Pro charter billionaires astroturfing Democratic primaries

Pro charter billionaires astroturfing Democratic primaries

protesters interrupted senator Elizabeth
Warren’s rally in Atlanta on Thursday chanting our children our choice the
Democratic presidential hopeful was speaking at a historically black college
when the protesters demanded we want to be heard
conservative media outlets claimed Warren’s primarily white audience
shouted down the black protesters but it was representative Ayanna Presley who
came back onstage and replied no one is here to quiet you at least not this
black woman the whole thing smacks of a set up and you can expect to see more
desperate antics like this as the primaries continue to heat up the
intercepts Ryan grim happened to be at the rally and recognize the protesters
as funded by the Walton family you know the multi billionaires who poured
hundreds of millions of dollars into privatizing our schools in fact the
group run by the woman who bused the protesters to the event is entirely
funded by the Waltons part of Warren’s campaign is a proposal to hold the
charter school industry to the same transparency and accountability
requirements as traditional public schools and ban federal funding from any
new for-profits the protesters claim this would limit the parental choice but
as Rachel Cohen points out none of the Senators proposals would actually affect
the schools where the protesters currently send their children unless of
course the schools are fraudulent protesters and activists deserve the
respect to be heard and it was good warned met with them but what activists
say is not inherently unimpeachable and raising thoughts or objections is not
silencing them to be clear Pro charter billionaires were pivotal in shaping
President Obama’s tests and punished education policies that continue to this
day to blame teachers for low test scores in the nation’s poorest schools
and they still have a couple horses in their race like mayor Pete whose major
campaign contributors include the California Charter Association and
Michael Bloomberg who just announced a 30 million
our ad by using his own vast personal wealth but progressives like Warren and
senator Bernie Sanders continued to push the party towards an education policy
that actually benefits students not the financial or ideological interests of
wealthy patrons like the DeVos and Walton families Democrats would be wise
to distance themselves from policy supported by the president’s least
popular cabinet member and union-busting robber barons like the Walton family who
earn 4 million dollars an hour while holding their own workers down to $11 if
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