26 thoughts on “POLITICAL THEORY – Jean-Jacques Rousseau

  1. Had a pop quiz on this guy today. I went into the bathroom and watched this video. Took the quiz and got an A-. Would've gotten an A if you discussed the social contract 😛

  2. I stand corrected, but didn't this 'great man', who professed a love of nature and family a hypocrite? I have read that he dumped his illegitimate children at the doorstep at government orphanages , which were a guaranteed death sentence at the time. ref. Paul Johnson ~ The Intellectuals.

  3. I had no idea that in the 18th century, the aristocracy and maybe the middle class were so distanced from "warmth" in their lifestyle (I had no idea that it was common for rich moms not to breastfeed their babies)! His ideas were great, because it is true that technology and urban life can distract people from the simple beauty of life.

  4. I blame Rouseau now. For all the screwed up idealistic ideologies that exist today. Especially in education. He was an anarchist in disguise. He promotes anarchy, selfishness and lack of responsibility. he seduced too many with his ideas.

  5. This is probably the worst video ever on Rousseau. The narrator mentioned everything about Rousseau but his most important and enduring idea: Social Contract. Either the narrator made a mistake in not mentioning it or did it deliberately for reasons I can't think of at the moment. And I do believe that this channel is definitely trying to put a spin of its own on various philosophers which they may arguably have the right to do so but is quite disingenuous and misleading.

  6. Rousseau reminds me a little bit of ovid or virgil from Roman times. "Teaching people to know themselves"

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