Politics Is In A Reboot Phase

Politics Is In A Reboot Phase

– I truly, truly believe this. We, Ben, are now part of something that is resetting the system. I really believe the
whole country, the dialog, social media, everything
got so outta whack, so haywire that Trump
possibly was the only thing that could have rebooted it, but we’re now in the re-boot phase. That’s not a commentary on Trump. I believe we’re in the re-boot phase now. It’s like when you
press reset on Nintendo, and you get back to the beginning, and now you gotta play again. I think we’ve hit that button,
and now it’s like, holy cow, there is fertile ground for good ideas, so if I can continue being
part of that conversation, keep finding allies where three years ago, I would have found
enemies, keep being a part of what you’re doing,
what all of these guys who’ve we’ve mentioned ad
nauseum now, here are doing. It’s like how cool is that. – It is really neat, and it’s fun. It’s really a lot of fun too. – You know, I walk down
the street, and people, first off, I walk down
the street, people say, may the force be with you.(Ben laughs) That’s amazing, but people
literally, some guy, I was walking down the
street the other day, some guy just yelled out,
“Classical liberalism,” and gave me a high five,
and we just kept walking. (Ben laughing) I’m like, holy
cow, ideas are taking root. Look, we live in crazy times, so let’s try to fix it a little bit. Otherwise, what the hell are we doing?

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29 thoughts on “Politics Is In A Reboot Phase

  1. They need to reboot the mainstream media. There are people out there, especially old people, that take the msm narrative for gospel. They're super insulated and very hard headed. Eating up the lies and regurgitating it. Another priority needs to be academia. Get rid of the useless majors and the coddling.

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  3. Ultimate reboot pahse will be when the convention of states pass and we can limit the government spending and hit them up with term limits. maybe even ban lobbyists

  4. No reboot, just coming back to center… we went way too much to the left and now the challenge is not to goo too much to the right..

  5. Why does it look like theyโ€™re about to belt out into a Disney song? Is it the lights in the background that remind of Tangled?

  6. Ben Shapiro and the Daily Wire team, Please check out YouTube channel, Computing Forever and their latest video England is becoming Airstrip One. Dave Cullen, who is Computing Forever, has been a stalwart advocate for human liberty, and free speech and press in particular. He thoughtful and reserved, I think that he'd make a great interviewee. He's also a great choice for a foreign correspondent if the Daily Wire is looking to hire someone for a British or European desk. Thank you for your consideration and for standing for Liberty.

  7. That's what I've been saying. My leftist friends are acting like the world's coming to an end…but I haven't. This isn't a terrifying time. It's an EXCITING time! To quote the musical, Hamilton, "Look around, look around, at how lucky we are to be alive right now!"

  8. The American right need to take back the word 'liberal' from the progressives. A classical liberal is simply not a modern day progressive.

  9. I'm unsubscribing from Ben. He is just as crass and filthy as the world.. He needs to be born again and have the Holy Spirit to lead him unto true righteousness. You need Jesus Christ Ben. You are just as lost as the next sinner. We all need to be forgiven for our rebellion against God and to be filled by His Spirit that gives new life and the freedom to obey the Lord. You have elevated despicable blatant God-haters to speak on your show as if anyone cares what the wicked have in their darkened hearts to say. It's disgusting. I think Ben just cares about $$ and popularity just like the world. UNSUBSCRIBING now

  10. Oppositional force theory describes the idea that it takes an equal or greater amount of force to counter balance any extreme imbalances. Will it over shoot the centre? Likely. Any recoils in a vacuum take time for the vibration to stabilise. But tension pulled from the left happened in a very short time.

  11. The left is the very definition of evil – bloodlust desire to dominate and control every aspect of everyoneโ€™s lives and they will stop at nothing to achieve their goals by any means necessary – the mistake conservatives make is they project their own values of decorum and decency onto their opponents who see them as deadly enemies to be annihilated- like taking a tooth brush to a gun fight – stop it, just stop it, see the left for what they are and listen to what they tell us

  12. Unfortunately yall are pressing the reset button on the Nintendo while leftists are taking an axe to the breaker box.

  13. It's kind of ironic, but Trump has really brought both sides of the political aisle closer together. It's just the fringe cro-magnons who aren't getting along. Simply because they don't think anymore.

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