Powerful Women | Women in society | Women's rights | Aplus4 | 1986

Powerful Women | Women in society | Women's rights | Aplus4 | 1986

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15 thoughts on “Powerful Women | Women in society | Women's rights | Aplus4 | 1986

  1. Iv always found that woman dont really have any want to really work. thay want the money and the feeling of having a job but thay dont really want to work. dont think iv ever seen a woman break a sweat doing a job. thay only want the easy jobs, the clean jobs, the lazy work. if theres any hardship to it thay dont want to know. thay complain about being treated badly in the work place, bullying, being put down, passed over, ignored, not apricated ect the list gose on. and iv no daut that all these things are true, the thing thay dont seem to see or want to see is that all these things are done to men by other men all the time just as much as it is to woman, yet woman seem to take it as being an affront to them cause there woman. its not its just what everyone dose to everyone. if a man complained about the same thing woman would just tell him to man up and get on with it and stop being so spineless. yet when its done to them its the end of the world. thay say thay want equal rights and then want special treatment at the same time. there always something wrong too, theres always some great wrong thats being done to them, thay cant not a have a problem. there obsessed with justic and injustice. thay almost cant do without it. its like thay need or want there to be some opression over them. even when there is none thay seem to invent it. other thing iv noticed is there conversations never go anywhere, thay simple go round in circles moaning about stuff with no conclusion. thay all just moan ramdomly about stuff amoung themselfs with no real diretion to solve anything. thay like talking, thats there favrate thing to do, and about opression and injustice is there favrate topic. with no intrest in solving it. why would thay thay would lose there favrate thing to do if it was solved….

  2. Deaconess Vivienne retired from Christianity soon after this programme aired. She was contacted by several public transport upholstery firms interested in the pattern on her knitted sweater. She later sold the sweater + rights to use the pattern for several million £'s and now owns/runs a nightclub in Ibiza. – (her sweater pattern can still be seen on most UK bus and train services to this day)

  3. 11:10
    This is the problem. Women were kept out of the market because they're not natural producers, they are natural guardians and carers. To maintain the society itself and ensure future generations are healthy.
    Yet they pin everything on "prejudice" without any context.

  4. Important that this took place during Thatcherism – a time of unrestrained capitalism. The market is the greatest leveller, it goes even beyond communism. As one CEO said "the family is surplus to our labor requirements. We need individual consumers. People need to find new ways to live"

  5. It's clear that all 3 waves of feminism were communistic and barbaric and should have been stopped. The decline of western society has been accelerated by each one and our weakness to stop our society becoming increasingly 'open' (formless and without structure, lack of firmness) is truly telling. British 'women' are seen in every country I've ever been to, as ugly drunk crazies nowadays.

  6. Fuck me I would rather have a wank with a bag of clout nails than shag these mingers wonder what there doing now ?!

  7. Hasn't society got enough of this program to deal with without dredging up stuff from 1986?

    When are you going to remake The Sweeney with an all female cast of cops and robbers?

  8. This progtam is now recognisable as an obvious piece of propaganda and social engineering by the neo Bolshevik globalists in their effort to destroy the family unit which in turn weakened society making the nation more susceptible to subversive ideas which are not in our best interests.

  9. Why do we want change to come quickly and whine thinking it is too slow? Surely the concern for conservative women ( and these obviously are conservative) is that the changes are being done thoughtfully with consideration for the effects on those being challenged. These women seem very cautious and for me this is good….because now in 2019 the women pursuing power are bordering on terrorism in their attitudes and approach. Third Wave feminism today is doomed if it persists in anger and destruction….

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