Pete Buttigieg: Real Progressive Or Corp Dem? — The Political Vigilante

Pete Buttigieg: Real Progressive Or Corp Dem? — The Political Vigilante

what's up your political vigilantes you are all helping making Gotham great by watching the show you don't want to watch the news on the corporate media pay the cable companies the telecoms and all that nonsense so they can push some crazy narratives that we don't want to hear about one of the things we're seeing them do is push corporate candidates because there's I don't know 20-some people running in the Democratic field and they keep trying to tell us that nobody wants to watch Bernie and they're tulsi doesn't exist and there's the repeal people you reading you get behind or you know Joe Biden and Kamala Harris or beta or or whatever so this actually article was submitted by patreon supporter Justin Johansson justing thank you so much folks you can support the show and submit articles like this if you go to and only accept politicians who have proved they actually care about people other than themselves it's articles by Nathan J Robinson and it's it's it's pretty fantastic so it's about Pete Buddha judge the I hope I'm pronouncing that correctly the mayor of South Bend Indiana again on paper he's openly gay he is an Afghan war vet and he's a progressive or so they claim so now we know that term progressive keeps kid is been co-opted by the corporate Democrats so so how do we know what do we know this guy he's a small town mayor South Bend Indiana is a very small town it's where Norton Dame University is who is he is he a real and it and they're already grooming him now he could potentially be the and and here's where I start to have caught pause and this is what Nathan J Robinson does an excellent job read the whole article it's in the show notes but he points out all of this how this is like this was in the Washington Post the most interesting Mary you've you've never heard of right oh my god could could Pete booty but a jet Buddha judge become the first millennial president oh man that was in The Washington Post they really want this guy New York Times the okay president oh man if this ain't liberal clickbait I don't know what is so let's meet this guy alright I'm on board right openly gay guy I'm for gay rights I'm progressive I was glad Obama passed gay marriage thing right on it's in the military man I've done USO shows for the military in Afghanistan Iraq and Kuwait I I'm a big proponent of vets that's one of the things I like about Tulsi Gabbard let's see what he had to say in an interview this was on Vice on the one hand you definitely speak very progressively but you don't have like a lot of super specific policy ideas part of where the left and the center-left have gone wrong as we've been so policy led that we haven't been as philosophical we like to think of ourselves as the intellectual ones but the truth is the right has done a better job in my lifetime of connecting up its philosophy and its values to its politics right now I think we need to articulate the values lay out our philosophical commitments and then develop policies off of that and I'm working very hard not to put the cart before the horse is there time for that you know they want the list they want to know exactly what you're gonna do I think you can actually be a little do you have time to come up with actual policies if you're gonna run for president of the United States or is it easier to just come up with platitudes and and progressive clickbait he he literally just said wow the center at the left and the center left get all tied up and wanting policy that's what resonates with voters dummy they just this is another guy we start to learn if you read the article oh he went to Harvard he worked for this big consulting firm that consults big money people he's part of the privileged ruling class he has a book out that says nothing oh man looks like we got a so beta Roarke he's part Latino apparently because his name is beta even though his actual name is robert Francis O'Rourke see more than distraction good-looking young guy millennial he says some things in this interview that are like he's like Millennials should absolutely shape this conversation because in twenty fifty four we will be the age of the current president so we have a say wow that resonates with me I say this all the time Millennials should absolutely be getting involved because you're gonna be living in a post-apocalyptic nightmare if climate change isn't it addressed today but then he literally just said I don't want pop we can't get all bungled up in policy well then why am i voting for you G another centrist with platitudes did that work in 2016 I forget did a centrist with platitudes over policy did that work did that work I forget I have a bad memory dishonest to think you have it all figured out on day one look I think we're all anybody in this race or conversation is going to be a hell of a lot more specific and policy oriented than say the current president but I don't think we ought to have that all have locked in on day one these citizens they have that feeling that it's their job to vent you for the rest of the country yeah that was kind of the vibe I got right if you would keep / God – yeah that's like being in front of a hiring committee they're like one I really like poke some holes and see what you do right that's not running for the most important job ever is like people would want to actually know it's weird I mean that's what roundel move sounds like some purity tests boy it's almost like if we don't really vet someone will get a an orange skin psychopath that was in office because progressive was cheated in the primary level by a Wall Street warmongering corporatist what do I know detailed policy white papers may be coming soon but mayor Pete has to make a name for himself first so for the time being he'll be out there trying to make the personal connections he thinks will give him a way into the national conversation you're less free to start a business if you're afraid of losing your healthcare or if you don't have a solution for child care or if you don't have a bandits benefit structure that matches the 21st century that's about your freedom right business limit we need to be talking about public education and defeat family leave and exactly quality public health as part of growing our entrepreneurial success yeah I mean why would we pit Kappa we'll take it that's it okay great Pete but like great then say that come out with actual policy say I'm gonna be for $15 an hour I'm gonna be for medicare-for-all I'm gonna be for a green new deal I'm gonna be for free college tuition say actual policies I think we're all tangled up in this I mean god this is just an on table jumping beta O'Rourke but here's what Nathan named Jay Johnson talks about which is fantastic I don't trust military intelligence officers oh that's what he did he was in military intelligence oh I smell a deep state candidate hey thanks deep state thanks for bringing this guy to our attention deep state this is the diversity of the ruling class gay that boy I like him I'm a neoliberal that doesn't have time to watch the real news that sounds that's what we need the vets will appeal to the red Staters what appeals to red Staters is what appeals to blue Staters which is how are you gonna pay for your kids college how are you gonna pay your medical bills the number one reason for bankruptcy in America is medical costs how are you going to do that say my to care for all say I was in the military we spend too much money on war I want that money to go for the American people not bombing I don't trust military telling Java sir and I don't trust the type of people likely to appear on a 40 under 40 lists the valedictorian to Harvard to Rhodes Scholar he's a Rhodes Scholarship types who populate the American elite that's why they're pushing him that's why CIA backed Washington Post and pro-war New York Times are pushing this guy because he's part of their group of elites he's part of the ruling class he's a rich kid I don't trust people who get flattering reams of newspaper profiles and her pitched is the next big thing that you must pay attention to and I don't trust bun Durkins who become successful too early how do you get so successful so quickly like the self-made billionaire hoax that they always talk about no one's a self-made billionaire you were propped up you were helped you had rich parents you were groomed and selected by the ruling class to allow you into their inner circle because if you challenge the ruling class guess what kids you don't get this kind of action you don't get it few people amassed these kind of resumes if they are type 2 openly challenged Authority Noam Chomsky says that the factors predicting success in our meritocracy are a combination of greed cynicism obsequious nough sand subordination lack of curiosity and independence of mind and self-serving disregard for others yep and you know what else isn't in here policy because you really want the world to be a better place because you see what's wrong you see the good things you have in your life or the struggles you're having and you say that's not right you don't have that when you're a rich kid that has given all these things and his won't you know who else is a Rhodes Scholar Rachel Maddow is a Rhodes Scholar wasn't Bill Clinton a Rhodes Scholar when he expanded the prison population gave us NAFTA got rid of glass-steagall Obama went to Harvard he took us from two wars to seven Bush went to Yale when he made an illegal war into Iraq and lied about weapons of mass destruction how did he get into Yale was it because he was a great student oh no his rich daddy put him in there the same rich daddy that gave him a deferment so he didn't have to go to the Vietnam War it's that he speeds zero spend zero time in his book discussing the economic struggles of the residents of his city yes there are serious economic problems in South Bend Indiana and he doesn't address them it's not like he's got a chapter in his book that says we have these economic problems and here's what I've done to fix them we had fifteen percent unemployment and my term we've got that down to seven percent like there's nothing like that did you know there's a giant racial wealth gap in South Bend you won't if you read about South Bend in his book shortest way home he's got this book see there's a book and it just shows it's all personality and platitudes and identity politics over policy gee I wonder why how did Trump win the whole country must hate women no he tapped into a populist people forget that Trump ran on a populist anti interventionist platform he also had sexist racist xenophobic crap this wall he wants to build is ridiculous but he said I'm gonna bring jobs back here I'm gonna make America great again he hasn't done any of those things and that's what you should be running on so what to and he's too new to have like his donate is people who's donated to him but he defeated Washington ambitions through a 20-18 PAC donations if you go to open secrets and just put his name in you see this whole article and you see this big pack that got money from the consulting firm that he donated to and law firms and realtor's all that sort of neoliberal we don't give a damn about working people group don't fall for it guys cuz all we got is another Bobby Francis O'Rourke standing on a table see this is what overwork does I don't have platforms so I'm gonna doubt this guy's looking at his feet she's looking at her phone no one is impressed with your nonsense if you had platforms that would help their lives they will Bernie Sanders is not the perfect candidate but he's saying things that are gonna help people Medicare for all free college tuition things Hillary Clinton called pony's ending all the wars man that's what people want 60% of Americans don't have five hundred to a thousand dollars in savings that can't handle a five hundred to a thousand dollar emergency three thousand cities have lead levels at Flint or worse so policy how you gonna make it better I'm gonna one-bedroom rent controlled apartment because I lost my home I bought an electric car but the federal tax break got it raced by Trump tell me you're gonna bring that back that's a policy you're gonna increase incentives you're gonna stop subsidies to the oil lobby and give it to green technology tell me that god damn it I have a better platform than you and I'm a surfing hippie comedian I don't stand on a table I do a YouTube channel because you guys are smart enough to not get your news from CNN and the New York Times and the other jag wagons that push these clowns he's no different they dough Pete whatever Robert Francis so he's about as Mexican as I am Paco Elwood Elwood Spanish for the wood isn't that fancy like subscribe share the videos watch the ads go to the patreon and I can bring you the truth that the mainstream media won't bring you that's why you watch me let your friends know about it you

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44 thoughts on “Pete Buttigieg: Real Progressive Or Corp Dem? — The Political Vigilante

  1. A gay man who experienced all of these wonderful opportunities….of course he's propped up by the elites.

  2. He’s bought and paid for.
    Bernie is the only clean candidate with any popularity whatsoever.

    Buttigieg ticks all the right boxes for corporate Dems. He’s practically a poster boy for corporate dreams come true.

  3. Pete never said that he was never going to put out policies. He said he was currently describing his vision and values to voters. The first Democratic debates are not going to take place until the end of June. If he does not have some policies out by then, then it would be more reasonable to complain. I rather he takes his time to put out thorough and legitimate policies rather than to rush unsubstantial policy proposals. As i read these baseless comments its obvious why Trump is president. Whereas Republicans are extremely tribal (look at Trump's approval rating among his party), Democrats are constantly eating their own. Keep it up and Trump will surely get re-elected in 2020.

  4. Sanders and Granddad are the only REAL progressives!!!
    Warren is to buddy buddy with Hillary, the rest are just establishment distractions.

  5. i didnt know Buttplug was the gay mayor of "South Bend" till 2days ago&i thought"well,theres a joke that wrote itself ".
    comedians will be out of a job if the world gets anymore ridiculous.i got to admit,im excited,,a potential race war,potential armageddon&AOC maybe upto her waist in seawater screaming"see,i fking told ya" cz noone told her the tide comes in twice a day😉.
    David Schneider was warning about an ice age in '78& in '79 he was "appropriated" by the global warmers&did their bidding instead. scientific integrity….as rare as albino pandas.

  6. 6:45 – So those "values" don't lead this motherfucker to come out for universal health care? What a piece of shit.

  7. Pete is a snake, I'm glad everyone is finally catching. Fuck the establishment selling out the working class for decades.

  8. O'Rourke likes jumping up on tables with rolled up sleeves thinking this will make him appear energized when it just makes him look ridiculous. While Buttigieg thinks his "philosophy" will change things as they are. Him and O'Rourke ought to join a circus.

  9. There is one #45 killing POTUS ticket – Bernie/Tulsi 2020. I said very early Clinton could never win, I and others were right. I'm saying now, the only POTUS ticket combo that can beat the Neo libs and thereby the orange stain. Bernie/Tulsi2020, Bernie/Tulsi2020, Bernie/Tulsi2020, Bernie/Tulsi2020, Bernie/Tulsi2020, Bernie/Tulsi2020, Bernie/Tulsi2020

  10. Jesus f'ng christ Buttigieg is a tool of the center right DNC'ers. Hey Mayor Pete – Nope. He's Obama right/light at best, and Obama was a right winger. The Corp Dems never talk about policy, wtf is that idiot talking about.

  11. He sounds like an asshole who is mocking us. I'd like to hear him behind the scenes, talking about deplorables and the 49% (Clinton and Romney).

  12. Most of us want those things and we don't care how old you are as long as you can help us get them. And don't promise something you can't do. At least we know Bernie's been working for this stuff for 30-40 years.

  13. That's right Pete I want you to have it figured out on day one. If you don't have it figured out by now you useless. Sanders Turner 2020

  14. Pete sounds good but so did Obama & so does Tulsi & Beto is a former hacker, nice amorality, dude! More talk, no action typical Millenial. We wouldn't be in this mess if they paid attention & did something. The affirmentioned are popular for those who vote from waste down.
    VOTE for Bernie! We need a smart, honest pragmatist. NOAM CHOMSKY ENDORED BERNIE! Noam speaks, I listen! and so should you.

  15. This punks job is to siphon primary voters away from Bernie in the first round of the Democratic primary, allowing the superdelegates to pick him or another slick, neoliberal tool to continue the f “ed” up status quo!

  16. The Right has values???!!!! Greed, lack of empathy, selfishness and being willfully ignorant are not positive "values"!!!

  17. He’s praying enough exposure will get him the blessings of the establishment and consequently the super delegates.

  18. Obama did not "pass" gay marriage. The Supreme Court ruled that it's unconstitutional to ban it. Obama didn't support marriage equality until 2013. We have it in spite of him. Not because of him.

  19. Good-looking guy, millennial, gay….wait….do I smell f'ing IDENTITY POLITICS again? Not that he's probably my favorite corporatist warmonger in this lineup. Mayor Pete – Graham….I live in an LA diaspora town, Joshua Tree, and I can't tell you how many Hilbot-cum-buttigiegs transplants are living here. It's so sad. I sold my cabin on 2.5 last yr to a hollywood starlet who proudly proclaimed she had, are you ready? Adam Schiff. You live in the EYE of the storm dude!

  20. I only like South Bend Indiana because Kate McGarrigle, an old friend of mine from Saratoga Springs, NY, dramatically mentions it in one of my all time favorite songs:

  21. I read that he went to the military for SEVEN MONTHS so he could have 'veteran' on his resume.
    The guy is a lying bullshitter, another establishment recruit. His record as Mayor is horrible, he was NOT doing anything 'for the people', he was for gentrification and big money, etc.

  22. Boot-edge-edge is the phonetic pronunciation.
    BTW you have a great radio voice — very soothing. Love you on Jimmy Dore: you're so witty!

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