47 thoughts on “Politically-Challenged: Texas Tech Edition

  1. Great job Tech.. This video was used as part of a module discussing Dystopia in my Anthropology here at the University of North Texas. I just want to defecate on the only Texas Tech shirt I own. Who the F is Snookie?

  2. I blame the education system for this
    Teachers should have taken up all cell phones at the beginning of classes

  3. You’re at Texas tech what do you expect ? Legit the school where the dumb kids go to party in the middle of no where …

  4. These are some of the most uneducated college kids I've seen. You can bet most if not all of these kids voted for Joe Biden and Obama and couldn't even tell you his name, complete ignorance.

  5. I asked students (university aged) where I teach in a foreign country the same questions and the knew ALL the answers.

  6. ……..and who cares if we fly the Confederate flag? Blacks and whites have no clue what it is, what war it was from or who even fought in it. The flag will probably be the United States' official flag in 30 years due to the simple……"I don't know" people of the country.

  7. What's more amazing is not their lack of knowledge, but lack of shame. They are indeed ignorant and proud!

  8. Was I the only one who paid any attention in class? I don't see a bright future for this country if people like this are going to lead it…

  9. i can't go on. 2 min of this and I'm out ffs how are ppl this fuckin dumb?! In college fr omg

  10. Are you kidding me?? Living in our country and could be leaders of our country and dumb as a box of rocks!!!! Omg why am I not surprised

  11. I'm relieved to see that it was a shared ignorance between white and black. If it were only blacks, I can imagine the mass stereotyping most of those very same whites would engage in about blacks as a whole. However, it seemed both sides did know more about pop culture than anything else. "Weaker and wiser", huh?

  12. What this video shows is NOT a lack of intelligence or "dumb people" as many of the comments suggest, to me, it shows that most students don't have a willingness to want to learn these things, or when they did learn it, quickly forgot it. The question is why? Knowledge can be retained if a person has a willingness to learn. If learning is actually taught in a way that's exciting to learn and not taught in a way that induces stress then you might see/hear a greater part of the population that knows these things. The way the school system works causes stress which inhibits learning. Think about it, your body goes into fight or flight mode because of a homework assignment that's due, etc. Do you really think you'll learn better in that type of environment? I will say this, some people have a greater desire to learn that they often bypass any stress involved, but others not so much.

    What the video also shows is that people take more interest in Celebrities and who they are dating, and what they are doing because to them that's exciting to hear, there wasn't any stress involved with learning that information, just like there's no stress in memorizing all your favorite teams names and stats, or memorizing songs, etc. These are the things people can go to, to relax and enjoy not being stressed by things such as school. I'm not suggesting looking into celebrities lives is a healthy thing, that a whole other topic.

    Secondly the question to ask is how important is it to know these things? History is important to know in some aspects. To learn how things happened in the past may help to avoid future events from repeating, but another thing to consider is history is not always entirely accurate and with any history book it should be taken with a grain of salt. Just look at today's world, there is so much misinformation and lies out there on the internet, any future generation might have a very difficult time determining what was really true or not.

    Just because you knew the North won the civil war does not indicate intelligence, but rather at the time you had a greater interest to learn that part of history than others. Intelligence is measured in many different ways. Maybe, you feel smarter knowing that piece of information, good for you. This is the problem with quizzing in schools, it teaches kids an idea of what intellgeicne is. You quiz students on some information, (whether that information is relevant or not for that person, and when they get all the answers right they are rewarded with an A+, now everyone knows that student must be smart. Then when asked a question they can proudly state they know the answer.

  13. The people in  Canada  and Western European countries know more about US history then this  nation of pathetically idiot millennials. These people are an embarrassment and an example of the failed US school system. Do they  not teach history in schools anymore?  Obviously not !

  14. When I hear any BS about how teachers do not get paid enough or we should honor and respect them I just laugh. I honestly do not know what kids do in school. If you read commends under articles and videos people no longer have a basic fourth-grade level of grammar. This is your public school system at work. Great job teachers!

  15. This makes me lose faith in humanity, because they know about celebrities but not their country's history.

  16. Remove the liberal agenda from our public schools (Elementary, Jr High and High Schools), and you'll see things like this disappear.

  17. Calm down everyone; not all Americans are like that. These are cherry picked to make it seem like Americans are ignorant of their own history. I am certain that college-educated Americans have a decent grasp on American politics/history.

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