Political Science for Transfer

Political Science for Transfer

(upbeat music) – My name’s Brandon
Pablo Leon and my major is political science. I moved out here to Rio
Hondo because there was just a lot of opportunity out here. I saw the culture we had on this campus, really it’s like a family culture where they want you to succeed. You know, there’s a lot of
faculty here that go out of their way to really
help you and there’s access to a lot of opportunities at the school. – I’m Dr. Manuel Baca and
I teach political science. The most important thing
to me about teaching political science is it is something that involves all of us. It is about being a citizen in a democracy to empower our communities. – I love being involved in my communities. I want to take that knowledge
I get from political science and I really want to
apply it to my community. I want to get out there,
I want to get active, I want to help organize people. – My name is Cesar Anthony
Calleros, my major is political science and what I want to
do is just become a lawyer. I want to specify with
families because growing up I had a tough time with that,
too, and we found people that couldn’t help and
I want to try my best to become a lawyer and
actually help parents. The courses I’ve taken they’re
actually really developed and they’re intuitive and I like it because they get involved
with their students. – We offer the Associate’s
Degree transfer. What that does for a student
is ensure that they have admission into the California
State University system. – I really believe that
Rio Hondo is very helpful. It just really feels like
I’m not in this alone. Honestly, I didn’t think I
needed to see counselors. I started seeing counselors
and they helped me out with so many different
things, I think it’s necessary to continuously see a counselor,
they’ll keep you on track. Right now, I’m weighing my options. One of the schools I’m really looking at is Georgetown University. I really like diplomacy,
I’m thinking about one day, maybe my pipe dream is
to become a diplomat. Start Rio, go anywhere. – If you’re interested
in political science and would like to transfer to a university, consider
earning your Associate in Arts for Transfer in Political
Science from Rio Hondo College. Earning this degree will help
you meet the requirements to transfer to a university,
specifically a California State University so you can
earn your Bachelor’s Degree and begin working in an
entry-level position. Many graduates work in
government as elected officials or in various capacities
within the legislative field. Other career options
include journalism, law, business, and teaching,
depending on experience. Many government jobs
have strict guidelines and want to carefully
match candidates knowledge, skills, and abilities
to the job description. If you’re interested in political science, begin by taking courses such as Political Science
110: Government of the United States and Political Science
130: Comparative Government. More importantly, meet with a
counselor on a regular basis to make sure you’re on track to meet the degree requirements.

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