50 thoughts on “Political Systems Explained for Dummies

  1. Every time I hear that blasted chord, I keep waiting for the rest of the song, which is sampled from the James Brown song "Papa's got a brand new bag"….Annoying…

  2. SJW Corporation: You have two cows bought by your parents. You moan they don't produce milk by themselves & when someone else tries to help by milking them you don't thank them because you were too busy taking selfies to notice, so it goes sour and you blame Trump.

    NPC Corporation: Doesn't know what a cow is. Agrees with everything the SJW says, posts it on social media along with a few terms like sexist, racist and homophobic, then tells you a video of a cat playing with string is so funny they spat their coffee out

  3. I came here looking forward to the Cambodian one. (Takes the cows and shoots you)
    I did not remember the bureaucracy one. Priceless. XD

    Also does anyone else think the background music with the sound effects breaking it up is really creepy? Is this just a quirk of my mind? There's just something about it all that feels… off.

  4. You did Fascism wrong. The incentive is to benefit the nation. So it is capitalism under a mixed economy, the state doesn't need to take your cows! Instead if it was nationalised you would've reduced your prices and hired local workers instead of offshoring it by being greedy to make more profit. Fascism seeks to increase purchasing power through production and efficiency!

  5. Competition in dairy farming, simply does not work. Dairy co-ops operating like oil cartels , however, work spectacularly well – profits are used to build and maintain pasteurizing equipment which would not exist in a competitive environment. For in a competitive environment, no single farmer would be able to afford the tech upgrade. The downside is that to maintain profits, the dairy co-op requires the stores who cannot sell the milk in a timely manner to dump it, rather than give it away for free. .. maintain profits… improvements, tech upgrades to come… Saputo Inc. – amazing Canadian company. The point being – mixed economies work best. Be practical.

  6. MUSINGS :

    A given economy consists of
    owners, managers, and employees.
    They are collectively the source of
    supply and demand. Now,
    imagine an economy in which
    there are no more owners – only
    managers and employees. But then
    the ruling class will hire – require –
    a security police force to keep the
    employees in line.

    In an essay, Margaret
    Atwood argued that Orwell and Huxley
    presented a vision for such a police state.
    In Orwell's vision, they would use guns
    and torture. But in Huxley's vision they
    would use psychiatrists and drug the
    troublemakers who refused to "join the
    festivities" into submission, or into a coma.
    The alternative to State Ownership is
    State Control – a rule by families
    (oligarchs) commited to creating a ruling
    class based upon genetic heritage, or a
    common belief in say "walking after the
    flesh, without others imposing guilt".
    (The family in this case, being a secret society.)
    Sodom is described as a place where the
    personal space and privacy of many is
    violated, in a nonconsensual matter.
    See, book of revelations, kjv.

    ( Bourdain and Spade – two witnesses? )

    Does that violation of privacy,
    not describe the sports culture
    which is imposed upon young males?
    And other males who seek solace in books,
    are also hunted by them. That
    is the religion they peddle, while calling
    it judaism or christianity – it is eugenics,
    and (or) it is "anything goes", social
    darwinianism. They who win, must be
    "divinely chosen", they say. God either causes
    or He allows events to unfold. You could
    not lift a fork, a car, or a hammer, unless He
    allowed it, or caused it. So, it is in politics.
    See, Daniel, kjv. That king of babylon was
    also a king of kings, but that was a different
    set of kings than the one the Lord Jesus
    belongs to.

  7. I got lost when the chickens came in picture all I know is break the blunt in the middle take the tobacco and put weed in lick and twist no lighter use a magnifying glass

  8. Liberalism: The government takes your cows and puts one under Bill Clinton's desk and gives the other one to your neighbor because the neighbor never worked for the cow. The government sells the milk to Iraq so Iraq can sell it for enough profit to buy nukes from another liberal country. They nuke America

  9. Allende's socialism:
    You have 2 cows
    The goverment takes them to the everyone's farm and you care the cows for milk
    If usa doesnt helps or god pinochet shoots him then rest in peace everyone

  10. Capitalism – I own cows and sell the milk for outrageous prices. Oh wait. Another person has cows and is selling his milk for a affordable price and making it so you don't have to pay my ridiculous price. Now the guy that stole my sales is so rich he can start paying people to milk the cows and the sell the milk for him. The people who need money have jobs milking the cows. People who need milk are buying the milk with the wage he's paying them and he gets his profit. Everybody has milk and money. Everybody is happy.

    Socialism – I own the cows, but the government controls how much I milk them, how much I sell the milk for, how much to sell the milk for and who I can sell the milk to. This can go 2 ways. Either the gov. makes it affordable to buy, makes it so I have to milk enough milk to use effectively when purchased. Or the Government Makes it so the Prices are too high, Makes it so I can only milk a little bit and sell a little bit and I can only sell to people who can't afford it. Everybody is happy or Everybody is Miserable.

    Communism – The Government owns the cows. Some people are assigned to feed the cows, some people are assigned to milk them and send the milk whether they want to or not. You aren't allowed to switch job. You aren't allowed to retire from a job. You only thing you get paid with is the milk that you need. Not the milk that you want. People are living but they could be wealthier and happier.

  11. Whoever came up with this should be President in 2020. At least we'd have one leader who understands how the world really works!! Well done to you by the way, I got a good laugh out of this as well as a better understanding for Cambodian Communism 😂😂

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