Political parties in Russia

Political parties in Russia

This article lists political parties in
Russia. Russia has a multi-party system. Currently there are four parties that
make up the federal parliament, the State Duma, with one dominant party.
After Perestroika, in the 1990s there were over 100 registered parties in
Russia, but people elected in State Duma only a small number of parties. Since
2000, during Vladimir Putin’s presidency, the number of parties very
quickly decreased. Last years from 2008 to 2012 there were only 7 parties in
Russia, and every new attempt to register new independent parties was
blocked. The last registered party was government-organized Right Cause. Before
2011 parliamentary elections, about 10 opposition parties were refused in
registration. But after a series of mass protests and thanks to a 2011 European
Court decision on Case of the Republican Party of Russia, the law was changed and
the number of registered parties quickly increased to more than 48 in December
2012. About 200 parties are in creation stage according to the Justice Ministry
website. History
=Party of power=In Russian politics, a “party of power”
is a specially established party which unconditionally supports the current
president or prime minister in the parliament.
These parties have been considered parties of power:
Interregional Group of Deputies/Democratic Russia
Choice of Russia and Party of Russian Unity and Accord headed by Sergey
Shakhray Our Home – Russia
Ivan Rybkin Bloc Unity
A Just Russia United Russia
Legislation Social composition of voters
According to studies, United Russia voters in 2007 were younger and more
market-oriented than the average voter. The party’s electorate includes a
substantial share of government employees, pensioners and military
personnel, who are dependent on the state for their livelihood. Sixty-four
percent of United Russia supporters are female. According to researchers, this
could be because women place a great value on stability. In the run-up to the
2011 Duma elections, it was reported that support for United Russia was
growing among young people. Registered parties
All parties registered by the Ministry of Justice have the right to participate
in any elections all over the country. The list is placed on the Justice
Ministry website. On December 2012 there are 48 registered parties in Russia, 4
of them are currently represented in the State Duma.
=Currently represented in the State Duma=
=Currently represented in regional parliaments=
Patriots of Russia Yabloko
Civic Platform Communists of Russia
Right Cause Rodina
Russian Party of Pensioners for Justice Green Alliance–The People’s Party
People’s Party for the Women of Russia Republican Party of Russia – People’s
Freedom Party=All currently registered parties=
Parties without official registration=Parties currently in creation=
According to the Ministry of Justice, there are currently 196 parties in the
creation stages.=Active unregistered parties=
Pirate Party of Russia Russian People’s Democratic Union
The Other Russia Russian Communist Workers’ Party –
Revolutionary Party of Communists All-Union Communist Party Bolsheviks
Alliance of the Revolutionary Socialists Democratic Union
Great Russia Historical parties
Merged into United Russia: Unity
Fatherland – All Russia Our Home – Russia
Agrarian Party of Russia Merged into A Just Russia:
People’s Party of the Russian Federation Rodina or Motherland-National Patriotic
Union Russian Party of Life
Russian Pensioners’ Party United Socialist Party of Russia
Party of Social Justice Russian Ecological Party “The Greens”
Merged to form Right Cause: Civilian Power
Democratic Party of Russia Union of Rightist Forces
Merged into Communist Party of the Russian Federation:
People’s Union Merged into Patriots of Russia:
Party of Peace and Unity Beer Lovers Party
Conceptual Party Unity Russian Section of the Committee for a
Workers’ International Social Democratic Party of Russia
Christian Democratic Party of Russia Communist Party of the Soviet Union
Conservative Party of Russia Eurasia Party
Green Alternative Green Russia
=Banned parties in Russia=Communist Party of the Soviet Union
National Bolshevik Party Hizb ut-Tahrir
Soviet parties Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
Factions: Anti-Party Group
Group of Democratic Centralism Left Communists
Left Opposition Right Opposition
United Opposition Workers’ Opposition
Liberal Democratic Party of the Soviet Union
Parties of the Russian Empire Constitutional Democratic Party
Union of October 17 Party of Democratic Reform
Socialist-Revolutionary Party Left Socialist-Revolutionaries
Trudoviks Popular Socialists
Russian Social Democratic Labour Party. Factions:
Bolsheviks Mensheviks
Mezhraiontsy Yedinstvo
Polish Socialist Party Social Democracy of the Kingdom of
Poland and Lithuania General Jewish Labour Bund in Lithuania,
Poland and Russia Jewish Socialist Workers Party
Union of the Russian People Other historical parties
For Holy Russia Jewish Social Democratic Labour Party, a
1906-1928 Zionist socialist political party in Russia
Pamyat People’s National Party
Russian Maoist Party Russian Movement
Russian National Socialist Party Russian National Unity
Union of Social Democrats Communists of Russia
Russian Section of the Committee for a Workers’ International
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References External links
Justice Ministry webpage about Russian political parties
Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation webpage about Russian
political parties

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