Omar and AOC and Grow Cana that they have to compromise they're not saying they have to compromise with people who represent voters they have to compromise with people who represent donors that's who they thinner cuz the people wanted where do I go who do I have to negotiate with in America what voting bloc do I have to negotiate with to get seventy percent of us should that agree already on single-payer I don't have to negotiate with anybody we're all for it oh I have to renegotiate with the owner class which owns Nancy Pelosi so she's just full of shit she's a liar and she's corrupt to the core Nancy Pelosi and she's your enemy she's the face of evil who's keeping you from health care and she's lucky she has a guy like Donald Trump who she can demonize and use as his tool to beat you over the head with so you'll keep voting for corrupt pieces of it like her so I just want to remind people oh well he also posted this it's a video of CNN just a couple of weeks ago they had on the Democrats these are real-life Democrats and they were interviewing them and they were most of them were supporting at the time some version of a corporate Democrat but there was only two people in this group that were considered to be themselves speak progressive they supported aoc or Bernie just two of these people in this group and I want to watch you there just I want you to watch I want to show you and I want you to watch their reaction to when she asks these regular Democrats most of whom aren't progressives how they react to the mention of AOC here we go Alexandria Acacio Cortes your thoughts wow I mean woman amazing again yes I mean she's asking the right questions she I don't feel like she's playing games I make so excited about her she is smart she is intelligent and I cannot wait to see what else she does Democratic Party nervous and I mean the way they should be nervous because you know she does represent the the new the new guard the new generation I think she really kind of personifies you know where we expected things to go she's the candidate of the future she's got this down pat and she has also nailed it and as a woman in a male-dominated field this is how we women in the male-dominated fields we have to work like this all the time she is the candidate of the future she get ready for her because she's coming only only two of those people consider themselves progressives the rest of them were mainstream and you see how they reacted every one of them was it do you see her oh my god hello that's call I want to get off my ass and I want to go vote for somebody which is which is that that doesn't happen for Joe Biden that doesn't happen for Hillary Clinton that doesn't happen for Kamala Harris that doesn't happen for boo Cory Booker you know that happens for people who actually speak about stuff that people want and we know we can have again this is what they want this is what people want ending this is what people want this is what everybody else gets to have in other countries except the richest country in the world because we have corrupt pieces of it like Nancy Pelosi as our leaders and then other people who consider themselves left schwag their finger at you to say you have to support Nancy Pelosi Nancy Pelosi's my enemy and I'll never support her and I'm never gonna vote for a Democrat who supports Nancy Pelosi it's not gonna happen get someone else you want if you need my vote get someone else if you don't good luck you know Nancy Pelosi has been a leader in politics Michael Tighe large yeah in the state of California and that would that almost explains why I don't have better health care in the state of California is because of these elected officials that are supposedly Democrat and it you know I see every often on the chat for the past three weeks that people grow stop calling them Democrats stop saying they're Neal liberals call them what they are I think we do call them what they I think they that yes I just want to also show you so let's just go down this really quickly let's go down this list of stuff that she is saying is not mainstream this is what Nancy Pelosi they want you to believe it's a medicare-for-all is only not mainstream in Washington DC and inside cable news green rooms that's the only place it's not mainstream because if you go to Americans Republicans are for Medicare for all Democrats and independents seventy percent of Americans are for Medicare for all 63 percent are for a $15 minimum wage 60 percent of 66 zero percent of Americans are for tuition-free College 81 percent support a green new deal 59% almost six out of ten Americans support a 70 percent top marginal tax rate this is mainstream stuff baby this is the majority of American stuff and Nancy Pelosi is your enemy just like Trump is your enemy Nancy Pelosi is your enemy just like Trump is your enemy and if you fucking vote for Nancy Pelosi you're a chump cuz she's the one who's keeping you from this stuff the Democrats are what's called controlled opposition and you see what happened you see how they got Nancy Pelosi you see how they got representative AOC Pramila jayapal help everybody supporting her Nancy Pelosi for first speaker and then this is it what is the point 72% of Americans support expanding Social Security 72% of Americans support expanding Social Security so this goes to show you we live in an oligarchy your democracy has already been stolen from you this idea that Russia somehow hacked our democracy our democracy has been hacked by Wall Street's big oil and big pharma that's who hacked our democracy Johnson and Johnson and Boeing and Goldman Sachs that's who hacked our democracy we don't have a democracy because if we did we'd have this shit a long time ago but we don't have this why because we don't have a democracy and voting doesn't matter right now and if you don't think these people are getting ready to cheat you again you're wrong they're already cheating us right now I mean Democrats and I mean Republicans Republicans don't have super-delegates and rigged their primaries you know does Democrats and if you're one of the people who think that Bernie lost fair and square you're probably super dumb and went to I don't know you probably went to an Ivy League school to get your journalism degree if you think Bernie lost fair and square and you don't know that he was the victim of the biggest election fraud in the history of our country of you with a straight face could look into a TV camera and say Bernie lost fair and square like you're a grown-up I'm guessing you went to Columbia School of Journalism and you probably pushed that conspiracy theory for three fucking years so this is what people want and this is how you get Trump when you deny this to people that's how you get Trump because if people's lives were going great they wouldn't have voted for fucking Donald Trump and how do I know that because I talked to people in Virginia I talked to coal miners I talked to God cooks at Waffle House's that's how I know it how do you know it you talk to anybody in a TV greenroom lately who can give you the insight onto voting habits of people who've worked in coal mines so that's what let's keep going 62% of Americans want to legalize marijuana 65 percent want to reform our incarceration system 63 percent want same-sex marriage freedom 69 percent set seven out of ten want to keep Roe vs. Wade seventy-five percent think immigration is good seventy-five percent of Americans think immigration is good 83% want net neutrality 61% want to help stop climate check the 7% want campaign finance reform which is not what which is now what the Democrats want oh we want to get rid of Citizens United almost six out of ten Americans want to break up the big banks you know like that if they're if that number was like 33% Oh 33% you go wow that's kind of a fringe idea but guess what it's the right idea so let's push it and we'll change people's minds it's already it's already at six out of ten and they the Democrat know we already have a mature supermajority no tax the rich more seventy six percent our 64% want a guaranteed jobs program 76 one tax in the rich 67 taking big taxing big corporations more and eight almost nine out of ten Americans want to use the military only as a last resort Nancy Pelosi would say that that's kooky crazy lefty and only five people want that stuff and I want to know why the progressive caucus votes for Nancy Pelosi I want to know what the fuck is your strategy your strategy is to lose and be marginalized that's what that strategy is you extracted jack shit out of Nancy Pelosi for your vote nothing you know who got stuff out of her the conservatives in Congress they got a lot out of her in fact the Congress got a little more conservative when Nancy Pelosi became the speaker they moved a little bit to the right boo and Nancy is not a progressive that's that's her trying to poison that word and she's doing it okay Oh God all right so um again do you need I don't again I would like to understand I would like to know what the progressive strategy is when you vote for Nancy Pelosi and you don't run someone to her left you don't run someone to her left they didn't run anybody to Nancy's left they didn't even threaten to and then they come out and say that bullshit they say this this is really what you say no one can really doubt Pelosi's progressive chops why do you gotta say shit like that you know what undermines you you know you know your fucking tie in your own noose around your own neck when you do that what you say and I do think for the next two years as we leave it in 2020 and are coming off this big blue wave we need someone who is smart and strategic and has done this that's this what you need Nancy Pelosi so this is what this is why it's super tough to say I'm gonna be a revolutionary and I'm gonna run inside a counter-revolutionary party I don't doubt representative jay Apelles intentions I just doubt the strategy I don't I don't doubt her heart I don't doubt at any any of the progressives hearts I doubt their stupid strategy that's what I'm talking about extracted jack shit from Nancy Pelosi for your support for her speaker and now she's sticking it right in you okay somebody from our chat mentioned it went by really quickly and I'm sorry I didn't catch your name but they said do you remember when Bernie said Pelosi is doing a great job in 2018 I don't remember that but I don't even want to look it up hey I get to people are flawed I get that I get that Bernie's not a perfect and I get all this I get people why people are people and people have flaws but we're in a crisis this is a great crisis mode the planets in a crisis the countries in the crisis students are in a crisis old people are in crisis workers we got tent cities veterans crisis it's time to do some shit it's time to do something and shake it up quit voting for this goddamned Democratic Party already put the Farragut Miss Nancy Pelosi look like she's afraid of you does she look like she's afraid of Donald Trump being president again cuz she is not Nancy Pelosi loves having Donald Trump as president she would much rather have Donald Trump as president than Bernie Sanders or Tulsi Gabbard that's for goddamn sure every Democrat just about would rather have Donald Trump as president Chuck Schumer certainly would the bleeder ship of the Democrats Dennis Steny Hoyer all of them they would all rather have Donald Trump as president and if you don't think that you're a chump next live Jimmy Dore show is June 5th that's a Wednesday and Hermosa Beach comedy club in Hermosa Beach California go to jimmy dore comedy calm for a link for all tickets we might be coming to your town and if you love the show please become a patron please support the show we give you hours of bonus material every week and please click that bell and make sure you subscribe to even if you think you are already subscribed a unsubscribe people every day just check thanks for your support

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26 thoughts on “Pelosi Mocks AOC & Progressives On 60 Minutes

  1. AOC Amazing???????LMFAO she is as dumb as a box of rocks, brilliant panel ya got there. Lets stop all air traffic(as soon as I get off my plane…Oh no my next plane…oh no Lets stop all air traffic for everyone but me. And my boyfriend….ummmm and ummmm well, just let me fly and the rest of u go fuck yourselves. Yeah AOC is the future. The future of the Democratic party is illiterate bar tenders who won a casting call by a group of socialists behind the scenes and say whatever they are told to say…if they can remember it that is. Yeah lets get more pin heads in govt…good call Jimmy…now back to reality.

  2. Great Video Jimmy! Any government program paid for by tax revenues defines Socialism. Our government has had Socialist Administration since George Washington. Most people are ignorant of what socialism means. There are significant differences in socialist administration and totalitarian socialism but all government services provided and paid for by tax revenues is socialism.

  3. People need to realize they have been brainwashed into loving the problem and hating the solution!

  4. You are progressively shooting yourself in the foot only way to get anything that is not establishment is vote for someone that is not part of it that can and will deliver! As bad as you hate Trump he is the only chance you have! Trump is exposing everything you are bitching about! The Democrat republicrat establishment! Better wakeup in 2020 realize you need to vote for the only one beating the shit out of the establishment! President Donald J Trump No matter who you vote for in Democrat party you will get Pelosi! Same old bait and switch! You got it half figured out! The part your missing is the solution! Expose the establishment which you will only get with Trump consider it a bridge to further debate! If the left and right come together defeat the establishment crooks we have a chance United to form a government that works instead of one that screws us in the back room then comes out and blames it on the other party! So far the only one that hasn't taken the payoff offer is Trump! Before anything you want can take place first the establishment crooks have to be exposed! Just saying look at big picture here!

  5. Speak about it are not what people want! Delivering it is what people want! Only one on the stage delivering on their promises is once again President Donald Trump! Your stupidity is what is keeping us all down!

  6. Like it or not Trump is the only voting block you have that is fighting against the Democrat Republicrat establishment!

  7. Yea the entire Democrat party are liars and traitors nazi facists in full force! Donald Trump is the only one following through delivering more than dems ever have! No difference between democratic socialist and a socialist! They have given you the walk away movement because people are waking up!

  8. Dems dont follow through on any promises! Proven time and time again! Nothing good comes from the Democrat party!

  9. Pelosi and Schumer would rather have Donald Trump than Bernie Sanders or Tulsi Gabbard as President?
    Well, they way they are going, they are going to get their wish because I'm not voting for another corporate Democrat and I know that I am not alone. The question is, who are we going to vote for after they screw over the progressive candidates? Progressives should unify to choose alternatives during the general election.

  10. Tell me, Jimmy, how is NOT taking over the party working??? Take one look at Independent Tim Canova, and you will see that the establishment disallows outsiders to a higher degree.

  11. Pelosi said the US is a capitalist country….no it’s a country that is democratically governed, with a constitution that protects ALL USA citizens….the rich and poor. Read it. Fair and even tax across the country. Karl Marx invented the term ‘capitalist’ to mean those who control the wealth at the expense of the working class. That is not what the founding fathers envisioned in the constitution…not at all!!

  12. Good analysis of the Right…Dems, and the Far Right….Reps. Dems should be left of the far right, not close to the same position. Bernie….true Dem.

  13. You mean a social democrat because Democratic Socialism advocates state controlled means of production but Social Democracy just wants to regulate to oversee capitalism and tax everyone equitably and insure the wellfare of all of it's citizens regardless of wealth.

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