They call it first past the post
You live in a constituency kinda like an area code There are 650 of these various zones. Up and down the country designed to compartmentalise votes Check the system, listen, The Prime-ministerial candidate with the most votes don’t always win in this system Our votes only count towards helping some random politician in our local jurisdiction better his position Come closer listen in…
Only takes a third of the population to give a party the majority they need to win
Even if more people in total across the u.k i.e. the real majority, vote against em getting in, yeah The systems kinda fucked and it doesn’t seem fair But that’s the way it is here and also over
there In the USA where the airs already turned sour
Cos more people voted for Hilary but Trump still got into power
But check the loop hole, It’s called tactical voting If you live in an area where most of your neighbours are a mix of blue and red And are practically neck to neck in the polling And the yellow party are the party you’ve
invested all your hopes in Then your vote will probably be in vein
I know this sounds insane and probably makes you feel Like you’d do better if you just abstained And didn’t vote for no one like, fuck em
they all the same No one represents me or my peoples anyways
But what if one party is the best of a bad bunch And you’d rather them get into power than those other lying cunts
What then? Think practically The only way of ensuring the worst don’t
happen is by voting tactically i.e voting for the party you hate least so
the one you hate most don’t just win automatically In the past this has worked when those of
you liberals in the centre have acted pragmatically Accepting things the way they are without
tryina change them dramatically Cos you know you’ll lose systematically
But we’re living in different times now, unprecedented If Trumpism has taught us anything it’s that the political system However demented and augmented can be dented And you ain’t gotta go out and vote the
same way all your family and friends did So go on, role the dice and play the game
Not all constituencies are the same, Some are red, some are blue
And some are all together strange, mixes of the two, That hang in the balance And you might do well by putting your X up
on that ballot, Throw some seasoning in that salad
Just try and swing it, help your party win it That seat in the Commons still has value in it Even if your party aint running government they can have a voice within it Veto policies
they don’t agree with That the party in control are tryina pass
through and get em beated Like when Boris tried to prorogue parliament
and got defeated Fuck how you wanna live now
This is about how you wanna move forward What kind of future you want for your sons
and your daughters And all you OAP’s out there, the ones that
are probably gonna die in the next ten years anyway… Why don’t you ask your 15/16 year old grand kids Who they’d vote for if they could and go and vote for em? You’re generations already fucked up the environment for em. How about not fucking up their futures for em as well? At your marks… Get set… Go… First Past The Post
That’s what they call the system we use in this country when we vote
Cameron said that Britain’s broke But the only thing that’s broke in Britain
is this system, trust me, It’s a fucking joke Just a two horse race like Lidl and Aldi
Fuck where you do your Christmas shopping man All they wanna know is ‘you an inny or an outty? Naaa They don’t wanna see your belly button man
You don’t wanna live to regret this Second chance to stay or head for the exit
Naa Obviously i’m talking bout Brexit
Yeah that’s right we all still talking bout Brexit This ain’t no super complex shit, its simple Fuck how these politicians flexing
Tryina make this shit about their parties policies When aint nothing moving forward till this problems been corrected
So vote Torie if you wanna be free from European influence And become the 51st state of The US when it comes to trading Or vote Labour and have another referendum on whether we leave the EU Now that everyone’s more informed about the situation But if you’re worried bout Jeremy stifling wealth creation and don’t wanna vote for Boris cos you fucking hate him
Then vote Lib Dem in the constituencies they have a realistic stake in
Or the Green Party I hear some of you shouting -respect if that’s where you stand your
ground in- Or any of the other smaller independent parties
in the areas they have some actual clout in And force a hung parliament
So no mother fucker has the majority and we get another coalition government
…the choice is yours Vote with your head and your heart in equal
measures Now that you’re better informed… Take your vote and go hell for leathers Go
rustle some fucking feathers… Oh and merry xmas
What’s at the top of your wish list? Apart from wrapping up this whole dirty stinking business Go out and get voting
After that you can get the smoke in and crack the tins open Cos you’ll need a clear head
for what’s approaching No joking
Trust me the game’s wide open… You know what to do…
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100 thoughts on “PLAN B – FIRST PAST THE POST (UK Election)

  1. My constituency is:

    Red/Blue only

    They last election both got about 48/48 percent with 4% other so the vote makes a massive difference

  2. Take my hat off to plan b .. I don't care what anyone says he helped push rap and grime threw with ill manors.. Course it was bout anyway but The whole scene had another push… A talented creative soul and one we shouldnt forget.

    This deserves milli views all day long.

  3. 2:59 Funny thing about that line is I bumped into Plan B's mum in the former.. 😏

    I appreciate this message.. 💯 The game really is wide open & could go either way.. 💭

    I'm more torn than ever before on which to choose, but about to make my way to do a tactical vote.. 💣

    – @Acharich

  4. The need for proportional representation!
    The only vote to improve our lives was for the Labour Party, evidence shows this, but the wealthy will try trick you to vote in their interests.
    Humanity is nearly spent, a vote for the Conservatives is a vote against you!

  5. This song could have had a way better impact if it was released before the register deadline (postal and proxy voting too, which most young people have to rely on).

  6. Can anyone break down what he said about the loop hole why the person with most votes doesn't always win. I think I have a switched on way at looking at things. I just want to make sure I'm on same page as plan B about this song. I think this needs way more views tho I also know most just don't get these types of lyrics.

  7. This guy has got it all sing rap act direct write. I need plan b in life. Nice see you back Ben. Actions speak louder than words my best song of yours. Or pity the plight 🤷 Any people Wana chat? Who u guys vote for ?

  8. We dont give a fuck about the system! Move forward, what have you done in this future…taking the music game for a joke plan b, maybe you should of stayed as an actor, at least he had a gangster part in harry brown

  9. Came to see you in glasgow on valentines day 2012 i cant believe how long its been since ill manors that whole project is one amazing piece of art

  10. Does he think democracy worked with the latest election? He's part of the older generation that he's complaining about lol!

  11. Banger, impressed with this! I'm sure I saw grime gran beating him with a slipper for this video tho and they never even used it 😂 😂 funny

  12. Plan b gets a lot less shit for telling people to vote, when you compare it to the reactions on stormzys video telling people to vote
    …. I wonder why?
    That's rhetorical. It's because of racism!

  13. I am over the moon the Conservatives won. I'd usually never vote for them but anything over communist Corbyn and the Lib Dems giving away the country to people who have no connection to this country and just want to take what they can essentially, not build the country up and contribute. I voted by post from Germany and as soon as I can afford to come home, I'll be glad. The Tories are far from perfect (bloody understatement) but I come from a poor family and have seen my family's life dramatically change for the better due to the changes implemented while I've been raped by taxes here to serve wave after wave of gimmigrants since I moved 3 years ago. I was really nervous Labour, the party for the work shy, migrants and soppy kids on college campuses, would sway the vote in the UK too with the promise of all that free shit but the working British voter came through. Fuck all your bias. Here's to those who actually believe in the UK and are ready to see it prosper. I've seen both sides of the coin and I'm telling you, it's not the UK that will suffer. Mainland Europe is drowning especially Germany, which is sad to see it's beautiful here but it's a direct result of EU retoric and sadly the people are paying the price. Your outright disrespect for the elderly generation makes me sick so I'm glad you young 'uns got a big fuck you at the polls. These are the people that fought for the country and gave you prosperity. You'd likely be speaking German like me otherwise. Self entitled kids, just in it for the freebies. I know how it is. When I was 16 and EMA came out I was all over that are you mwad!! But that's the mentality of a young person with no serious responsibilities in life, no job (yet) and no experience of the real world. Hard work pays off in Britain. It doesn't here. That result is just the mandate you wet wipes were asking for all this time, that's your second referendum right fucking there. Can't wait to be home 🇬🇧

  14. Love he’s back spitting about true shit was jst a tad to late to get his message across properly tho should have done it a few weeks earlier

  15. Haha funny thing is that is votes where counted by the most votes Nigel f would have had a good sitting a couple of a year or 2 ago

  16. Plan B championing a Stussy hat!
    We all know the couple of 'rappers' who must have inspired him

  17. Having elections alone doesn't make you a democracy. A functioning democracy has a free press, an informed electorate, systems of accountability, and clearly not a FPTP system (Tories only got 43.6% of the total vote).

    The apparatus set up around securing the success of the establishment is sickening. 85% of media owned by Billionaires. BBC is full of Tory appointed editors.

    88% of Tory campaign claims were provable lies (by various fact checkers. Found 0% lies from Labour btw lol) Then online you have millions spent on mass twitter bot usage, fake websites, targeted illegal ads. No doubt we'll have another Cambridge Analytica scandal on our hands pretty soon (If the media allows it).

    There's zero accountability. Calling it an uphill struggle to break through that level of control and manipulation is an understatement.

    The only consolation is that this was another reactionary vote. A Brexit referendum, not a party policy election. They didn't win on their own merits. It speaks volumes that people just voted into power a man that is unelectable by all objective standards. People voted for Brexit or against Corbyn, not for Boris ( I realise some people are that like him :kys:). Brexit was poison for UK discourse, and especially for Labour to be fair. Holding the centre is clearly a losing strategy. I mean, just look at what happened to the Lib Dems. Centrism is truly dead, there's no going back to pre-2015 politics.

    The winter election thing seemed to help too, there was a really low voter turnout across the board. Also didn't help there was a lot of reports of inept councils turning away registered voters away from polling stations.

    I dunno, there's a hundred reasons it went the way it did. None of it points to it being a fair and democratic election for me though. We live in an theocratic oligarchy that controls the narrative with ease, and they've just consolidated a lot more power.

    I'd like to say that after another 5 years of Tory failings, and after people realise just what a Tory Brexit looks like, people will vote actually in their own interests next time. Trouble is in the meantime, the austerity death toll will continue to rise, along with child poverty, homelessness, working poverty, wage stagnation, economic stagnation. We'll have no trade deal and years of negotiations, collapsing our industries (what little we have left). We'll likely hit that recession that's been looming and have massive inflation, making all this worse. We'll see the breakup of the union, with Scotland and Ireland leaving almost definitely leaving within the first 2 years (Scotland especially, who as a whole consistently vote SNP or Labour, but always end up with a Westminster Tory government). Wales might even join in for the laugh.

    We'll see the rolling back of worker rights, human rights, increased online surveillance and greater controls/restrictions, and a clamp down on dissidents and increased militarisation against protests.

    Not that we'll hear about any of it after the Tory media reforms. The UK msm will fall in line, and independent journalism will be under attack, along with whistle blowers. All whilst pretty much ignoring climate change.


  18. Corbyn was too dangerous. Older people don’t want to fuck up your future. Everyone over 21 don’t hang around in old people’s homes working out ways to undermine everyone young.

  19. I'm massively impressed, this is very well put together. I didn't expect it to be so clear and concise, I expected more anger and hyperbole. This is Akala levels of content.

    Also, the bit about 'OAPs' hits. And he knows it, hence the borderline accapella. As a whole this is so well done. Would've shared it everywhere if I saw it pre-election.

  20. More people voted for Hillary. But More states voted for Trump. American politicians shouldn't be dominated by California and New York. That would be unfair. As for FPTP system, yes thats a joke

  21. This ain't deep. Had me until he started mentioning US politics and incorrectly too. If you think more people voted for Hilary that's a big insight into the ignorance of Plan Bs mind.

  22. America is not a democracy. We do not allow the majority to dictate the minority. What part about, To the republic, for which it stands. Didn't you get?
    Oh an while I'm at it. America also isn't a Christian nation, check (treaty of Tripoli article eleven). An if you we're able to read this far, then I might a well tell ya. We had sixteen presidents before George Washington. Plus there were only twelve original colonies till after Pennsylvania broke a piece of itself off.

  23. how can anyone say brexiteers and ill informed when some people have only just figured out how the voting system works lmao first past the post erm! yea … you only just realised that …. and consider this a people's vote now stfu about remaining that ship has sailed

  24. There was a referendum on AV and it got rejected. So this misses the point that an alternative was at least offered recently.

    The one where the majority of participants voted 'out' they just tried to overturn for 3 years which is worse than dodgy FPTP.

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