Political parties call for immediate repatriation of Choi Soon-sil

Political parties call for immediate repatriation of Choi Soon-sil

With the allegations surrounding Choi Soon-sil
snowballing, the three main political parties will soon begin negotiations to bring in a
special prosecutor dedicated to the case, Lawmakers are united in calling for immediate
repatriation of Choi Soon-sil for investigation. Park Ji-won has the latest from the National
Assembly. The ruling Saenuri Party has decided to accept
the opposition bloc’s call for an additional investigation led by a special prosecutor
into the Choi Soon-sil case,… following a general meeting of its lawmakers on Wednesday
afternoon. With the decision,… the parties will soon
begin discussions on the next steps. The ruling party is also demanding a large-scale
reshuffle of the Cabinet and presidential office involving all officials related to
the case. Floor leader Chung Jin-suk demanded that the
presidential office find Choi Soon-sil and her daughter… and bring them back to Korea
for questioning. Seoul prosecutors say they’re presumed to
be in Germany but are not sure of their exact whereabouts. “We will have Choi Soon-sil brought back to
Korea… and we’ll make her stand in the photo line at the Prosecutors’ Office. We urge the Presidential Office to immediately
order the repatriation of Choi and her family.” The main opposition Democratic Party of Korea
said that if the allegations are true, it would be “shocking”… for the top office
to have been under such heavy influence from someone with such close ties to the president. “What is really serious is that the president
didn’t just take Choi’s advice in private, but a group of people around Choi interfered
in state issues,… acting like an advisory panel,… and the president actually accepted
the advice. If it’s true,… it’s like Choi ran her own
presidential office above the real one. It’s total nonsense.” The liberal party vowed to dig into the case,…
adding that no one is exempt from investigation. The minor opposition People’s Party also demanded
that all presidential secretaries resign. The party also urged the president to leave
her Saenuri Party. “Choi reportedly received alll the details
of the president’s schedule and state affairs… and even made decisions on personnel appointments. It’s just confusing who the real president
is.” “The assembly’s House Steering Committee has
decided to ask prosecutors to charge Senior Presidential Secretary Woo Byung-woo with
violating a parliamentary law requiring him to appear at last week’s audit. Park Ji-won, Arirang News.”

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