Political parties react to election results

Political parties react to election results

Following the release of the official election
results, the leaders of the three main parties addressed the Korean people. A mix of victory
and concession speeches. Park Ji-won has a wrap-up. The election results were particularly painful
for the ruling Saenuri Party,… which failed to achieve its minimum goal of securing a
majority in parliament. Taking responsibility for his party’s disappointing
performance,… party leader Kim Moo-sung,… who had previously said he would resign after
the election regardless of the result,.. stepped down from his post this Thursday morning. “The public judged us with fierce whips and
we suffered a crushing defeat. This all happened because we forgot that politics is all about
respecting and fearing the public. The Saenuri Party is responsible for all the results,..
and we accept it as a strict command from the public never to fail them again.” The main opposition Minjoo Party of Korea,…
which fared very well… considering the liberal vote was split with the new minor opposition
People’s Party in the picture,… thanked the public for its support.
Interim leader Kim Chong-in said Thursday morning that the election results represent
the public’s judgment on the incumbent government,… particularly its economic policies. “The Park Geun-hye administration and the
Saenuri Party have to realize at this point that it was all about the economy. It is just
natural that a government that failed to address the livelihoods of the people would be judged
by the election. That’s the power of the ballot, which is stronger than bullets.” The minor opposition People’s Party also thanked
the public for their votes. The party has emerged as the real winner here,…
as it will now play a crucial role when a majority is necessary at the National Assembly.
The party’s co-leader Ahn Cheol-soo said that this election demonstrates the country’s desire
for change. “This election was not a victory for politicians,
but for the people. It was a command to practice politics not for the sake of politicians,
but for the people. We will be more humble and we will listen to the voices of the people.” The minor opposition Justice Party,… which
garnered six seats,… also said the election showed the public’s desire for change… and
its wish to end the worn-out two-party system. Park Ji-won, Arirang News.

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