Prime Minister Justin Trudeau celebrates Canada Day on Parliament Hill

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau celebrates Canada Day on Parliament Hill

Happy Canada Day! Before I get started I have to say, so many of you here. I’ve been coming to Parliament Hill since I was a little kid for Canada Day. and to be able to stand here before you
as your Prime Minister to say thank you. for the trust you have given me is a
little bit overwhelming. I would like to first start by recognizing that we are on Algonquin traditional territory. Canadians are often on Indigenous
peoples traditional territory without realizing it and it’s important for all of us to reflect upon that because the first step of true reconciliation is learning more about one another. You know, as I look before me today, I see what makes Canada such a unique country. I see diversity. Canada is one of the most diverse countries in the world, and also one of the most prosperous. This is not a coincidence.
Our diversity is our strength. It is something we have known for a long time, and it is what we are celebrating today. We are a country with two official languages, in addition to some hundred other languages that are used from coast to coast. We are a country committed to renewing our relationship with Aboriginal peoples, while respecting their ancestral traditions. We are a country in which we are all equal, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. And while we celebrate the things that make
us inherently unique, we know that we, as Canadians, are united. We share goals and aspirations for a better
country, and for a better world. We share values – things like kindness,
compassion, and a sense of fair play. And we know that the best Canada is a Canada
in which we all succeed. Whether we’re fundraising for Fort Mac,
or welcoming Syrian refugees into our communities, we support each other in our times of need.
That’s what we do. That’s who we are. And it’s our job as your government to mirror that compassion – that kindness – that
you show to one another, each and every day. Now, governments can’t do everything. And
they shouldn’t try to, either. But the idea of helping people get ahead, growing the middle
class, and giving every Canadian a real and fair chance at success – well, that’s
an idea we can all get behind. It’s about giving a break to the single mom who works three jobs.
Or the young couple trying to save up for their first home.
Or the senior citizen who deserves a secure and dignified retirement.
At the end of the day, Canada is a land of promise and opportunity. Opportunity created by friends and who have extended a hand to ensure that everyone succeeds. We are here today because somewhere along the way, someone somewhere believed in us. That’s what it means to be Canadian. A year from now, we’ll be back here on Parliament
Hill, celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary. And by Working hard, and working together, I’m
sure that next year we’ll have even more to celebrate.
We can build a better country for all Canadians. We can build a better world for our kids and
grandkids. Because this is who we are.
This is what we believe in. This is Canada. Happy Birthday Canada.

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9 thoughts on “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau celebrates Canada Day on Parliament Hill

  1. Check my: " La Philosophie des Politiciens " playlist, on my YouTube channel.     😀

  2. Whenever he starts talking in French I just lose it. I need to make French my third language, definitely.

  3. Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
    Premier Justin Trudeau Sir
    Premier Philippe Couillard Sir
    The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom
    Confers the Right to a Canadian to Refuse to See
    A Government Appointed Doctor
    Consequently, Government is not to refuse Disability
    Benefits to a Canadian exercising his Constitutional
    Right to see his own doctor
    Gentlemen, let see you try to "weasel-out" of this one.
    Montreal, July 2016

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