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  1. As a Syrian watching these clips from the Syrian revolution is heart breaking. I wonder if Hobbes theory make sense, but even after all the horror we want through i still believe that revolution is an instrument that proven itself to be crucial and without it in some countries like Syria a change will never be possible

  2. Stop this is terrible stop showing dictators, Hobbes whole work is on absolute monarchy meaning kings and queens ordained by god and church via hereditary succession. Not oligarchical powers such as North Korea or any other nation which is not the above. Other than that this video appears quite accurate just remember that dictators are the figureheads of oligarchies whereas absolute monarchies are literally absolute in power based on social duty.

  3. Anybody prepared to give up liberty for the sake of a little security will get and deserves neither.

  4. was he a Muslim ? it's what the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said one thousand years before Thomas Hobbs , he said "God is the bestower of kingship , bestows it upon whomever he wants and strips it form whomever he wants"
    also said "Obey and Follow even if your back is lashed or your money is taken , obey and follow" and all of that is in order not to insight division within the nation , but there were also some uncompromisable principles such as "no obedience to a creature over the obedience of the creator" , "obey unless you're ordered to oppose god's commands , and do not insight revolution" .

    PS : all the above are approximate translations of what the prophet said . have a good day ^_^ .

  5. Why do I understand this better than the others in my motherlang. German 🤦🏻‍♀️ 😂👍🏼👍🏼 thanks

  6. When you have an essay to write tomorrow about the true nature of humans, so you come here and crunch everything you cand find.

  7. I agree with Hobbes and want to add that ultimately people should take responsibility for their government, and if their government is mismanaged then people need to be actively engaged – representative democracy seems to be criticized though not directly mentioned. High participatory democracies such as Switzerland are what he is condoning.

  8. 3:55 Hobbes view on a state of nature is more interesting. How did they know that men at that didn't always exist

  9. In a nutshell Hobbes says: If there is no big boss…then I…big boss…will have to take my chances on a level playing field like everyone else….and I just can't have that…it's too scary…so what I propose is a protection racket…with me…big boss…your big boss….give me your rights and I will collect them and look after you all. Trust me!

    What…a…sly coward.

    That's a protection racket built on fear and a gross undervaluing of the nature of man…which he says are all savages out to destroy one another.

    I think we can clearly see who the real savage is.

  10. painting your lips is supossed to imply wicked deeds? stinks of unconscious internalized mysogyny. there's nothing wrong if a man or woman paints his lips or nails or anything

  11. Rex Lex by Samuel Rutherford is the proper understanding of civil government. Biblically based and Christ centered.

  12. What you say about the divine right of kings in the Middle Ages is false. At that time, there was no such thing as absolute monarchy. The power of kings was limited in many ways. There also existed the doctrine of the right to depose an unjust king, who did not follow the Law of God. This notion of the divine right of kings came after the Protestant Reformation.

  13. Totally epic political commentary at the start. Good to see all "educational channels" on YT with a couple million subscribers still spread American-War-Hawk propaganda against other countries and their leaders. I am sure the sheep will just see and agree.

  14. Man did you read about Mobarak the president before you put him in same screen with these idiots? I don't think so, but I really recommend to ask any Egyptian right now wether he was the best president came to power of all time. Thanks for your patience.

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