President Moon criticizes political strife at parliament on top of hundreds of pending bills

President Moon criticizes political strife at parliament on top of hundreds of pending bills

president moon jaein says the current
deadlock in parliament is extremely regrettable
especially when a great number of bills need to be passed for the people’s
livelihoods and the economy during a meeting with his top aide today the
president called on the National Assembly think about the people and pass
those bills or packagin reports Prasanna moon Dean has expressed deep
disappointment of recurrent political strife at the National Assembly at a
crucial time when hundreds of bills are sitting in Parliament
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Veta pasado moons made that criticism in a meeting with senior aides on Monday it
comes after the main opposition there birdy Korea party pushed for a
filibuster last Friday to plaza fast tracking of bills to revise the election
law and establish an anti-corruption investigative units the filibuster
motion led to the cancellation of the plenary session which also prevented the
passing of some 200 bills including next year’s budget and bills that could
better ensure children’s safety in school zones the president strongly
urged Parliament to handle them swiftly for the sake of the people and the
economy minister hyun jeong-eun Sangha from jaredpop and Iran Hana Hana gah
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cognitive Andhra and mineral cook German taro totally prasada moon also reflected
on your achievements meet at the asean-korea commemorative summit and a
meet kong korea summit in Pusan last week he cited enhanced cooperation and
free trade science technology agriculture and infrastructure he
especially highlighted that as he and support will be of great help to the
peace process on the Korean Peninsula but while advancing a new southern
policy the president also raised the importance of creating synergy with the
new northern policy which aims to boost political and economic ties with
northern countries like Russia kitten ID on you

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