Politics:  A Two Party System?

Politics: A Two Party System?

our governmental system our governmental system
quote poses a clear and present danger to those it is meant to serve unquote and then you go on to say or you’ve said actually
just slightly before in connection with the same point quote the congress is a haven for narcissistic
hacks for whom self-promotion and self-preservation take precedence over serious engagement with
serious issue issues unquote and you also say no one and this is a quote no one today
seriously believes that the actions of the legislative branch are informed by a collective
determination to promote the common good for this very reason periodic congressional efforts to curb abuses
of presidential power are mostly for show and mostly inspired by a desire to gain
some partisan advantage unquote now i think all of that is correct one doesn’t normally read that kind of a thing and never before have i read anybody who said
that a political crisis arises because our government is itself a
clear and present danger to our system so perhaps you could elaborate at some length
and why you have said these things %uh let’s begin talking about the two parties %uh i think that might be a good way to kind of get at the subject i think the first point would be to acknowledge the significance of the fact
that politics in our country is monopolized by these two parties %uh that there is no meaningful third choice third point of view anything that really that cannot that does not fall within %uh what’s accepted the accepted views of the republican
or democratic party is basically viewed as is heresy it doesn’t count it doesn’t get a serious hearing and although as americans we accept the fact that we have this two-party system %uh it seems to me that in some senses it’s
good for us to step back and recognize the extent to which that fact
alone really limits debate limits our choices the second thing i think to be said about
the two-party system is in in many respects it’s a one-party system granted to listen to republicans talk about democrats
to listen to democrats talk about republicans if you take their rhetoric at face value you would reach the conclusion that these
two parties are polar opposites that they believe in in fundamentally
different things but most of that’s theater %uh the truth is that the similarities between
republicans and democrats on very important issues are far more important in in determining the substance of our politics then the differences %uh and in in that sense
the two-party system really becomes a one-party system in that sense although we go through the motions
of having a democracy %uh going through the motions of competitive elections going through the motions of allowing the
people to choose in a sense the game is rigged %uh that the the outcome is determined %uh even before the election happens 0:03:42.229,0:03:45.269

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