Political Party Affiliation, NOT Policy Differences, Are What’s Actually Dividing Americans

Political Party Affiliation, NOT Policy Differences, Are What’s Actually Dividing Americans

A professor at the University of Maryland
by the name of Liliana Mason has put together a new report that attempts to highlight the
divisions amongst people here in the United States based on political ideology. During her research, Liliana Mason found something
extraordinary. She found out that, when it comes to strictly
issue driven politics, the majority of people in this country actually agree with one another. When you lump in political ideology, party
affiliation, Democrat or Republican, that’s when the divisions, that’s when the hatred,
and that’s when the debates about the issues begin. If you’re only talking issues, people agree
with one another. She points out things like same sex marriage,
gun control, the economy, entitlement programs, climate change. The majority of Americans are in favor of
more progressive policies towards all those specific issues and more. If broken down by political affiliation, by
party affiliation, the divides begin. She blames this on the team sports mentality,
here in the United States, in terms of party ID. The Democrats believe that the only goal is
to defeat the Republicans. Republicans, likewise, believe the only goal
is to defeat the Democrats. That’s not just in DC, that is people across
this country, coast to coast, border to border. They only want to see their team win. They don’t care how they win. They don’t care if the accomplish anything
decent in that victory. That’s what they want to see. They only care about the issues when party
ID is removed from the equation. That’s the problem. We have to stop looking at this as Democrat
versus Republican, because when you get to the heart of the issues, the majority of people
in this country are pretty damn progressive. That’s what we need. Before he left office, George Washington warned
the rest of the country about the dangers of political parties, about the dangers of
ideologies and how they would divide this country. He was 100% correct. That is what this new study by Liliana Mason
is proving. People just want to see their team win, regardless
of the cost and regardless of if they’re ever able to accomplish something. That’s the problem with both the Republican
and the Democratic establishment types. They don’t care about policies. It’s all about winning that next election,
because that’s a victory for your team. If we want to move forward as a country, we
have to evolve passed that mentality, and we have to evolve passed those two major parties.

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59 thoughts on “Political Party Affiliation, NOT Policy Differences, Are What’s Actually Dividing Americans

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  2. People really are so stupid. This is why the two party system is so outdated, and we need a new government system comprised of complete independents.

  3. which is why I refuse to call myself any of these things. and when people call me them I ask why you think I am that. I didn't say I was.

  4. Never question your parents, church, leader, or God. That's how Republicans were raised. It doesn't matter what they want, they MUST follow. There is a false equivalency here, Reps want to indoctrinate or destroy everything different, Dems wish to educate and uplift. Both sides want the other gone, but don't ever think that means the same thing for both parties.

  5. I personally describe myself as 3/4 progressive Democrat and 1/4 moderate Republican. By this I mean that if you show me a list of 10 things most Democrats believe in and 10 things most Republicans believe in, I tend to agree with 7 or 8 of the Democratic policies and 3 or 4 Republican policies. Here's the thing, despite the political division that is evident in this country, most people agree on basic rights and laws regardless of their political affiliation. And it's actually hard for someone to be 100% Democrat or 100% Republican in their ideology because there are some things that both political Parties stand for that aren't that popular or certain individuals feel don't apply to them.

  6. The division. A race of beautiful beings filled with hope, faith and belief who worship love to create joy, beauty and harmony. And a race of not so beautiful beings who worship lies, greed and hatred to suck the joy, beauty and harmony created…to make ugliness, misery and conflict. Truth (love) and ignorance (absence of love) don't get along because they are opposites. It takes love (truth) coming from both sides to create "harmony." But it only takes ignorance (absence of love) from one side to make conflict and war.

  7. I had the idea of "fukc it, both parties are corrupt monstrosities, I don't want to be associated with either one" so that led me to think "well look at how they do things in other countries, they have more than just a binary choice of this-or-that, republican or democrat, they have more than just two parties!!1" xD

  8. So basically, the difference between Democrats and Republicans, is like the difference between the White Sox and the Red Sox fans.

  9. I don't think it's just the voters political party that they want to win.
    Some satanic bigoted voters vote for the candidate that hates the racial group that they hate.
    They know that Trump's family were members of the KKK; and that trumps father was arrested at one of those KKK meetings.
    They also know that trumps first personal advisor to the President Steve Bannon was a member of the alt right.
    If Trump ran on the Democratic ticket and preached the same bigoted hatred towards race, voters would still make hate and bigotry their main reason for voting for this type of satanic candidate and vote democratic.

  10. How are they the silent majority?
    When we hear them screaming on people and holding guns on the road shouting go back home 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 i don't think we have the same definition of silence just saying.

  11. Similar here too. Very hard to convert the two-party system in Australia into a three-party system. For the third viable party, one lasted for nearly 30 years, current one has mixed results (up/down). Smaller parties have absolutely struggled, been and gone. People stick to their parties while parties go after swing voters.

  12. It's like fascism vs. communism. It's the same shit with the Republican party and the Democratic party in the U.S.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Pass the two major parties, agreed. But either party has the desire to kick this SUPERFICIAL FAILURE out of office! That sh!tbag has sucked putin’s c0ck well enough! This incompetent administration is proving that we have dumbed downed this country, starting with devin nunes, zinke, mnuchin and his gold digger wife, pruitt, and on down the line! They’ve not drained the swamp they’ve created a WHOLE NEW sector that exponentially drains the system! If we can legally bring back PRESIDENT OBAMA and right that dingbats wrong, we would be so grateful!

  14. It should always be about the Policies. Political ideologies have become such a toxic thing.

    People have to focus on the issues and the policies. Put the party affiliation aside, and figure out what's right for the country.

  15. how can you talk to people in ways that dont automatically make them see you one way or the other and get hostile in one way or another? you try to say "we should take care of the poor" and people will just shout "SOCIALISM!" and stop listening. having more parties isnt the answer either, other countries have more than two and they dont do any better. not to get biblical but both sides seem to be fighting for their souls lately and theyre both losing.

  16. In other words people will be cucks and disagree with others just because so and so in a dem/rep. Jesus Christ.

  17. All I know is I was a registered Democrat for 33 years of my 52 . I never missed an Election in all those voting years . I left the Party the week of the 2016 convention . I will vote on issues only …and will never vote Democrat again …..I will vote only 3rd Party or real Progressive insurgents . I see no difference between the Party's . Also I think the Democrats are the bigger threat …cause thy are in the way of really fighting GOP policy . heck half the time they back it . GOP put s the gun in your face …Democrats put the knife in your back . Democrats are worse ethically in that regard .

  18. Political parties should be banned.Each representative should be elected to represent their constituents not their party or corporate masters unfortunately it would probably never work. Given human nature no one would agree on anything and nothing would ever get done.

  19. Political Party Affiliation is the major reason the Americans are divided… isn't that how several civil wars throughout history started? (Before gaining military support I mean)

  20. Yes: Americans don't understand policy, so they look after labels and succumb peer pressure.

    Americans are cavemen.

  21. This video needs to be spread throughout the entire country so many people will not see it people need to understand this this has been the problem with America since World War II

  22. Perhaps. Racial underpinnings are also a fulcrum in this so called discourse. We also have to address sites like FB and youtube curating consumable media that feeds into conformation bias. Combine wage stagnation with high rent and people are on the ropes and don't really have the mental energy to digest complicated issues. The party system may be an issue but what factors are creating an environment where people feel like they have no choice?

  23. the division is right and wrong. The right wing eat any shit handed them are racist bigots fools and evil. Sorry way off base. The majority of Americans don't effing vote   The GOp suppress a large chunk and the GOP vote for their stupidity in bigger numbers.

  24. I don't think so! you judge them like you call them if there evil racist narcissistic and self-serving lying fascist republiKLANS and KLANservaTARDS they need to be called out by name! the very same way we call out any hate group by name like the Ku Klux klan, Neo Nazis,Skin Heads, Alt-Right and Teabaggers which is all part of there party…

  25. I don't think so! you judge them like you call them if there evil racist narcissistic and self-serving lying fascist republiKLANS and KLANservaTARDS they need to be called out by name! the very same way we call out any hate group by name like the Ku Klux klan, Neo Nazis,Skin Heads, Alt-Right and Teabaggers which is all part of there party…

  26. I don't think so! you judge them like you call them if there evil racist narcissistic and self-serving lying fascist republiKLANS and KLANservaTARDS they need to be called out by name! the very same way we call out any hate group by name like the Ku Klux klan, Neo Nazis,Skin Heads, Alt-Right and Teabaggers which is all part of there party…

  27. Never before in all my life of voting, have I witnessed family and friends so divided by politics… Religion, yes.. politics generally no.. Both were things we all avoided at the dinner table and special events. But now.. I could vote for a local democrat or republican and feel okay, because I KNOW them.. but statewise and national level, to me they represent nearly the same.. Although, I feel more protected by Democratic party, I feel as though they do possess less of best interests of everyday people as opposed to what they used to be.

  28. When a natural disaster happen or a gun shooting. I don't see people as a democrat or republican. I see people wanting to help others. And there time of need. They don't care if there a democrat or republican. They just want to help them out in there time of needs.

  29. The Republican politicians are criminals. I will never identify with them. The democrats are simply a vehicle for progressive ideas

  30. The difference between the democrats is they feed us bull shit! and the conservatives say why are you feeding them so well!

  31. Wake up, people. This isn't football, this is the future of not only our country but our children and grandchildren at stake here.

  32. I am independent i dont like democrats or republicans they are both scum this 2 party system needs the end.

  33. The GOP never represented the interests of working people. The Democrats used to, but that was 30 years ago. Both parties only represent the business class and the wealthy. It's overdue for that "Revolution". And that's why both parties, along with their corporate media allies, work very hard to make sure that white and black working people don't unite…..because that would be the revolution we desperately need.

  34. I just learned about the Election of 1828 in History class this week. I think that's when things started to go downhill.

  35. The tribal mentality is killing us as a people. We're so locked into this mentality of "my team, right or wrong" is really killing us. And it's made even worse by the corporate media favoring one side over another. Faux News, MSNBC, all of them are guilty of propaganda that only serves to turn us against ourselves.

  36. Bread and circuses; that's what political affiliation is all about. Oligarchs tell us to watch the gladiators, content with crumbs, while they conduct their kleptocratic business unnoticed.

  37. Divide and conquer. That's the game of those who control the political puppets in the 2 main parties. Keep citizens divided and they won't focus their time and efforts on politicians to do their damn jobs…. which is to represent ALL citizens, not just the wealthiest 0.1%

  38. I starting to think that maybe the United States and its stupid 2 party system need to be destroyed. It's like killing cancer, you need to destroy all cells to kill it. Maybe the US needs to be destroyed in order for the world to survive.

  39. This thumbnail is a good example of a picture speaking a thousand words. "The silent majority stands with trump" when realistically they're the very loud minority

  40. Interesting because I've never met a Republican who believes in those issues. I keep myself registered as an independent so people don't automatically write me off for being a dem even though that's all I've voted in the past.

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